Who AM I

  1. WHO AM I?


    I, as an individual unit of Creation–like every star in the firmament, am an individual unit of Creation – the center of my own collective field which includes the millions of little ones within it and those I take on as my desire increases in intensity. I, as an individual unit of Creation, am a POINT OF DESIRE in the zero universe of Mind. Around that centering point, which is my Soul, I create a record of my desire, which is my dual-body, in a wave-field measured out for me in the stillness of the unchanging zero universe. Thus I become that which I think. The measure of my wave-field is the measure of the intensity of my desire. The pattern of the body I create in it is a record of my desires. My body is the record of the sum total of the desire I have expressed in the millions of years of my unfolding. I never lost that patterned record of my desire which is my body. I always have my body. My senses lose awareness of it during my death period just as they do when I sleep, but my conscious Soul never loses awareness of it. Desire in my Consciousness recalls it – reassembles it, part by part, in the pattern of age-long desire – just as desire of Soul which centers the seed of an oak reassembles the oak tree in its own pattern, leaf by leaf, its wood, its bark, its strength and its majesty of form.

    After the quantum leap our civilization will finally turn to spirituality. Science is spiritual, and as a SPIRITUAL PHYSICIST I know that. Physics are the principles behind the workings and the movement of energy. I am not a scientist, by the way. Scientists are different. Scientists study how things are done. They study actions and reactions, and scientists will look at having repeatable events in order to validate the reality of what is taking place. A scientist must know that the way it was done yesterday can be repeated or replicated today, tomorrow, …  Then it becomes science and supposed fact. But, as a spiritual physicist, I might as well throw that one out the window, because spiritual physicists open up the other realms, not just the third dimension. I am operating now in many different realms. I can’t always repeat the way energy works, at least not in the 3D realm – our third dimension – because I find as I open up interdimensionally, a typical action-reaction event from today could be quite different tomorrow. A fact today could become an untruth or a new fact tomorrow. It doesn’t work the same as it used to anymore because I’m dealing multi-dimensionally, because I am bringing in a new element that I’ve never worked with before. It is NEW ENERGY – energy that is not vibrational, but energy, rather, that is expansional – expansional in every direction at one time.

    For example, how to answer the question: What’s the difference between gravity and magnetism? Both gravity and magnetism are independent parts of a system that is indeed unified. The two of them work together with our 4D time and 4D distance in a formula known as phasic displacement. So what is the difference between two of the main principles of the Universe? The answer is “IT DEPENDS”. Scientists don’t like the answer. In order to help them, I’ll give here an analogy. What is the difference between the concept of three and of four? It’s quantitative, isn’t it? Then, what is the difference between zero and zero, when both equal the potential of something that is unseen and in the “now”? The answer is again “it depends”. When we take out time as a constant and look at it as a variable, then everything “depends”. Scientists don’t like a reality that has no constant, but reality doesn’t take care of it. The only constants are formulas themselves. It’s backwards, therefore, from their existing logic. But, the old logic becomes illogical and the new logic becomes logical! There are no absolutes to plug into the formulas. Instead, there are formulas that are absolute, waiting to generate the values.

    For example, we measure the distance to other objects in the Universe by light-years. Now, knowing that the speed of light is not constant, the distance would also change. Why? Because everything is related to the master event at the center of our galaxy. Just as a hint: what if, by magic, I could change the speed of light to zero … just pretend. Then what would the distance to the furthest star be? ZERO LIGHT-YEARS!!! I am God, also.

    As a spiritual physicist I am indeed a pioneer because I am working with this energy first and foremost before others. I am experiencing what it is like to move out of old networks and structures and move into entirely new ways of operating. It becomes difficult at times because I never know. My mind never knows what’s going to happen next, and my mind always likes to know. That’s the programming of the mind. It wants to know what’s going to happen next. But as a physicists working multi-dimensionally, I know it doesn’t operate that way.

    With time I’ll come to a new understanding about energy design and energy movement. But unfortunately for the mind, it doesn’t work like energy does now. It is completely different. Creation, as I have known in the past, changes now. I get frustrated sometimes with myself having a new spiritual understanding of how energy works, of how I operate and how I want to be able to repeat that over and over again. But it doesn’t work. It changes CONTINUALLY. But, I am going to understand how it truly works at its CORE so I won’t have that mental need to replicate, to repeat experiences. I understand that it is very old and limiting and now I am in the process of understanding the very nature of energy – how it flows, how it can be created and un-created continually. I begin to understand how I can implement it into my life. Being the spiritual physicist that I am but also being human, I keep my principles and my concepts and my ideas – my spirituality – separate, out there in another realm. I call it my laboratory or my workbench and I go out there from time to time to do my work, particularly at night in semi-altered states. But there is a resistance or barrier to bringing it back into this reality. It’s like oil and water, scientists say they don’t mix. Sometimes spirituality and humanness, we say don’t mix. “How can I bring these principles together”? The truth of the fact is OIL AND WATER DO MIX, they do! It is just that the eyes deceive us. The eyes tell us, obviously, oil is laying on top of the water. They have different chemical attributes. However, what we are failing to see is the energetic system behind these two that truly are integrating together. So, an old fact – out the window. Oil and water do mix. They give the illusion though of their separateness. Everything that we have learned up to now about living on Mother Earth, changes. As spiritual physicist I begin to understand the fact that what appears to be real is no longer real. What appears to be a truth is only a portion of the truth. As spiritual physicist I am using my own life and my own experience to come to a greater understanding of this. I am going through great difficulty creating events, situations in my life, to be able to experience what it is like to try and play with all of these different energies. I become caught sometimes in those experiences. I believe myself to be ill. I believe myself to be destitute. It is only part of the truth. I’m going to be learning that destitute – that poverty and abundance – actually are the same thing. The same energy, the same energy. I’ve been playing the game that they’re separate. I’ve been acting them out differently but it is all the same. THINGS ARE MORE THAN THEY APPEAR TO BE. I am a spiritual physicist of the highest order.

