Global BEM Conference Holland



Hi All You Enlightened Divine Human Beings!

First of all, please let me wash your feet, I honor of each and every one of you with rejoicing and enthusiasm for all that what we’ve done during the glorious event 9-11 HOL-HIL! For, we’ve changed there the course of this civilization and opened up wide the door for development of our Civilization toward advanced status and its final entry into the Civilization of Universe! And that’s why I wash your feet with joy and compassion and bless and celebrate your every thought and deed. What happened there is the nicest example of what a group of enlightened human beings can do when they bring in the resonance of their divine intent and bless us with the transmuting violet flame of their divinity and goodness and it’s circumference bringing it back into its core, into its essence, into its natural state of being – THE GOODNESS – the essence of nature of us human beings!

The 9-11 HOL-HIL event itself brings together very unique energy consisting of a fusion, a melding of the sacred 9/11 energies of the New Energy grounding event and HOL(Y)-HIL(L) energies which are undoubtedly associated with the HOLINESS and the HILLNESS –  the cosmic perspective of the event!


Can we NOT take sides? Can we respect the right to free choice? Can we send light where it is needed despite the overwhelming Human response of revenge and action? Can we love those who might have less wisdom, but much compassion? Or neither … nor…! Can we bless our dark side – which we’ve been creating – with love and compassion, with our divinity and release it from its heavy role that it’s been playing for many millennia in order to enable us to experience what it’s like to be enslaved, to be controlled, to be manipulated and to be limited in many respects? That was the real challenge of this event and a greater challenge for our love and compassion than this we couldn’t create, and it is this challenge – the greatest challenge of all challenges – that we solved during a 9-11 HOL-HIL event! And that’s why this 9-11 HOL-HIL event is the greatest one in the history of humankind not only in earthly dimensions but also in cosmic dimensions. And that’s why each and every participant of the event deserves feet washing with what I’ve been doing with the greatest joy and appreciation, and with tears of joy in my eyes!

The 9-11 HOL-HIL event is a fascinating demonstration of the New energy, marvelous way at work: Easy, Simple, Efficient and Cheap! There was in the history of this civilization a shining example that is forerunner of this event and that is the way the immortal Mahatma Gandhi and two great cultures, English and Indian, resolved their mutual challenge of peaceful and civilized separation. And we made possible reintegration of our dark side back into our human essence in a New Energy way by simply breathing in and blessing it with our divinity and then letting go, without biases, without emotionally attached strings, without expectations, in order to bring us the peaceful resolution of the illusion of separation. For there are no two sides, there is actually just one HUMAN SIDE!

And that’s how we people turned this up-side down civilization around 180 degrees and put it on feet! The 9-11 HOL-HIL event provided a necessary shift in consciousness as the cause for the inevitable shift in technology which is on the way to us. From this point on we all are travelling backward in time to experience the upcoming grand technology changes. From the spiritual point of view this event was an outstanding demonstration of the supreme principle of Nature that THERE IS GOOD IN EVERYTHING! Otherwise it cannot be since we are Mental Beings living in a Cosmic Electronic Vacuum Tube of invisibility, projecting actions from that vacuum condition to manifest our creative desires. And that’s what we’ve been projecting is the very essence of our beings – namely GOODNESS!

Is that not one lifetime worth? For sure YES! Even More, if needed!

May the Love and Light forever surround all of you in Peace and Freedom!


P.S. I’ve attached for all of you deeper and more detailed contemplation of the 9-11 HOL-HIL event for your meditation and further upgrade.





Because of the 9-11 HOL-HIL event I rejoice and celebrate with tears of joy in my eyes and bless all of you who contributed to this most sacred event of all times – the most profound and the most crucial one – when WE THE PEOPLE, I repeat – WE THE PEOPLE of this Civilization finally decided to go out of self-destructive mode and let go of “limitation” and move on within the Civilization of the Universe, not the Universal Civilization. Ah, I do not speak of simple technology advances. I speak of ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS. THE SUPREME VALUE OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WILL ALWAYS BE PRESERVED BY ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS USING FIVE-DIMENSIONAL, MASS/ENERGY TRANSCEIVER TECHNOLOGIES which integrate rational consciousness with the Civilization of the Universe.

