This true concept of the cell has been experimentally proven and many astonishing conclusions have been drawn. Accepting under microscope observed fact that the balanced red blood cells are microscopic light rings with holes in their centers, a section of a living cell has been emulated by placing a copper ring into a water solution of ordinary table salt, sodium-chloride, and the charged condition of a living body, of which the cell is a part, has been emulated by placing two insulated wires with bared electrodes very close together in the center of the ring and connecting the wires with a battery of 1.543 V. With the battery switched on the zero electric potential in the center of the ring has been measured. At a half distance from the center to the copper ring in the four orthogonal radial directions in the equatorial plane of the copper ring the same values of the electric potential of 0.48 V have been measured and at the copper ring itself the same measured values of the electric potential in the four orthogonal radial directions of 0.84 V have been measured.

From the measured results and the axiom that the universal balance is infinite and eternal for it is ONE – singular quality – as well as using consistent logical reasoning, the following main conclusions have been drawn:

1. There is a point of stillness in the center of every cell, atom and particle where the electric potential is equal to zero and which is the zero point of the universal space or the black hole with centering zero Mind point in its center. Motion spins around that still point, but there is no motion AT THAT CENTER.

2. There is an effect of electric current consisting of spinning light rings extending from the still center to convey its power to the other outside conductive matter of the cell.

3. Motion is born from stillness and centered by stillness.

4. Heat is born from cold.

5. Cell, atom and particle consist of light rings spinning around the centering Mind point.

6. The still centering point is the source of energy.

7. Energy is stillness of the eternal space of the still universe at rest and it is changeless. Energy can be neither moved nor released. Energy can be expressed in electric potential (defined as a measure of unbalance of a pressure condition) and once started that expression will never stop – it will be permanently repeating.

8. Science is spiritual since Spirit (God, Creator, Mind) is centering every piece of matter.

9. Motion is an illusion which simulates rest.

10. Matter is an illusion.

11. The cause of illusion is division of the WHOLE into PARTS.

12. The mental activity of thinking creates the illusion of motion. Thinking is imagined action-reaction of motion mirrored from a still point to a still point.

13. The thinker is Mind who creatively expresses KNOWING of ONE Idea by thinking it into many seeming parts.

14. God’s mind and Man’s mind are ONE.

15. Human beings are consciousness – we are eternally integrating and controlling existence by moving perception.

16. Desire of Mind for creative expression is the motivating force for every action of
human beings.

17. Expression of energy E in time/space P properly describes the fundamental equation

E = P+ – * C^2 / sqrt(1-(v/C)^2)

where P+- is borrowed and repaid time/space, respectively, and C – is the speed at which consciousness moves perception – the speed at which consciousness reproduces its own perception of action-reaction (expansion-compression) sequence in the adjacent wave field in reverse, in our “reality” ONLY – it is frequency of repetition (reproduction) of illusion ONLY in our “reality”.

18. Everything moves within ME, since I Am Consciousness – I AM God in physical realization.

19. Our senses record a part of the whole and that’s why they deceive us. But it is as it should be since we must go out of electrical awareness of our senses (we must become aware of sensed deception) in order to go into cosmic consciousness of Mind knowing.

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