The “Holy Grail”

    Transmutation is simply the change, the rearrangement or the re-manifestation of energy. I am not energy, I am consciousness. Consciousness does not contain any energy of its own, but yet it calls forth energy that has been sitting in a very neutral state of being in this grand cosmic pool of energy. Just sitting there in neutral, so neutral that it is hard for mathematicians, or scientists or aliens to see it, but it is there. When my consciousness is ignited or inspired, when something in my consciousness wants to discover or to learn, what happens as that I create a dynamic within me that attracts the appropriate energies. And then I take those energies and play with them. I manifest with them. Those energies were never meant to be locked in place, never meant to be defined and held in a definition for eternity, it is a temporary state. The furniture I am sitting on right now is in a temporary state. So, therefore transmutation truly is the ability or the inherent ability within my consciousness to transmute energy into any form that I choose. It is based on true deep understanding – feeling – what energy is, and how it works in order to serve me according to the true law of attraction based on my ability to create reality and to manifest that which comes from my passion and desire.


Cause can be Known, not Effect

In order to succeed in transmutation – the most challenging challenge of all challenges – I must know CAUSE, I must know God;  to know God, I must know what Light is, and energy, magnetism, electricity, gravitation  and God’s processes in the building of bodies which manifest His Presence and His purposes. And I must know the mysteries of life, death, and growth, and of the seed into which even the giant oak disappears but still retains its identity. And I must know how I retain my identity when I also disappear. 

No man has yet known these things. The concepts of modern sages regarding them are totally unlike God’s processes. Our conclusions regarding them are the conclusions of our senses. Our Mind has never yet pierced their illusions. We still sense EFFECTS without knowing their CAUSE.

When we comprehend these things within our inner Selves we will then KNOW God. If we are to change and reverse the path from the chaos back into order, transmutation must occur. Transmutation needs but the comprehension of a few (wo)men of vision, (wo)men whose minds are not fixedly closed to such a reality – I did not say “visualization” as to sit and chant or to picture a tree, etc. I mean “of vision” in openness to seeing and hearing that which flows within and not from the projections of another from without. We need to possess Tesla’s style – the example that he set for scientific thinking and discovery — the level of brilliance that is the model to which all scientists, geniuses, and intelligent people strive. 

But, as Tesla said: “The ground work for this process has never been done. The scientific community is unaware that Spirit controls matter and that the human Mind is a powerful entity. Therefore they usually look at the result, instead of the cause.”

The only reason we have never known God is because we are still in our intellectual infancy and our ideals and practices are still “pagan” and mostly barbarous. To make this understandable, I must accentuate that Nature’s patterns, species and sexes can be modified but they are the same in kind. We’ve been witnessing tremendous efforts in medicine to kill different kinds of viruses and other diseases with the application of different kinds of radiation and they are onto the correct assumptions. However, let it be known that what happens is that viruses are but crystalline substances and therefore if one portion of the whole is changed (too much fever) they have changed the entity – not necessarily “killed” it. That is why so called metastases keep occurring.  The truth is: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH – JUST ENTITY CHANGE!

Transmutation is a permanent ongoing process all around us; everywhere in the universe there is continuous change of something into something else; nothing is the momentary phase between these two stages. This is a universe of two negations which simultaneously cancel each other and sequentially repeat the cancelling of their negations to create the illusion that zero can be multiplied – or divided – or added to – or subtracted from – to create a reality which never is nor can become. Zero multiplied or divided – added or subtracted – extended or retracted – results in zero. This is a zero universe in all effects of motion – a seeming universe in time and sequence – and also a mirage universe of imagined form.

That is what Creation is. It is the imagining of knowing. Knowing is Light. Light is still. Imagining is thinking. Thinking is the imagined action and reaction of motion mirrored from the zero-of-rest to zero-of-rest points. 

This is a still universe of Light of Knowing. In it is no activity. In it integration is simultaneously balanced by disintegration. No time interval elapses between the debiting of any credit extended to opposites in Nature. 

Transmutation is the simplest of all the principles of Nature – ten thousand times more simple than what is now being dangerously and expensively done. The first step toward it is to discover that matter and motion are tonal – and thoroughly controllable. The elements are not substances. They are but states of motion, which   can be controlled by knowledge and electric power. The present concept, which makes it necessary to knock out an electron from one element to transmute it to another, is contrary to Nature’s working. No one would think of trying to knock out one part of a sound to make it into another sound, or to take an arm from a man to transmute him into a horse. This is what science is trying to do, however, by knocking an electron from mercury to produce gold. There are no electrons in the elements to knock out.