And this was not a local happening which was taking place in Hilversum Holland and nowhere else. The postured energies and the electric field provided for it to happen there but the magnetic geometry of the zero universe also provided for it to happen universally by Nature’s radar system of extensions from zero points of stillness, which become mirror planes of stillness invisibly formed in space to repeat the divisions and multiplications of motion in any part of the universe to every part of it, in accordance with the universal voidance principle: EVERY ACTION-REACTION OF WAVE MOTION IS VOIDED AS IT OCCURS, IS REPEATED AS IT IS VOIDED, AND IS RECORDED AS IT IS REPEATED. So, this became a Cosmic event which will be eternally repeating in every part of the Universe as a memory of this most grand event when we human beings finally chose to evolve into this advanced state of consciousness and said to our Cosmic Brotherhood: “Hello, count on us, we are coming!”


The New Renaissance

If we go ahead in time 20, 30, 40 years from now, this era right now on Earth, this time will become known as the New Renaissance. Not just the renaissance of the social structure or the artistic structure, but the renaissance of science and the renaissance of physics. And tied right into that is going to be the renaissance of a new spirituality, because as we know, we’re all connected together. Spirituality, or the understanding of one’s own self in spirit, science, physics, even math – we are all associated with each other. This is an era of quantum intelligence which is a question of extending the trust to the invisible. In our science of physics the study of things in a quantum state will show that infinite connection creates a oneness that therefore has only one universal conscience, namely the Cosmic Law of Self-balance. When we commune with God, we no longer have desire written upon our hearts for that which is to be given to us. We ask, rather, to be inspired as to what we can give, and how, in order to be worthy of that which will surely be given us if we first give. UNLESS WE FIRST GIVE, WE WILL NOT BE RE-GIVEN.

Let us not damage ourselves because of perceived ridicule and stupidity of this limited civilization. Ask any blind person if being sighted would not make living far more pleasant and easy.

There is a LOT afoot as we move closer to our non – or anti-civilization goals these days, not the least of which is a utilization of energy fields of quite a variety.

But, we the people have decided to bless our dark side that we’ve been purposefully creating in order to release it from that heavy role and integrate it back into our being so that we as ONE can together enter into advanced civilization.

I do not expect to have you understand what I am talking about if you are not a scientist and, if you cannot believe except through the brain of a scientist – you are going to be locked into the limitations of our anti-civilization consciousness. Sounds big and a bit “far-out”? Yes, but it is not further than between our eyes, and perception is totally a thing between our ears called MIND. But, no matter, the New Energy tools will make the reunion happen because we the people asked for it and decided so.

Civilization of the Universe

We can make it living “through” these times without damage of bombardment by inten-tional technology and WE WILL. WE are informed enough and KNOWING enough and I do see many who are prepared and actually capable of pulling it off in Truth – instead of in our limited perceptions. Most of us remain not locked by lies to our conscious realizations about us – not capable of REAL consciousness.

Oh yes, it DOES get a bit more complex in a false civilization to consider that we were actually in preparation to either remain in “limitation” or move on within the Civilization of the Universe. I do pick this subject now because there are things happening in our limited experience and ones joining in the limited world who can more easily INFORM US of physical experience and who are important “players”. But WE who would travel beyond this plane of thought and comprehension and into freedom in Truth – have to get on with our transitional lessons. Worse (or best) is that we had to grow up through the MISperceptions.


Ah, you think Newton and Einstein are wondrous and “absolute” thinkers and theorists? No, they are BOTH incorrect in their assumptions. THEY KNOW IT NOW – IT ELUDED THEM AS TO ABSOLUTES WHILE PARTICIPATING ON OUR PLANE OF EXPRESSION.

Yes, I can give you a big bunch of data and at the beginning only a handful of experiencers would understand. Then there would come the ones who would try to bury the information – as on “LIGHT” which “IS” so that you never gain insight into REALITY of mind CREATION and reproduction.

That is no longer possible – time of TRUTH! AND THAT’S WHAT WE CHANGED AT THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT, ALSO!

The Perception

We must look at that which appears to be – about us. We have to know the players and the play – but beyond that we need not do anything except KNOW TRUTH. Ah, but therein lies the real bug-a-boo! Some will base their explanations on religious journeys, perceived things which ARE NOT and then try to move us further into our limitations by suggesting we learn ascension and mental travel – WHILE SUGGESTING WE HANG ONTO THE PHYSICAL. Can we do these things?

Yes, but not the way expressed!

Consciousness and Knowledge

Consciousness is awareness and all of our potentials – not that was given to us by anybody else but which we gave to ourselves – this consciousness inspires, stimulates energy. We human beings are consciousness, we are NOT energy. We are consciousness beings drawing energy into our reality. Actually we do not draw it in – we attract it. There is a law of attraction based on our ability to create reality and to manifest that which comes from passion and desire.

