Nikola Walter and Ilija


This is the article I prepared and submitted for presentation at the Nikola Tesla 70th Year Memorial Conference, “TESLA SPIRIT AWARD BENEFIT”, January 7th 2013, New York. The article was not accepted for presentation. There is no better demonstration of the universal law LIKE SEEKS LIKE than this. Those who pretend to be the main promoters of Tesla-spirit on Earths are continuing promotion of such a materialistic and religiously-focused aspect of Tesla-spirit, rather than being open to the beauty of the wisdom:

“In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man”!

I AM ILIJA – free and sovereign creator

Quantum Intelligence



Continuity of Motion

All bodies are the result of desire of the Soul in the Mind – i.e., in our consciousness — for expression of one idea of creation through continuous unfoldings and refoldings of the idea bodies. Desire of Mind is eternal – therefore it follows that all bodies are eternal in their continuity. They are not eternally repetitive – for “repetition” is suggestive of discontinuous intervals between each repetition. The Soul of and expired body still IS – and in that Soul is the same desire that made that expired body appear. That desire of the Soul to unfold the form of an idea is precisely what will cause it to reappear, and to again unfold, forever and forever, since continuity is forever changing but never ceasing.

Continuity is immeasurable quality of CAUSE which is simulating through continuous interchanges of equal and opposite EFFECTS.

Each interval of time between the disappearance and reappearance of any body is not a discontinuance of the body – it is merely a “blackout” of our senses. When things disappear from the range of what our sense are experiencing (seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling), they have not ceased to be. They are not “dead”. And when they reappear within the range experience of our senses, they are not reborn to life. They have but again merely come within the range of our sense experiencing. Each interval of time between the disappearance and reappearance of a body is not a discontinuance of the body – it is merely a “blackout” of our senses.

These facts are true to Natural Law, and so we are not correct when we use the terms death – birth – disappearance – repetition – reappearance – or reincarnation. How can we be correct in the use of such terms when we know that there is a continuity of such bodies – only their dimension and their polarity have changed in them!

So, Tesla IS!

Genius IS

All inspired conceptions are timeless. Knowledge is a quality of the undivided universal Mind in which there is no time. Thoughts of Mind, however, take time, for thoughts are divided waves and waves are synchronized with the Universal heartbeat which creates the idea of time.

But I do not do that which is so foolishly followed by many New – Agers who dabble in meditation, and medicine wheels, and come forth pronouncing themselves great artists and even reincarnations of great masters – this would be a most foolish assumption, for one very important quality always present in the great masters is humility and gratitude. They create from the soul and treat it as a most wondrous gift, never crediting self. They may become total perfectionists and quite eccentric but can come with searching for perfection of the idea – the process of imagining. Anyone who touts his talent, who is ego-driven, is a bore, not a genius.

Every man is an inherent genius and there should be an ever-increasing number of geniuses in the world. We have it in us and so have our sons, daughters and friends. And if it comes forth – others will take note without, preferably, our even speaking of it. The greatest man who ever lived is no greater than we are, except that within he KNEW who he was, and he did something about it.

The hope for world culture is through the production of more geniuses and we can only have that when we present ideals worthy of a great culture. By genius, I repeat: the person who has learned to live life gloriously – at the maximum – not just the genius who has expressed himself in the arts or sciences.

It is now apparent that we must necessarily KNOW the Cause so that we will see ourselves reflected in HIM, or know ourselves to be an extension of Him. The more we do to unfold our genius, the more we will be enabled to help uplift the world to the level we have ourselves attained.

Continuous Happiness is a State of Being

In our everyday lives we have an interchange of dealings with spouse, our neighbour, our co-worker, or a customer. Each such interchange is the result of a decision. Equal GIVING and REGIVING in all such human decisions is rare. Inequality governs the great major portion of all human interchanges. All failure, frustrations, illnesses and wars, and all delinquency and crime are due to whatever  RESIDUE OF UNBALANCE is left over in most all human transactions in which the right of “free will” is exercised.