To make changes, there must be understanding and insight into the things from which the changes will flow – there is no other way. If I am going to “transmute” something or change through transmutation – I MUST KNOW that which I am dealing with – wishing a thing to be so will not do it.

My efforts to transmute one element into another must be governed by the gyroscopic principle that accounts for that law of Nature which causes like elements to seek each other, and not upon the theory that another substance will be obtained by – “knocking out one electron”. It makes no difference how many planets there are in a solar or atomic system in so far as its “substance” as in elements is concerned. One or more added or subtracted would not change the element into another substance any more than one or more children would affect the nationality of their parents.

The elements of matter are not different substances or different things. They are  different pressure conditions of light waves. The light units of the elements are all alike but are differently conditioned by the electric pressures exerted upon them during the inward or outward spiral journey from zero to zero. 

The elements of matter are miniature stellar systems. Every principle and law which applies to one applies to the other. This solar system is a gyroscopic wheel in the position corresponding to that which iron occupies in the elemental series. When it spirals a little further it will correspond to a carbon atom. The sun will then be a true sphere and its new planets will also be true spheres. 

The unanswered mystery of how the elements become mathematically precise octave tones, just as musical tones or color tones of the spectrum are mathematically precise in vibration orderliness lies in the wave field gyroscope principle.

Transmutation means modification through knowledge of how to control that modification, which is as simple as the plucking of a harp string thus increasing its vibration frequencies. Nature divides, multiplies and combines by the use of electricity. We have all the electric power we need at our command. Every state of motion, and any combination of those states, can be made use of by us if we but know how Nature does it. Every element can be retuned or divided into pairs, and then the pairs returned. Every combination, such as the atmosphere can be divided and its pairs used separately or recombined as we wish. Hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen, in combination, can be taken apart with ease and used separately, or recombined, or modified at will. Likewise, salt water can very simply be taken apart and recombined minus its salt, at will.

In order to do this I need only the knowledge of space-geometry, mathematics, the wave of gravity control and the nature of electric current.

When Nature divides she always creates male and female mate pairs. She then multiplies those mate pairs separately, or in union. She multiplies lithium into sodium, then into potassium, then into rubidium. She multiplies fluorine into chlorine, then into bromine and again into iodine.  I could do this same thing with any tonal element and even split them into semi-tones. I could also divide such elements as carbon and produce, from carbon alone, five pairs of rustless, stainless metals of high melting points, high malleability and conductivity. The elements are but the alphabet of man to write what (s)he chooses with its letters. They are but the tonal notes upon the nine octave keyboard of the Cosmic instrument with which we have but begun to compose the symphonies of my desiring and imagining.

The great power to transmute through Mind-control by Mind-knowing is ours when we finally know CAUSE instead of being limited to the effects of CAUSE. When that day comes we will no longer need to use the limited supply of the earth’s fossil fuels, nor need we labour to procure them. The age of transmutation can be but months away if we choose to open our minds to these new concepts, or, otherwise it will be thousands of years away – for those who have the knowledge will not share it properly but will keep it for the purpose of controlling the multitudes. CAUSE can never be known by the study of its EFFECT in motion. Cause is in knowing Mind, not in the sensory-body. Cause lies within the invisible universe which does not respond to the senses, not in the senses which can but sense motion but can never KNOW. 

The senses forever look out through the convexity or concavity of pressure lenses and mirrors of a curved universe of two-way motion. Distorted images and an upside-down universe are recorded upon the senses. That is why this civilization is the up-side down one. The inner vision is not electric. It is Magnetic. 

The cube mirrors of space are of zero curvature and do not distort. Mind-conception transcends the sense-objective, and is not deceived by illusion, for Mind is the creator of illusion. Mind knows and projects its Light. Senses can but reflect. They cannot know.

It is now time that we must realize that the key to Nature’s secrets can never be found in the visible universe. It can only be found in the invisible universe which creates and controls the visible. “But we cannot know the invisible universe because we cannot see it,” man says. As our spiritual nature unfolds we become aware of the fact that we can see one half of the universe and never KNOW it, and the other half we can know but cannot SEE.