Energy is potential expressed. We are consciousness souled beings with the ability to initiate potential into energy form and have it manifest.

Consciousness is the “seminal” value from which all other values flow – without exception. Consciousness is not only an eternal part of existence, but it is the controller of existence. The nature of existence includes: objective law and justice, the limitless value of each conscious being when functioning in a rational civilization, and the dynamics of continually expanding value production and prosperity, which demand preserving the eternally supreme VALUE of every conscious being. Obviously, in some “form”, “existence” IS. Further, existence is infinite and eternal and consciousness, therefore, is eternal – and infinite, and therefore – IS the controller of all that IS.

WE are the creative force – NOT SOME “GOD” OF A FAR-OFF OTHER-LAND! Is there “Creative Force” of allness – oneness-everything-there-isness? YES, but we are attached like super-glue to two pieces of thin paper. THAT expression WILL DO NOTHING – until WE understand.

KNOWLEDGE is Mind-Idea UNEXPRESSED. Knowledge is expressed by the creation of bodies which simulate Idea.

ALL valid ideas or theories are paradigms (MODELS) of contextual FACTS, so it MUST be that ALL knowledge is contextual.


Essence of Human Nature

The essence and nature of human consciousness is GOODNESS. Note – I said “human”. What we HAVE HAD running around are a bunch of “human-like” physically coagulated beings – I guess a good all-around term could be “humanoid” – but definitely not of the Civilization of the Universe. Rather, very locked and dedicated to physical expression and robotically trained humanoid facsimiles – IN APPEARANCE ONLY. The civilization of Earthbound “man” was certainly not focused on “goodness” – but rather, abounds in crashing and thrashing at mere existence in our present FORM or actually seeking to CONTROL ALL THERE IS IN THAT EXPRESSION. Further, the essence of the nature of human consciousness is noble, rational, honest, just, compassionate, value producing, benevolent, kind, loving, happy…! Look around us, even in our “churches” filled with false-teachings, do we find these qualities in individual human-coagulated machines calling themselves humans?

AND THAT’S WHAT WE CHANGED AT THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT, ALSO! Through the conscious breath we blessed all of them and initiated their reintegration back into the human family of GOODNESS.

Where is our JUSTNESS? NEVER in the “churches” – for if we are a Baptist and a Catholic enters the scene – he is not acceptable – so we have NO justness but GOD IS JUST. THE GREATEST SOCIAL VALUE AMONG CONSCIOUS BEINGS IS OBJECTIVE LAW AND JUSTICE. How much of either do we find about us these days? Ever? Have things REALLY changed at all on the physical plane? YES! From when? FROM 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT! To when? TO ETERNITY! There have ALWAYS been the “few” who KNEW TRUTH! Remember? Nobody listened? So be it, surely enough, man remained anti-human and anti-civilization UNTIL THIS EVENT!


I don’t even like to refer to the so-called “anti-Christ” by such foolish terminology (but I am stuck with our language) – because it is not a valid term for anything – the term in correct presentation would be “anti-civilization” or “anti-humanity”. Certainly the thrust of the “anti-” beings was to keep US from realization of the Civilization of the Universe – wherein humanity and ordered civilization IS! And we blessed our anti-side with our compassion and accepted them unconditionally back into our family.



We all worry constantly about this disease or that disease and allow our bodies to be riddled, bombarded and destroyed by same. THE ONLY DISEASES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS ARE DISHONESTY, MYSTICISM, AND IRRATIONALITY! These diseases cause all wars and crimes, including all property destructions, harms, sufferings, cruelties, injuries, and deaths PURPOSELY inflicted on human beings. THOSE DISEASES DESTROY THE NATURAL GOOD OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Furthermore, all such evils are inflicted by force or fraud to support the lives of open criminals (whom could be called subhumans) such as we think of the “Mafia”, robbers or muggers, or the much MORE EVIL, hidden criminals (these humanoids I spoke of) such as dishonest politicians, parasitical elites, tyrannical rulers, bogus authorities, murderers, bureaucrats, and their force-backed ego – “JUSTICE” systems of injustice. We can realize and name the little groups (or big groups) which serve the thugs and humanoids (and even some who serve the subhumans).

AND THAT’S WHAT WE CHANGED AT THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT because we’ve asked to experience it and by blessing them all with our love and compassion we’ve enabled their reintegration back into their divine source!