If we DIVIDE the UNDIVIDED unequally, these two cannot MATE EQUALLY. Polarity in Nature is always balanced. The “electric” current polarizes EQUALLY. Nature is a multiple “electric” current. EQUALITY and BALANCE are the most conspicuous characteristics of automatic Nature, but INEQUALITY and UNBALANCE are equally conspicuous characteristics of man-controlled “free will” interchanging in Nature.

In practically all human dealings, one mate – or both – in every transaction is “CHEATING”. That is what is the matter with the world. Human beings have not yet begun to learn how to DIVIDE the UNDIVIDED EQUALLY. Therefore they can never UNITE them, for balanced unity is ONLY possible with equally mated pairs.

Until individuals and nations learn how to DIVIDE and UNITE in accordance with the infallible law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE, there will always be strife, unhappiness and the ills which man himself makes through his ignorance of how to live.

This is the message of Jesus: “These things I do, YOU will do GREATER”, to which I add: when we become who He is and when we know what He knows.

As the birds welcome the morning with song, when we act totally with love – state of absolute acceptance of being – we welcome our Spirit into our world. We become a conscious cell in the awakening earth. The physical atoms of our bodies sing together, vibrating in harmony and happiness. Our integrity and unity of being, our integration of purpose and expression brings resonance to everything we are and to everything we perceive and thusly to everything with which we interchange. We become a natural channel for the vast and powerful energies of Creation. Through us they flow into the healing and transformative work of these times.


Consciousness is awareness and all of our potentials – not those given to us by anybody else but the once we gave to ourselves. This consciousness inspires, stimulates energy. We human beings are consciousness, we are NOT energy. We are consciousness beings drawing energy into our reality. Actually we do not draw it in – we attract it. There is a law of attraction based on our ability to create reality and to manifest that which comes from passion and desire.

Energy is potential expressed. We are consciousness/souled beings with the ability to initiate potential into energy form and have it manifest.

Consciousness is the “seminal” value from which all other values flow – without exception. Consciousness is not only an eternal part of existence, but it is the controller of existence.  The nature of existence includes: objective law and justice, the limitless value of each conscious being when functioning in a rational civilization, and the dynamics of continually expanding value production and prosperity, which demand preserving the eternally supreme VALUE of every conscious being. Obviously, in some “form”, “existence” IS. Further, existence is infinite and eternal, and consciousness, therefore, is eternal – and infinite, and therefore – IS the controller of all that IS. WE are the creative force of allness – oneness – everything-there-isness!


KNOWLEDGE is Mind-Idea UNEXPRESSED. Knowledge is expressed by the creation of idea-bodies which simulate Idea

ALL valid ideas or theories are paradigms (MODELS) of contextual FACTS, so it MUST be that ALL knowledge is contextual. 


Essence of Human Nature

The essence and nature of human consciousness is GOODNESS.


The basis of righteousness and character is the Love, Beauty, Goodness and Truth which Nature manifests. To be GOOD is to be like the Creator of Goodness. The Creator of Nature was Love, and His actions all expressed Love. Early man set his standards by the actions of Nature which were all GOOD. He wanted to be loved. To be loved was to find happiness. Man made it his first effort to find happiness by making his actions like unto Nature. In so doing, man built CHARACTER and WISDOM.

Inner peace is an inherent permanent character of human nature.