The Light-Waves of Motion

The most important thought in relation to electricity is that every action creates only one cycle of an electric current. That one cycle is the electric record of that action. The omnipresence – or Oneness of the universe – repeats that record throughout the entire universe. The motion of my little finger, or of a dynamite blast, will create one cycle for each action, for electricity is the recorder of Mind-thought, and Mind-thoughts are consecutive.

Our laboratory techniques should eliminate from two-thirds to nine-tenths of its wiring. This will follow a greater knowledge of the geometry and mathematics of space, and especially the tonal nature of octave waves, to make it possible for cathodes to find their anodes without wires, as they do in Nature. The cylindrical soleniods of today should be entirely eliminated, especially where they encase anodes and prevent their expression of power by the way of equators. Vacuum tubes for every purpose should be re-designed to conform with the action-reaction  mathematics of the cycle, which accelerates and decelerates in cube ratio, as a potential is multiplied for one half of the cycle, and divided for the other half. The cylindrical coil ignores this law of Nature, even as Einstein ignored it, and makes very clumsy affairs of step-up transformers and a tremendous complexity in electronic machines, which is entirely unnecessary.

Every effect of motion in this universe is an electrical effect caused by electrical force acting under the control of the invisible universe. The invisible universe entirely dominates and controls the visible universe, but motion is entirely electric.  

The essentials of the construction of matter and the true nature of electricity, gravitation, radiation, radioactivity and magnetism are very simple. Even though the entire process is so simple, its aspects are many, for its effects and its divisions are many. But, this simple principle cannot be exceeded, no matter how many volumes are needed for greater amplification of essentials.

There are still many essentials such as space geometry and mathematics which determine the pressures of the chemical elements, in order to master and control the principle of transmutation. Even in all of these it is impossible to exceed the one principle in any effect of motion in this entire universe.

The secret of Creation lies within the light-waves of motion which gravity compresses into rings of light in which density first increases toward the outside by thrusting outward from within until the centering holes have been closed into hot spheres. Density then increases in the inward direction. This is accomplished by the octave-wave process which multiplies power by projecting it from the stillness of its Mind-source by dividing it into mated pairs which science calls the elements of matter. This constitutes the sex-principle of life which science has so strangely neglected to observe as being the BASIC FACTOR OF MOTION.This clarifies the meaning of the divided curved universe of motion from the undivided universe of rest which the Illuminatis, sages and prophets of the ages have tried to define.

Our science has already unknowingly conquered this principle. My knowledge of the wave is the measure of my power to command matter.

Failure to recognize the secret of life as being the sex principle which lies within the motion of light-waves: the alternating sequences of compression and expansion are the very cause of motion, as indicated by their sequential equally interchanging in-breathings and out-breathings. It is these very generative, compressive in-breathings from the cold of space which cause the multiplication of heat in our bodies or in the body of the sun. Radiative out-breathings then divide it by expansion. To designate this effect of compression-expansion sequences by electric terminology such as positive and negative charges is very unfortunate and totally unlike Nature’s processes of creation of matter. It overlooks the fact that these action-reaction sequences are interchangings between the heat and cold of the divided spectrum of matter. Our laboratories are unaware of the fact that they are unknowingly on the way to discovering the transmutation process, for that process demands the power and knowledge to control gravity in such a manner that they can compress or expand it to high limits.

No scientist can create energy by pulling it inward from within. 

It must be produced by thrusting inward from without, as an automobile tire is pumped. That means by compression. If the tire were made of a metal which could not be burst by that compressive inward thrust, it would cause it to create a ring of intensely hot visible light at its center and density would then increase inwardly, as stars and planets increase their densities in the inward direction. Science has already done this but does not admit that the energy thus created was projected into it, for science claims that matter itself is energy.

Science creates air-conditioning and refrigeration that way. By continuing the freezing process to near absolute zero of cold, it can also multiply the power of conductivity of such soft metals as aluminum to equal that of harder metals such as copper. 

Many laboratories have already done this, and have created what is termed new non-conductive substances by the opposite direction of expansion. All of these laboratories have been on the way to a solution of the principle of transmutation but, unfortunately, are unaware of it. Furthermore, they have also been on the way to the control of gravity, which “would climax all discoveries by giving man an unlimited command over matter”. Science has since long ago been in control of gravity but is, unfortunately, also unaware of that.