Let us refer to these beings who are human-like (humanoids, false-humans) beings who have hidden rationality and camouflaged irrationality and use this camouflaged irrationality to deceptively harm, ruin, and kill human beings as pseudo-humans.

Pseudo-humans are, therefore, human-copies or humanoids in whom the diseases of dishonesty and irrationality have destroyed the human nature of their CONSCIOUSNESS. So it is thus that such pseudo-humans were NO LONGER HUMAN BEINGS. They were simply humanoids who have destroyed their natural conscious structures and human essences (which are) NEEDED TO ENTER THE CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE. And we have blessed them with our divinity and allowed the wonder of love at work to happen to bring all of them back into the Light.

These false- or pseudo-humans were PARASITES – ALWAYS! And, to parasitically exist, pseudo-humans purposely propagate a bizarre, irrational civilization on any “mankind-inhabited third dimensionally perceived planet” and certainly on our Planet Earth “Shan“.

AND THAT’S WHAT WE CHANGED AT THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT, ALSO! We changed that scenario by accepting this greatest challenge for our compassion and forgiveness and helped them to come back into light, since we’ve created them purposefully.

Advanced Civilization

This unnatural, transitory anti-civilization in MACROSCOPIC existence was likened analogously to the unnatural, transitory antiparticle in microscopic existence. Think about it. As the bizarre antiparticle vanishes forever on contact with natural matter, the bizarre anti-civilization would vanish forever on contact with the natural Civilization of the Universe. And we’ve changed this concept, also!


I can talk about these things but there will be the ones among us who will understand the perception scientifically enough to explain the contextual intent.

By the very fact of their continued existence, all civilizations technologically advanced significantly past their Nuclear-Decision Thresholds (at which we NOW are) are free from the diseases of dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality. Therefore we could not enter into that civilization WITH these characteristics – and thus it is necessary to LEARN and KNOW BEYOND those traits which are destructive to the ongoing consciousness of “human” (Higher Universal MAN). A major dividing line in progressive soul expression comes at the Nuclear-Decision Threshold. A species in a given civilization will make it or break it, figuratively speaking, at that point. We are now very primitive in our evolvement – but technologically (in a physical way) to play with that which is NON-PHYSICAL AND NON-CONTROLLABLE FROM THE PHYSICAL STANDPOINT, to destroy the very manifestation of mankind as expressed in our experience. Pseudo-humans will NOT be allowed into the Civilization of the Universe! And we the people have decided to bless all of them with our divinity and to reintegrate them back into our family!

WE cannot look into the next-moment with assurance or certainty – for it is only a perception as changeable as the MIND. Much less can WE in our limited bindings even begin to imagine the limitless expression of the technological states and economies of the advanced SOCIETIES throughout the Civilization of the Universe. Does this mean we should not seek out the wondrous advancement and expressions, luxuries and wealth of that which we are experiencing? No – it means that we must grow into realizing that we CAN HAVE THOSE THINGS AND REMAIN “HUMAN” WITH ALL THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOODLY CONSCIOUSNESS. The other aspects WOULD BE VANISHED, BUT THANKS TO THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT THEY WILL NOT BE VANISHED BUT TRANSMUTED BACK INTO THEIR ORIGINAL EXPRESSION!

Laws of Creation

No society or civilization, regardless of how advanced, can contradict the contextual laws of either physics or nature. Moreover, we can KNOW that conscious beings throughout the Civilization of the Universe will NEVER purposely violate their nature, well being, and happiness. The BASIC NATURE of rational conscious beings has never and will never change. No rational being would ever let technology overtake his or her nature, self-control, self-responsibility, growth, and happiness. Because that loss of control over one’s SELF – one’s greatest value – would be IRRATIONAL – the prime trait of a pseudo-human in anti-civilization. And, all conscious beings in the Civilization of the Universe are FREE OF IRRATIONALITY or any other impediments to individual consciousness, growth, and happiness.


Possibly the most bizarre characteristics of the “anti-civilization” are its overpopulation and aging problems. Yes, that is exactly what I said. And we will note that the anti-civilization ELITE were trying to depopulate and totally control all aspects of the humanoid experience. They would wish to also control the “human” experience – but once a true “human” comprehends and KNOWS Truth – there is NO “control” available. AND THAT’S WHAT WE DECIDED FOR AT THE 9-11 HOL-HIL EVENT, ALSO! That requires, then, never allowing of Truth to be KNOWN to the masses of false- or still developing-humans.

