Nuclear Waste Management


Solution for global warming and oxygen depletion in air and waters 



Our civilization is facing currently the greatest challenge all times called nuclear waste management. In order to demonstrate importance of our decision in this regard let me cite here the Higher Wisdom: “By the very fact of their continued existence, all civilizations technologically advanced significantly past their Nuclear-Decision Thresholds (which you NOW are) are free from the diseases of dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality. Therefore you cannot enter into that civilization WITH these characteristics – and thus it is necessary to LEARN and KNOW BEYOND those traits which are destructive to the ongoing consciousness of “human” (Higher Universal MAN). A major dividing line in progressive soul expression comes at the Nuclear-Decision Threshold. A species in a given civilization will make it or break it, figuratively speaking, at that point. You are now very primitive in your evolvement – but technologically (in a physical way) to play with that which is NON-PHYSICAL AND NON-CONTROLLABLE FROM PHYSICAL STANDPOINT, to destroy the very manifestation of mankind as expressed in your experience.”

I developed and prepared for patenting a Natural Nuclear Waste Management System NUC101RBI that is the ONLY permanent and safe solution for nuclear waste management which is proved and I posses indisputable proofs that it works 100% integrating ALL nuclear waste (low, intermediate and high level) into natural life cycle in a manner that the problem of nuclear waste is solved FOREVER (100% efficiency) – there is no slightest chance that it could ever provide any kind of danger for the life on this planet. The technology not only helps to finally get rid of the nuclear waste forever but also to harness it to serve the human progress creating great benefits in form of rebalancing of the unbalanced earth’s climate, rebalancing of the oxygen level, new huge food sources and billions of new workplaces worldwide.

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