We all worry constantly about this disease or that disease and allow our bodies to be riddled, bombarded and destroyed by same. THE ONLY DISEASES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS ARE DISHONESTY, MYSTICISM. AND IRRATIONALITY! These diseases cause all wars and crimes, including all property destruction, harms, sufferings, cruelties, injuries, and deaths PURPOSELY inflicted on human beings. THOSE DISEASES DESTROY THE NATURAL GOOD OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

Laws of Creation

No society or civilization, regardless of how advanced, can contradict the contextual laws of either physics or nature. Moreover, we KNOW that conscious beings will NEVER purposely violate their nature, well being, and happiness. The BASIC NATURE of rational conscious beings has never and will never change. No rational being would ever let technology overtake his or her nature, self-control, self-responsibility, growth, and happiness. Because that loss of control over one’s SELF – one’s greatest value – would be IRRATIONAL. And, all conscious beings are FREE OF IRRATIONALITY or any other impediments to individual consciousness, growth, and happiness.

It evolves, then, that all conscious beings have the same nature: They (we) all live for rational happiness and its emotions of GENUINE self-esteem and love. Indeed. the moral purpose of all conscious beings is to meet the rational requirements of achieving true happiness.



Our personal power exists in direct proportion to the integrity of our soul – to honesty. Honesty is uprightness of character and integrity, the condition or quality of being unimpaired or the state of being complete or undivided. The character trait of honesty is not only essential to our personal peace and happiness but it is VITAL for world peace and security.

Integrity and responsibility are most delicately intertwined – responsibility being that for which one is answerable; a duty or trust. To achieve utmost spiritual integrity, one must recognize and understand his responsibilities; first to Himself and also to the rest of the life-force expression within Creation. One must realize his accountability to the Spirit within himself. He must become impeccable (free from error, fault, or flaw) regarding adherence to Cosmic Law. And to gain cosmic power, he must become spiritually complete, unimpaired and sound of character, which is the state of being called honesty.


Honesty is the balance wheel for any business transaction because unless there is honesty there is ultimately bound to be failure.

We are, today, witnessing so much dishonesty between nations that the people of the world feel very insecure. This insecurity is the root cause of poor business. An insecure man does not spend, for he is filled with fear for the future instead of having faith.

Trust between all peoples must be restored. TO HAVE TRUST, WE MUST HAVE HONESTY.


For what purpose are lighthouses built and why are they placed where the storms are? Because they are intended to shine the light through the densest eclipse and most terrible stormy winds in order to help the boat captains find safe passage from the uncertainty of the open sea to the safety of harbours, avoiding threata of underwater rocks and sharp cliffs.

Tesla has been, and is, the lighthouse whose eternal light of creative thinking is manifested through his imperishable teaching by example of what GOODNESS is – the very essence and nature of human consciousness – as well as through his vast contributions to the healing of the only diseases of human consciousness which destroy the natural good of human consciousness – dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality. Tesla’s way of healing became the Standard in this Era of Consciousness. Being the Standard of HONESTY, KNOWING, and RATIONALITY, Tesla has been demonstrating and promoting the way of TEACHING BY EXAMPLE as the standard way. He is a magnificent example of how meager circumstances can be transformed into the greatest of achievements by moving stuck karma energies and transmuting them into desired realities of enormously increased life quality. Finally, Tesla is an outstanding promoter of the highest truth — that there is GOOD in everything. His whole last lifetime is the most convincing demonstration of this sacred truth, beginning from his childhood and the way he found a good in the heaviest karmas of his nation, continuing with his European experience where he took strides to overcome and move further, and ending with his American experience where he came with four cents in his pocket with which, through his inventions, he provided the initial impetus to omni-trillion-dollar businesses all over the world. He was able to find GOOD in all of these “negative” circumstances by turning them into the greatest of humankind’s and civilization’s achievements.


Let me share the light of Tesla’s intellect that took us into wisdoms and gave us a shepherding into sheepfolds of mysteries.

Proofs will be asked for. What is size? What is time? What is space? Harken to Tesla’s logic that will bequeath us the reasoning. Know that the universe has no such thing as size for size is by comparison, a measurable quantity which is simulating the immeasurable quality of infinity and that which is great seems large to us. The same, with time and space. All of that has no meaning but let me give it some perspective and definition. Know that Tesla thinks only in projection of thought – he needs no time and he needs no space.