The conquest of gravity by liquefying gases, even to inert gases, is still another seeming impossibility for it is a reversal of Nature’s process of heating, even as the freezing of soft metals to harder ones of greater conductivity is further evidence of the increasing power of the Mind of man. 

Even the ability to create the fuels which hurl these missiles and satellites is another one of man’s miracles. It is also a transmutation process for it divides the very elements to get that part of them which serves their purpose and discards the other parts. 

As a last example of the many uses which could be cited of gravity control is the power of science to take from the high octave elements, such as zirconium, which gravity has multiplied by its compression power, and make them into transistors. These do thousands of times as much as the old “electric” storage batteries do, but no scientist would think of GRAVITY as being its CAUSE. This is because science still thinks of gravity in the Newtonian concept.

The more that we can command this principle of the windings and unwindings of Nature to produce visible light rays from invisible light rays, the more we will command and control gravity to perform our needed miracles. We have already learned to control it to a surprising extent – in spite of having almost all WRONG information. 

The power of transmuting one element of matter into another is the great “miracle” possible for our usage. Now, I KNOW that I CAN do this for all I have to do is look at plain old table salt. It is just a matter of understanding physics as properly given.

The basic thermodynamic principle is that the invisible cold white light can only become visible by extending that light in every direction to create waves. Waves are, therefore, formed by the compression of two extending lights meeting each other and overlapping in that effect which is in science called “interferences”.

The Secret of Seed

Without seed, nothing can grow. The inert gases are the seeds from which elements grow, just as plants likewise grow. I comprehend the fact that growing things also grow seeds upon them, which seeds form the basis for reproduction. I am also familiar with the fact that separate species can be bred from a parent species in which identities are reborn from what they were before. This is a wonderful example of the un-changeability of the seed, even through death. The seed seemingly dies in the ground, but witness the weeds in our gardens. Even though they are uprooted, they will return again and again. The understanding of this helps me in knowing why one octave grows from another and that a destruction of any such offshoot will cause a reversion to its parent species.

This reminds me of the principle which underlies the statement that destruction of such an element as carbon returns it to helium, the inert seed gas of the carbon octave. Also, the elements of higher octaves, such as tungsten, if “electrocuted” would also return to helium and not stop at xenon, which is its own seed. That is the explanation of why man has not yet been aware of any previous inert gas seed. Helium is the first inert gas cited by the Mendeleef chart. He could not, therefore, know that it had passed beyond helium because he did not know that lower inert gases existed.

Every element of the entire octave will return all the way to the seed of its beginning in the still white Light of the Source of all of them. 

Observe the work of Luther Burbank in transmuting trees by adding to their identity and thus making another identity, or that of the Negro naturalist, George Washington Carver, who transmuted the identity known as the peanut into two identities, the peanut and peanut oil. 

Extended elements of matter must return to their first octave gas for renewed power, just as the extended branches of a tree reach to the very roots of it for continuous renewal of their power. 

This helps me to understand more deeply the transmutation principle. 

Carbon is the pivotal center of the nine octaves and is in the anode position. It is the first of the wave amplitudes to have closed its hole and reversed its direction of compression from outward to inward. Its balanced position makes it possible to be encircled with the true matehood of geometric symmetry.

The succeeding amplitude positions lose that simplicity. Silicon, the next one on its wave amplitude, complexes to hexagonal symmetry. Then come cobalt, rhodium and lutetium which still further complex until the plutonium-neptunium ninth octave makes any form of crystal formation impossible by the multiplication of heat so that the entire octave explodes and gives back to its very roots all that which was given to it. But, like the tree which burned or died when it had matured, another tree or group of trees will sprout from those very roots.

Carbon is the first amplitude element which has acquired sufficient strength to extend “children” from itself. Its completed spectrum, divided by a uniting equator, places it in the father-mother position, both of whom as divided pairs have united in balance to produce children such as our Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the outer planets. All of these planets and their moons are children of our sun. It has been but a few hundred million years since human life became existent on our earth.

I note that the speed of light has not developed in any of the other eight octaves preceding our ninth one to produce incandescence in them, and not then until carbon has at long last filled its hole. Density then increases from the outside in. Heat also increases from the outside in. Not even in hydrogen, the amplitude element of the third octave is there incandescence of itself. We have to make it so by adding incandescence to it in the form of fire.

