According to Creator God Aton/Hatonn, whom I trust 101%, there exists a depopulation plan through vaccination that is laid out by the ruling British/Israel Anti-Crist Satanic Elite (Ilija Lakicevic, “Vaccine Genocide Plan and its Neutralization”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), https://www.ijsr.net/search_index_results_paperid.php?id=SR21407193945, Volume 10 Issue 4, April 2021, 588 – 609; https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v10i4/SR21407193945.pdf).

Good news is that the divine God’s protection, which is available on my website www.teslastyle101.com, can protect you from anything at all times and can save your life even if you are vaccinated.


  1. Uchida Atsuko <a…@hotmail.com>

Thank you for your amazing and important work for humanity

I was reading step by step instruction on civilization without electricity, and as soon as I saw the words “The White Christed Light” I felt energy going through me and I had tears in my eyes with gratitude. Even before I submitted my donation, I was feeling dizzy from energy. I am a Reiki energy healer, and I know there’s no time and space, so I enjoyed that your activation arrived earlier 🙂

I live my daily life in Christ consciousness as much as possible. I keep reminding myself otherwise I forget! I see this world as a huge holographic game, and we’re all both programmers and characters in it. All characters are very important pieces of the puzzle. I think that the fake pandemic and vaccines (actually un-tested gene therapy) are catalysts that are waking up more and more people. During Reiki sessions for my clients, I’m slowly letting them know that our consciousness creates our reality, individually and collectively. I’m grateful and humbled for this opportunity to ascend to 5D New Earth!!!

Rejoice, indeed, for all light warriors of peace and harmony 🙂

Love, light and peace

Atsuko Uchida



  1. Wisdom Eye <w…@gmail.com>

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for emailing such precious information to me. I am very grateful and very glad!

I have carefully read and understood the new information from your website and also Test results. I am excited!

I understand that the protection of the White Christed Light is an incredibly precious gift from higher worlds and it is based on absolute faith, gratitude and unconditional love.

Thank you very, very much for your great inventions and that you are willing to share this great message with me!

I wish you much love and blessing from God! Good luck!


Steven Lu