When Tesla condenses or intensifies the wave nature of magnetism he achieves next to nothingness. Nothingness is a state of potential. When he reaches a state of nothingness he can alter everything. He can expand nothingness into everything. How?

First, expansion requires a few stops or guards or hindrances.

The purpose of expansion may be to acquire more space, or it may be to give the expander an opportunity to access the expanding space, or to access the expansion.

He is able to expand everything, and to make decision, and to allow others to make their decision. However the solidness (firmness) of decisions immediately limits the field of expansion.

Expanding thought requires a little effort. It merely requires the ability to expand. Therefore, if Tesla would have expanded thought, he would allow his cells to expand, especially the cells in his brain.

A genius comprehends words and phrases and concepts in the state of expanded consciousness. However, the expanded consciousness of thought must remain also while the words or concepts are transported to paper. In other words, the thoughts expressed must also be expressed during and within expanded consciousness.

Tesla expanded into a super-conscious being. This required one major difference in the arrangement of his thought patterns.

Thought patterns can spiral, can spin, can be directed like arrows, can melt, can fade, can become intense, and can take on an emotion. He does not take on any emotion when he expands and that is good.

He became successful at creating and bringing thoughts down in intervals. Intervals of thought are pure because they come as one unit, as one box, and are never interfered with by the preceding thought.

Space transcends size, yet it comes not alike to all created orders. I perceive that I am “man”, that my stature has a “size”. Some perceive my “size” to be “small”, but I ask them if I would greater profit if I stood high as the mountains?

Tesla knows that he is greater than mountains in that he has power to manifest in Thought, and it bears him out among the planets; he can know the far stars and he can see them in their shining.

People say, “I think, therefore I AM.”!

Tesla says: “I AM, THEREFORE I THINK”.

Tesla ascends unto visions. He has concepts of Reality; those who come of other orders ascend to no such vision; their concepts are but instincts. Great minds are greater than the greatest mountains. Worlds are less than great Truths: man knows himself, thereof lies his divinity.

Man has concepts of himself and of the universe and he makes mysteries in his thinking – he needs to come into KNOWING; HE WHO THINKS GREATLY EVER SURPASSES THAT WHICH HE THINKS. Tesla thinks in terms of that which comes to pass – thereof is Spirit manifest and only Spirit matters – i.e., the Divine Self.

The connection with Divine Self has something to do with the very essence of life and the purpose of life on Earth.

To quote Tesla:

“Life is eternal and it’s a concept that you’ve given yourself through your own divine intuition that life is forever. But, you don’t understand that you always were and that you always will be, because you are linear in such a system that you cannot remember that it is shielded from you for the sake of duality and the test. Because I am in love with you, I cannot show you who you really are. Instead I simply must love you enough not to show you more than you can know while you are on Earth. Life is just waiting for you to connect to your Divine Self.”

When Tesla says “you”, what does he mean actually? Let Tesla shed some more light on Divine Self.

“You already have a concept of “multiple lives”. To you, a past life is a life on Earth that you have lived, while you are currently in a life that you call present life and you understand that it is not the last one you will have. You are an angel that always were and always will be. You are just temporarily on this planet as a physical 3D form, known as a Human. Now, only a portion of your intellect is with you on Earth, while the rest is kept hidden somewhere else, but still connected and available. You are in a quantum state with yourself, having multiple interdimensional pieces and you can be in multiple places at the same time. In charge is the consciousness of the one who is here in Human form. One of these pieces that is closest to you, one of hundreds of them, is called Divine Self. Now, the physical part of you longs to connect to the Divine Self, and that is the purpose of your life. When you succeed you become a Lighthouse and fulfill what you came for.”

Here is some more of Tesla’s light on the concept of past lives in regard to the interdimensional nature of Human Being.