If that were not so, the immense bulk of hydrogen in outer space would explode the whole universe. That tells the story of the smallness of our visible universe, which is only five octaves of the entire nine, and the inconceivable time consumed in making the Creator’s thinking in light become solid enough to create formed bodies.

The Complete Control of Gravity Power  

We can apply our knowledge to complete control of gravity power and with that I mean power to destroy missiles in those other countries, or anywhere under seas, by destroying the very metals themselves within which their explosive material is encased. Isn’t this fun? In other words, the enclosing metals can be so intensively heated and their conductive and inductive qualities so vastly multiplied that the explosive material within them will ignite and burst their casings.

The secret of that is the same as makes transmutation possible by being able to compute the pressures of the elements. The basis of it lies in the fact that every created thing manifests only the idea of itself and cannot be a part of the identity of any other idea. The fact that every creating thing is what it is and cannot be any other thing gives it its identity. A violet, for example, cannot be a rose, an oak tree or a man. Identities are indestructible, because the seeds carried in inert gases are ETERNAL, and this is the very basis of transmutation! 

It is all based upon the fact that the pressures developed in any element have their own distinct, unchangeable identities which are measurable. 

A single simple example of that meaning is the thermometer. The identity of the man-idea has a distinct pressure of 98.6 F. The exactness which is so finely calculated down to a minute fraction indicates the knowledge of control that science has, to be able to compute it. If a human’s temperature is even one point higher, we know that he is ill. If it increases to 1 or 2 points above 103 degrees F., we know that it would be impossible for him to survive unless he could conquer it and do so rather quickly. 

This being known, it is mathematically possible for me to measure pressures of every element in the entire octave series with computers and other finely attuned instruments and establish unchangeable identities in any element so that power projected to them would, destroy their like identities even in far-off countries. Distance has no meaning whatsoever. 


Transmutation is based on the fact of gravity’s control of light. All light is curved and there are no parallel rays in it, as shown by the textbooks on optics. If we look at the diverging rays of light which are projected from the sun, they appear to be straight but even they curve from sun to sun in long and short curves as they progressively curve SPIRALLY toward the focal center of all suns throughout the universe. 

There is, however, a straight line at the equators of curved ones, but even they move spirally around an orbit of their final focal SOURCE in GOD, their Creator. 

This definitely proves that all of Nature, which God’s thinking is, must move around THE THINKER in equally divided thought-wave pulsations which forever spiral centripetally to create illusions of time and continuity of motion in a still universe in which there is no motion.

All of these facts about the nature of light in a curved universe must be considered in order to succeed in attempts to transform matter from one element to another. Its difficulties are not so complex, however, if these basic facts are understood. Some laboratories proved these principles when they found new atoms by exposing them to light pressure but they did not know what they were. That is because they did not compute them mathematically to find the exact pressures necessary for pure known atoms. They, therefore, produced “mongrel” atoms of untraceable mixtures. THEY MUST BE, FOR THE “LANGUAGE OF LIGHT” TELLS ME THAT IDENTITIES CANNOT BE CHANGED WITHOUT MONGRELIZING THEM. Instead of obtaining the pure gas or metal that one needs, the product is not quite the one its identity calls for. 

A group of scientists have given a great advancement to science through the magnification of the atom of tungsten some 2,700,000 times, thereby bringing it within the range of the eye to see (Fig. 1). This makes it possible to look directly at God and thereby prove that there is naught but LIGHT in the entire universe. That Light, which God is, is invisible and inert when cold. It becomes visible only when  being compressed by motion – in more simplistic terms – God in action!

This discovery greatly aids science in the field of transmutation. 


If I will but meditate upon this subject long enough to completely comprehend it, I will have gone far into my own understanding of what inner vision or Cosmic thinking means. This will help me attain the power that inner vision gives me in the command of myself and of matter.

Having disposed of these roadblocks, I will now proceed to the mechanical means for providing that needed power to compute the exact pressures necessary to produce definite identities.

Necessarily, there must be redesigned solenoids and I have a solution for it. If the exact number of turns of wire is computed to give octaves the proper pressures which Nature gives them, they will heat at each 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 octave.


                                                        Fig. 1

The work of transmutation also will greatly aid the mathematician in calculating exact pressures, which I must do before I can transmute one element into another. Transmutation is one of Nature’s orderly lawful processes. It is continuous in its cycles of rotation.

