I was born on August 6, 1950 in Grab, Montenegro (former Yugoslavia).

1982 – Acquired my PhD in the field of atomic and plasma physics, at the Faculty in Belgrade, under the title: “Regularities and Systematic trends of Stark Width and Shift Parameters of Spectral Lines in Plasmas”.

1985 -1987 Spent two years as fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from Bonn (Germany) at the University Düsseldorf developing plasma UV-spectroscopy at the tokamak UNITOR and performing measurements of the plasma instabilities in the scrape-off layer at the tokamak TEXTOR in Jullich (Germany).

1987 – 1991 Worked as the guest scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching by Munich (Germany) performing measurements of the magnetic field configuration at the stellarator W7AS as well as the measurements of the limiter heat load.

1991 – 2000 Was working in the Institute of Physics in Zemun (Serbia) on investigations of the plasma force-free configurations and in 1995 I acquired the Research Professor degree.

2000 – At the end of 2000 I chose to leave the Institute of Physics and went my own way to discover and learn God Aton’s principles and laws of creation.

After 10 years of progression toward that sacred goal, I have finally succeeded and now know many of God’s creational principles and laws (unknown until now) and can apply them to simple and efficient creations which constitute the basis for a new quality of life on this planet.

I am a pioneer in creating with the New Conscious Energy and building a new civilization without electricity.

My discoveries as independent researcher in last 20 years:

  1. Discovery of the truth about human being, consciousness, relation of the human being to physical body, relation of human being to God Creator Aton and Creation (this material universe) and the true laws and concepts of creation.

  1. Experimental verification of the true “ATON” cell, atom and particle concept: light rings spinning around the centering Mind point which is the source of energy and from which the light rings borrow energy in order to spin, to move.

  1. Discovery of so called “centeredness” of wave fields and on that base invention of Tesla Radiation Balancer, the first certified device without electricity for balancing (centering) of imbalanced (not centered) wave fields.

  1. Discovery of the Natural Nuclear Waste Management System RBI101NWM – the ONLY solution for the nuclear challenge on the global scale. My natural nuclear waste management system (RBI101NWM) enables promotion of Nature’s supreme principle that there is GOOD in everything, i.e., it turns this “negative” precept into the following great GOOD for this civilization: enables the integration of all nuclear waste (low, middle and high level) into the natural life cycle in a manner that solves the immense challenge of nuclear waste disposal FOREVER (100% efficiency), enables the release of water from underneath and creation on the surface of a few feet of decayed fertile soil and water necessary for organic life thus adding materially to the world’s food supply, enables foresting of vast areas of the world with date palms and carpeting them with a verdure, enables the release of enormous amounts of oxygen which together with the enormous reduction of radioactive emission into the atmosphere will contribute to the stopping of both the negative earth’s climate changes (global warming) and the oxygen depletion, as well as to the earth’s rebalancing: reestablishment of the optimal environmental temperature range and reestablishment of the optimal oxygen content in both the atmosphere and the waters, and enables creation of millions of new work opportunities worldwide.

  1. Discovery of the true value of the PI number and solution of the in science unsolvable problem of “squaring the circle”.

  1. Discovery of the power of human conscious intent and rebalancing within two months of the damaged brain (Alzheimer) of a 5 year old girl with power of verbally expressed conscious intent. Watch the video here:

  1. Discovery of the true concepts of energy, mass, speed of light, gravity and electricity and derivation of my equation of creation which properly describes both generation (compression) phase of creation and degeneration (radiation) phase of creation, as well as their simultaneous occurrence and sequential repetitiveness. This right equation definitely retires the famous Einstein’s wrong equation from 1905 of “equivalence of mass and energy”.

  1. Discovery of the presence on our planet of the new conscious energy and its unit Deca and its many unique characteristics and ways of conscious unlimited creation with it in order to build a new civilization without electricity.

  1. Discovery of the relationship between consciousness and energy: energy belongs to consciousness to create with and energy is server of consciousness fulfilling every our desire if we ALLOW energy to serve us.

  1. Discovery of the Nature’s radar principle which is the great intercommunication system for recording of all effects of motion and repeating them to all other effects in the universe at the speed of light.

  1. Discovery of the absolute protection (protection from anything at all times) with The White Christed Light remotely (distance-less), instantly and permanently using my I-Change technology and my new energy Deca101 conscious chip.

  1. Discovery of the conscious chip Deca101 with which every human desire could be fulfilled without electricity.

  1. Discovery of the natural way for enlightenment (ascension, realization) using unlimited power of human conscious intent and allowance.


I speak English, German and Russian.