Revolutionary Concept of Electric Battery


An electric battery which is fully charged is dually unbalanced by the opposite electric pressures of compression and expansion. These two opposite unbalanced conditions violently desire to return to the oneness of balance from which they were divided into two. A short circuit between the two poles of the battery will give it that balance. We would then say it is dead, for it will no longer perform work expressing its desire for balance.

Negative oxygen bubbles gather at the positive pole of a charging electric battery and positive hydrogen bubbles gather at the negative pole. What is actually happening is that the positive pole is taking the positive condition out of the water, leaving the negative oxygen as residue. The negative pole is, likewise, taking the negative condition out of the water, leaving the positive hydrogen as residue.  Again, like seeks like.

By the electric battery there is the line dividing the two pressure conditions as the equilibrium of both. This line represents a static equator – a plane of rest from which both opposite conditions are extended at right angles as a dynamic equator. The static and dynamic equators (or magnetic and electric) are at ninety degrees from each other. As the two opposed conditions which extend from these planes of rest are equal, the lines of force which connect both are as symmetrical to both diameters as though reflected by mirrors placed at right angles to each other. Such symmetry below to the cube and sphere alone.



I developed the BAT101RBI concept of electric battery where the static and dynamic equators are still at right angles to each other but the static equator will not be in the middle. It will be much nearer to the one pole of the battery and will be curved because lines of force which record the measure of interchange between the two opposite pressures can be symmetrical to the dynamic equator only, and not to the static equator. 

Such symmetry belongs to the radial universe of cone sections. All dynamic equators are radial, and all lines of force of conic symmetry are forever changing to record the forever changing potential of dynamic equators.

I could measure a potential of 1.68V without any initial charge of a battery cell.