We have seen this process carved in the falling meteorite which turns into flame while resisting the friction of the atmosphere and then into water again as it carves its own photograph into the frozen stone of which the meteorite is composed. We have seen oxygen and hydrogen turn into flame by the frozen stones of the meteorite’s body in different parts of the world when they were dug up from the earth, stone literally being flame a few seconds before. We have seen volcanoes belch forth great flames of fire into a wet atmosphere which carved their photographs into lava, which frozen flame is. Why, therefore, should we have any trouble in finding out the secrets of transmutation when there are such discoveries to vastly aid us as knowledge of the inside of the atom magnified 2,700,000 or more, as has long since been given us?

Water is continuously returning to fire and that process is again repeated by fire turning into water. Amazing help in making all calculations can come from studying the picture of the INSIDE of the atom (Fig. 1). 

The New Energy Way

There is a fundamental change in the general framework of the playground called planet Earth that has been completed during last twenty five years and our awareness of this crucial fact and our readiness to act accordingly is the decisive crossroad for direction of our activities which will take us either toward success or toward failure. In other words, it is our free choice whether to decide to receive the support from the whole universe or to deny it.

The type of energy has been changed from the old vibration energy into the new expansion energy. The old energy is created through opposition between states of existence enabling and supporting existence of a force that consequently leads to power and fear, whereas in contrast to it, the new energy is created through rhythmic balanced interchanges between states of existence enabling and supporting existence of freedom, i.e. the new energy is forceless and does not support power and fear. As a consequence creation with the new energy is diametrically different: easy, simple, efficient and cheap, whereas creation with the old energy is hard, complicated, inefficient and expensive.

I have decided to create with The New Energy.

I will not be alone in this sacred and blessed endeavour, because I’m fully aware that Tesla will be with me every step of the way (and not only he!) I’ll cite down what Tesla has already translated to me regarding the wondrous “Nil Gravity” concept.

“It is an excellent concept, although there are a few modifications. In the instance of the winding or the spiralling magnetism, be aware that such magnetism can also drop instantly.

It can drop instantly to a lower level, or it can bounce to a higher level. What controls it is a field of gravity.

In your case, with this particular instrument, gravity is an advantage and one that you can put to use.

There is nothing such as upside-down gravity, even though the instrument may be inverted. Therefore both concepts are the same, whether the instrument be upright or inverted.

Be aware that the nature of thought and the nature of gravity are interchangeable.

Gravity discloses the weight of an object. Thought assembles the weight and the design.

In other words, if you invert the instrument, you may use the gravity in an inverted manner because of the instrument.

At least you can think that you are using gravity in an upside manner. But gravity only flows in one direction and that is toward the center.

It is generally accepted that when two objects are attracted to each other it is assumed that is magnetism.

The truth is: when two objects are attracted to each other, they are attracted by the flow of gravity.

In so far as one power is stronger than the other, gravity is unidirectional. In so far as the opposite power is greater, gravity is unidirectional in that direction. When they are in balance there is nil gravity!

The wind flowing up a gorge is a spiralling energy. Gravity does not necessarily need to be spiralling energy. It can be direct energy, like what you can call direct magnetism.

If you are able to remove gravity, and make it into nil gravity, then you may also be able to make it directional into the opposite direction. And therein comes the pause that will give you the AC…

Now you want to know what to do in the centre so that protons will somehow slip down to the wire in the tube at the bottom.

First it is necessary to imagine a thunderbolt in the sky because a thunderbolt jump-starts all activity. What can be used for a thunderbolt if there is no electrical outlet – no possibility to turn on a switch?

You can turn on the switch that gives you ultimate, sudden action – the will power in your head, a mind activated switch.

If you concentrate on a crystal, you can increase the rate of vibration of unit cells within the crystal and cause them to vibrate. Imagine them emitting a sudden stream of protons. What is electricity?

Electricity is a sudden stream of protons spiralling around a woollen thread.


And Nothing (a point of nothingness) is a momentary phase between something and something else.

When two forces strike each other, whether they are opposing forces or forces that attract each other, they interrupt the natural flow of gravity! The most natural flow of gravity is that which spirals toward (the centre of) earth.” The new – unknown law of creation. 


I am ready for transmutation!