    Sometimes people only see a part – a facade – of a picture and a part of the story and they tend to believe that’s the whole story. They tend to believe that water and oil don’t mix because a scientist, one who works linearly and one who must learn to replicate over and over again in this reality, has told them so, and so they accept it as fact. But as a spiritual physicist, I’m going to understand that oil and water are deeply mixed together.

    I’ve been co-creating an incredible story that has captured the attention and the fascination of a few other humans, but also many other angelic beings on the other side of the veil – angelic beings who have never been on Earth before, who have never put on a human body and come into  matter and density. They can’t imagine what it is like to embody, to go into physical matter, to forget about my true essence and self and then to awake and rediscover actually something that I never ever knew when I was in the angelic realms. Not just rediscovering who I was, but rediscovering something that I had forgotten a long time ago, but at the same time discovering something brand new about myself. I am not just going back to discover who I was. I am discovering something brand new about myself as an angelic being, as a God, I am discovering it here in this lifetime.

    All of those in the angelic realms, sooner or later, have to come by way of Earth. So they want to know before they get here what it is like. They are fascinated by the pioneers, the physicists, who are literally the first to walk into New Energy. Fascinated by how we can possibly hold the balance, hold onto our sanity, while we are going through this entire process. More than anything it fascinates them how quickly we want to go through it. We could have stretched this over many different lifetimes, but I’M GOING THROUGH IT ALL AT ONCE. ALL AT ONCE. I am not only a lightworker, I am a change-worker, an energy mover. It has nothing to do with light. It has to do with energy, change, moving into a whole new realm of understanding what takes place, not just in this physical world but in the worlds that surround us. I came into this lifetime as a change-worker.

    Now let me please help you to get a feeling about it: if you imagine the nucleus of an atom to be a sphere of radius of about 10 inch, then electrons are circling around with the speed of light on a distance of about 17 miles! If you calculate the volume of a nucleus (where all matter resides) and compare it to the volume of the atom, you would come to the fascinating result: matter is only 0.000000000001 part of the whole reality! The rest is the field of GRATISM (GRAvity + magneTISM), the field of spirituality. It was finally time to concentrate our attention on this immense field. That is the logical consequence of our higher vibrating. 

    Now imagine you’re an electron. Suddenly you’re required to vibrate. The definition of vibration is “oscillation.” Oscillation requires something to move back and forth quickly. Suddenly you – as the electron – are asked to run to point A, then run back to point B, then run again to A and so on in order to oscillate and create a higher vibration. In addition, the Human Being – who you represent – is beginning to become enlightened, and requires that you do it at an increasingly higher rate every day! 

    While you – as the electron – are doing this, an “electron reporter” would like to interview you. While the reporter tries to keep up with you as you’re running and turning and stopping and running and turning and stopping, he asks: “How fast are you going, Mr. Electron?” Do you then answer, sarcastically (pant-pant): “What do you mean? There’s no speed here. I’m just vibrating!” Understand? Speed is absolutely part of a high vibration, and many of the things that Einstein told us about speed directly relates to a higher vibrating Human Being, including time.

    Now, as a finale to this discussion, let me throw a wrench into all of it. Imagine that in this scenario, the Human Being begins to vibrate at the rate of a divine master. I’ll give you a hint at what’s happening to this electron, which is doing all the work (pant-pant). Physically, he’s not being asked to run faster between two existing points. Instead, the distance between point A and B is getter bigger! He must maintain a time relationship between points A and B, but the distance is becoming greater due to the consciousness of the divinity within the Human Being. Therefore, he’s running faster only to maintain the timing. To the Universe, the Human is therefore getting “larger,” too.

    Now you may feel that the information is sequestered, but it’s not. Any Human who’s in a situation of searching can find the truth. There’s a spiritual mechanism for this, even in the most remote village on the planet. One of the promises of God is that those who seek will find the truth. Sometimes this will be without books, tapes, meetings, or the Internet. Don’t be concerned that they might not find any written connections. Their own connections will be just as good. Also, don’t be concerned about offending others. Only the ones who seek the information will be affected. The others will be honored within their silence.

    I am a free and sovereign creator. My freedom is my inner attitude and nothing from outside can influence it, whereas my sovereignty is a consequence of my awareness that I am not that I am not. So, I am that I am.

    I AM THAT I AM – Ilija of free and sovereign domain

    All Rights Reserved © Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Res. Prof.