In any rational civilization, overpopulation and aging ARE IMPOSSIBLE. Exactly the opposite occurs. When free of destructive humanoids, each conscious being is free to productively, culturally, and artistically innovate and flourish without limits, becoming a priceless value to others and society. For, each conscious being in a RATIONAL civilization innovates and produces through division-of-labor dynamics far more values and resources than he or she consumes. This is always an increase in value, with never increasing entropy, and conscious beings remaining forever young for there is no “age” consideration.

In the never-ending Civilization of the Universe, a great demand for volitionally conscious beings ALWAYS EXISTS. When free in an open and rational society based on objective law, each conscious being enormously benefits and enriches all other conscious beings as well. Through and throughout eternity, therefore, each conscious being will contribute more value to society than its entire population at any given point of time. Knowledge and technology increase endlessly. All advancing civilizations require developing ever greater and cheaper energy sources and production efficiencies.

Prosperity and happiness of conscious beings do NOT depend on their actual level of knowledge or technology, but on their rational thinking and acting processes required for continuously advancing knowledge, technology, and beauty from any level.

Throughout the universe, every level of advancing knowledge and technology exists. Thus exists a technological level of conscious beings whose most efficient production of values depends on the unsupervised development and utilization of FREEWILL conscious beings having the technological capabilities and economic-growth needs for which each additional, volitionally developed, conscious being would be of immense, irreplaceable value. Thus, honest conscious beings anywhere in existence are NEVER ALLOWED TO PERISH. So my strong suggestion is to always travel in the correct direction and remain both conscious and honest.

It evolves, then, that all conscious beings in the Civilization of the Universe have the same nature: They (we) all live for rational happiness and its emotions of GENUINE self-esteem and love. Indeed. the moral purpose of all conscious beings is to meet the rational requirements of achieving true happiness.


By golly, WE all want to have something or someone SAVE US! Until WE understand WHAT WE ARE – there is no meaning to a term such as “save”.

Even in Earth’s anti-civilization, EVERY volitionally developed, honest conscious being is redeemed and transceived into the Civilization of the Universe. IN OTHER WORDS, ESSENTIALLY EVERY HONEST CONSCIOUS BEING WHO HAS EVER LIVED ON EARTH CONTINUES TO LIVE, FLOURISHING ETERNALLY, IN THE CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE. BUT, ALL HARMFUL HUMANOIDS OF PAST HISTORY WHO SELF-PROGRAMMED THEMSELVES TO VANISH FROM EXISTENCE FOREVER, have been reprogrammed and integrated into the civilization of universe by the changes that we’ve initiated and allowed through the 9-11 HOL-HIL event!!!!

Are WE beginning to see the necessity of KNOWING TRUTH and stopping the absorption of all the garbage and lies?

This can be proven by physical measurements of field changes of human beings, humanoids, and animals as they “die”. Such experiments, moreover, would support the fact that human consciousness transceives into the Civilization of the Universe.

Conscious Control of Existence

Unknown to the busily self-serving Establishment, the nature of existence and its dynamics of matter and energy are today being methodically verified – experimentally and mathematically. That verification process will lead to the verification of a corollary fact of nature: human consciousness IS the eternal integrator and controller of existence – Montauk experiments or not! That, in turn, will lead to the verification of the fourth and controlling mode of existence – the mode of human consciousness which controls the relationships of matter, energy, and time throughout existence. HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE PURPOSEFUL, UNMOVED MOVER OF EXISTANCE. And, finally, that verification will reveal the eternally evolving Civilization of the Universe throughout existence. All conscious efforts will then harmonize through objective justice. Thus will flow limitless benefits to every conscious being here on Earth. And then, this anti-civilization will be transmuted into the advanced civilization.

The Future Perceptions

At any rate, as we move along we will understand that the scientific and mathematical verifications of the preceding facts will TRANSMUTE Earth’s dangerous, irrational civilization. That TRANSMUTATION of Earth’s anti-civilization will occur as the secure, rational Civilization of the Universe comes into being worldwide.


We will foretell and COMMAND THE FUTURE by controlling the force field that reaches into the future – into the Civilization of the Universe.

What does this mean? It means that the appearance of the Civilization of the Universe will ultimately deliver limitless power and prosperity TO EACH AND EVERY CONSCIOUS BEING.


“In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man”

I AM ILIJA – free and sovereign creator