The Way of the Master

And therefore, it is!

I’m glad to be able to share with you the way the real Master manifests anything.

I want you to really feel into this for yourself, a few little words: “Therefore, it is.” Therefore, it is. It’s going to be kind of the new operating and creating method for you, “Therefore, it is” – if you choose so.

I imagine; therefore, it is.

I move into new levels of consciousness, and therefore, it is.

I allow my divinity, and therefore, it is.

I allow my knowingness, and therefore, it is.

I am here for my soul destiny, and therefore, it is.

So often you’ll get this idea, an inspiration, a feeling of something, and then the doubt sets in. So often you really know, you tap into exactly why you’re here, and it’s not just words. It’s a deep feeling. It’s an amazing sense of knowingness, and then the doubt comes in, “Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking this way. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking that I am the grandest being in all of Creation.” No, no, no. Those are old human doubts, and you blocked yourself, cut yourself short. And then you caused a lot of mental crap. It’s as simple now as “And therefore, it is.”

I choose to be here in consciousness, opening to my divinity at this amazing time, and therefore, it is.

So often you would have a feeling, a knowingness or a desire, a desire to go beyond – go beyond the gravity and go beyond mass consciousness – but then you hit the wall all the time. You got pulled back. It’s almost like you tested yourself at times. You just hit the wall, and instead of making the wall disappear, you fell back. Now it’s as simple as, “And therefore, it is.”

I am here at this incredible time doing exactly what I committed to do thousands of years ago, or as far back as Atlantis, and therefore, it is.

It’s kind of like a way of walking out of your own limitations, your own crystal prison.

I choose to be here in joy and abundance and balance, and therefore, it is.

That’s it. That’s what the Master does, “And therefore, it is.”

No buts, no looking backwards, no self-doubt, no self-torture, and therefore, it is.

I imagine, I dream, and therefore, it is.

I choose, and therefore, it is.

It’s really about that simple. And this isn’t about anybody else. It isn’t about choosing for the planet or your family.

It is about choosing for me, and therefore, it is.

I choose love, and therefore, it is.

I’m not wondering, “Where’s it going to come from? Who’s it going to be? Is it going to end in divorce?’ or anything like that.”

The Master takes a deep breath and allows that to be. And therefore, it is.

Then it’s there. It’s kind of like a magic in a way, but it’s not magic at all. It’s the natural ways that consciousness and energy work.

Feel that for a moment in your life. Every one of you has had something come up recently. You hit the wall, or you go into confusion, or you’re trying so damn hard to do the right thing, and it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Take a deep breath for a moment and feel that, “And therefore, it is.”

To feel something means to keep AWARENESS of it as longer as you can.

Walk on by. Don’t pause. Don’t doubt. “And therefore, it is.”

That is the way, and that is the way of the Master. “And therefore, it is.”

That is the way that is now bringing yourself into responsibility, into your own light on this planet.

There’s been enough suffering. There’s been enough doubt. There’s been enough self-bashing and self-denial. Just don’t tolerate it anymore. I mean, from yourself, heh!

Don’t tolerate it anymore, and therefore, it is.

I choose abundance, and therefore, it is.

Watch what happens. That simple, simple statement – “And therefore, it is” – and then you just go about your life, do what you want, and therefore it is, knowing that it’s going to manifest. Maybe you don’t have every little detail of how it’s going to come into place, but it does, and therefore, it is.

The secret of successful imagination is in omitting little details, just keeping awareness of your general desire for healthy, joyful, abundant, balanced life, like this:

I imagine healthy, joyful, abundant and balanced life, and therefore, it is.

That’s it. Without any details, because your energy and your light will care about all necessary details to bring you exactly what is perfect for you.

“I choose my balance.” Balance is really important right now. Balance is not, by the way, holding back or restricting or limiting. But balance is really important right now, because, again, there are forces. There are things happening that can throw you off.

I choose my balance, and therefore, it is.

Boom! Suddenly, it’s manifested.

Feel into that a moment. “And therefore, it is.”

Eh-eh! Some of you are going, “And therefore, it is. Or maybe not.” That’s old programming. It’s a lot of old programming. “And therefore, it is. But is this going to work?” “And therefore, it is, for others. Not for me.” “And therefore, it is, ehhh, but not for a long time.”

No. I keep it pure and simple. You are a Master. Feel it, without question, and therefore, it is.

I choose the rest of my life on this planet to be in joy, and therefore, it is.

Now, the fine print. Always got to do the fine print. The fine print is that then things will happen, and people in your life that don’t belong in your life will no longer be in your life. And you’ll realize how you’ve been actually kind of taking advantage of them. People, situations that have been in your life will change. Again, classic one. You’re ready for real abundance. You’re ready for real passion in your life, and you choose it. Then you go into the office the next day and you’re fired. It’s like, “What the hell! What did I do wrong? I was supposed to get a raise.” No, you weren’t. You were supposed to get the hell out of there. And then you say, “Then I choose now – being jobless – I choose abundance, and therefore, it is.” And then watch how it manifests. Not from the frickin’ universe. The universe doesn’t give a rip about you. From your Self. From your own I Am-ness. From your creator being.

Feel into that for a moment, “And therefore, it is.” Oh! It’s liberating. It’s damn liberating. And if that voice of doubt comes up or, I don’t know, an alien or something comes by and says, “You’re full of crap,” remind them that they’re green and you’re not, for a reason. They’re green with envy. That’s the whole green thing. That’s what it’s about.

If that voice of doubt or anything comes up, just walk by, “Fuck you!” If you protest now, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the voice of doubt like that. Not like, “Oh, voice of doubt, please …” Oh, shut up! And therefore, it is.

I am abundant, and therefore, it is.

All the head noise that’s been going on and all that, whether you want it to change or not, it is going to change. So, you might as well go along for the ride, heh. You know, some of you are very comfortable having that crap in your life. I don’t know why, but you kind of like it. I don’t know why. It’s like an old companion that is always beating on you, but you keep it around. It’s going to go, whether you like it or not, because you, at some level, at a soul destiny level, you’ve chosen it. But back to the point.

And therefore, it is. That means: And so it is.

Let’s keep it simple: And therefore, it is.

“I choose” – what do you choose? – I choose, and therefore, it is.

Remember: only for yourself!

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.

Speaking of choosing, you’ve chosen to be here right now. It wasn’t inflicted on you. I know, it feels like that, but you’ve chosen to be here. And I know there’s times where you’re like, “What the hell was I thinking?” you know, “Where am I going with this?” But, again, feel into it. This is the grandest time. This is the time that will be remembered above all. This isn’t just another time, not just another year. This is the time.

I shouldn’t even have to say that. It should be so damn obvious. But I know sometimes you get caught in the mass consciousness. You get caught in your own stuff, but this is the time. Everything is moving right now. Everything is changing.

This is the time right now, bar none, no exaggeration – I’m not trying to jazz things up here, I’m calling it like it is – this is the time of the new human species. It’s taking place. If you don’t kind of realize that, a little bit even, you’ve got your head really buried in the sand, or you’re in denial. This is the time of the new human species. It’s being fueled by technology. It’s not technology that’s creating it, but technology is supporting it, moving it along. It’s being fueled also by more light and more consciousness coming to this planet.

You as a Master are here to shine your light without agenda and bring more light and more consciousness in order fuel the evolution of new human species, which is actually your own evolution.

I imagine new human species, and therefore, it is!

That’s all. No need for any details. Just take a good deep breath and:

I imagine new human species, and therefore, it is!

Then go and enjoy your passion, enjoy life. It’s done.


I Am Laki of sovereign domain