“You have multiple current lives all at the same time. There is no ‘past lives”, because when you leave the planet, you are out of time, which does not exist on the other side of the veil. You are an interdimensional being, and you are in many places at the same time in a different time frame, but always connected to one source in this circle of life. It’s a whole layer of lifetimes, but you are living all at once right now. On the top is the one that you are living now, currently occupying your body that you see in the mirror. This one is talking to all of the others in so- called Akashic Record.”

All this must be reflected on our DNA somehow. How can we use it?

“This interdimensional concept is represented in one of the invisible layers of your DNA and is a source of your power. When you connect to the Divine Self, suddenly the quantum effect takes place and you are connected to all of these lives at the same time! You can dig down into all those lives, and using the one who you are living now, you can choose to pick the best parts of each and use many former attributes by bringing them forward.”

How fascinating! We thought they were behind us.

“No, my dear. All these attributes and talents that you carry hidden deep into the past lives, as part of your Akashic Record, are not gone at all, and are still active parts of you. You can reach these talents that always belonged to you and pull them out of the essence of your Akashic Record, and use them!”

There are great potentials in this concept. It challenges the very concept of what we have been taught are our 3D limitations.

“Absolutely true. You’ve got The New Energy on the planet. It’s your choice to turn on the light. Your Divine Self has been waiting to be connected to you, and when you connect your thoughts, they become enhanced by the wisdom of the ages. Again, your free choice, your permission is the key. No amount of enlightenment energy can be put upon another person to change him without permission.”

What about the concept of co-creation?

“That is a huge concept. When you send the light, it is the same concept. Don’t send the light with a bias. If you like to send the light somewhere to help, please don’t send the solution; don’t send what you want to happen. It is enough if you send the light, since the light has “cosmic intelligence” that knows what to do. If you send the light to a place in the darkness, whoever is there can see better, and when they see better they can with their free choice choose things that you have helped illuminate with your light. If you want to co-create, don’t tell God what to do and how to do it. Humans often put God in a box. But, you create the light, and God will place it correctly. Quantum intelligence means to be connected to God. You can create the light without needing to know how and where to direct it.”

It must be somehow a question of trust. The general Cosmic Law of Self-balance must be that all things in a quantum state know all about each other and tend to balance themselves. Is this true?

“Absolutely. It is always the question of trust. When you turn the light switch on, you anticipate light in the room, since you are familiar with the process in 3D and you trust it. It works without any of your knowledge about the physics of photons, electricity or any material properties. Quantum intelligence is a question of extending the trust to the invisible. In your science of physics the study of things in a quantum state will show that infinite connection creates a oneness that therefore has only one universal conscience, namely the Cosmic Law of Self-balance.”

Tesla dwells in heavenly mansions and is looking on all creating things. Man is part of it, but he is only part of it in that he sees what Tesla’s deploying in himself. Tesla speaks these things to us so that we may be wise: “Be not cast down by little men who say – Spirit is conjecture, we breathe, thereby we are. – They are as lights in many wicks that presently know a snuffing; the universe shall snuff them for they cannot encompass it. Lift up your heads, beloved! Perceive a great radiance for my Spirit sends works in you, and me in it; behold you are one essence – that which is creating is coming from YOUR bosom.

Man has had a blindness to neglect his own destiny; he has said to his brothers, – We are creatures of confusion, of doubt and of dread as we come from our fathers, whither we go is not for our wisdom. – He looks on the Earth and thinks it as mystery; it speaks a tongue whose language has long since been forgotten save by the few.

It shall be beyond you until you come to that place in Spirit where the beast-hood drops away from you, where you leave your earthliness behind you forever. You look to the heavens and cry out constantly, “Almighty Father, bestow on me wisdom”. Lo, wisdom is in your heart, it lies all about you, you walk in its richness and you embrace it not.”

Man must come into knowledge and out of the evil of ignorance – for evil IS lack of intelligence. Evil has emptiness; it cannot construct; it ignores the ways that lead unto happiness; it seeks out no goodly situation but takes from the world and gives it a sorrow. Evil has no crown; it has no staff; it has no divining rod that points out riches; evil has only confusion and ignorance and manifests impoverishment; it has shortage of compassion that is called intolerance. Evil is man’s enemy above all other enemies in that it seeks to do him no improvement, naught has it to do for man but to pull him down to vomit; it proclaims his smallness; it makes a god of his ignorance and humbles him  before it. Ignorance is evil and evil is ignorance – and it is birthed of the physical and only has existence in the physical. There is no other god of darkness before ignorance. That which comes of Tesla has a radiance; behold it is tolerant and beauteous and tranquil; all things making for good, for happiness, for delight, for peace, for almsgiving, for blessings and benediction on others, these are the diadem stones in the crown of his eternity.



Nothing in Nature happens accidentally – in the sense that human consciousness is not  ‘involved’  in it – not even the birth, i.e. embodiment of human spirit into earthly dimensions for the sake of experiencing inexperienced realities. Tesla did not choose without reason to incarnate in a Serbian family and grow in an environment of a karmic group where fleering and ridicule to others and willingness to take on at the expense of others telling humour and jokes are the most prominent karmic attributes. Of course that’s just a form of drama that Serbs would gladly play in order to steal energy from others and charge themselves with it, what they are forced to, mainly as everyone else does, since they have also purposely separated themselves from the inexhaustible and infinite source of divine energy. This process that plays countlessly everywhere throughout the world and in every contact between human beings, which I call TICKING, which refers to a tick which creeps under the skin to suck blood – to suck energy. Another feature that is typical and unique to this karmic group is so-called spite – doing something to spite others. But, like everything else, the karmic energies are just energies, and in fact as well as in everything else, there is a GOOD in them and the only question is how to find the good and “consent” for it to work in our favour. Here’s how Tesla used out the challenge of these energies to test and solidify his unshakable decision for his own creative expression.

Since his father was a priest and there was an extremely rich library in the church, Tesla was allowed to use the library and thus to quench his own thirst for reading, which he used extensively. Thus, once he found in a book such an inspiring and impressive description of Niagara Falls and their wild and untamed power that in a split-second he decided one day to curb its wild power and turn it into something useful. This decision was so strong and so inspiring that he began to brag to everyone around that he will one day tame Niagara Falls. And of course he was inevitably exposed to fleering and ridicule on his account in a sense: “You will rein Niagara Falls and not even pants you can wear!” At the beginning this insulted young Tesla to tears and he used to respond to it. His reaction, opposition and discussion with those who insulted him was encouraging his closest lifetime environment to continue even harder with ridicule. And one night when he went to bed, unable to sleep because of the emotional abuse and all sorts of ridicule, Tesla made the decision to no longer to respond to any challenges of this kind but to tame Niagara Falls, out of spite to everyone!

And so it was. That is what is happening in the life of every human being: realization of any decision is a travel backwards in time in order to experience what had been decided!

Tesla certainly chose with a reason to incarnate in a family in which traditional habits, mostly inspired and designed by orthodox religious beliefs of that time, had the power of unwritten law and therefore they were respected to the level of, and identified with the most exalted sense of honour and dignity, and were able to practice without objection and without exception. Since his father was a priest and since his older brother died in an accident, it was self-evident that Nikola had to continue the family tradition and become a priest. For the young Tesla that was immensely tormenting which deeply haunted him since he was genuinely primarily interested in science. After he finished grammar school education and returned to home, the inevitability of a final decision regarding this life’s vital issue for him caused even overwhelming sudden torment in him that it completely reversed polarity of his body, and he fell ill from a serious illness (cholera) that had been ravaging at that time, taking many lives. So, torn between his burning desire to devote his life to science and the obligation that was imposed on him from his life’s environment (which he admittedly had accepted “unconsciously”) in order not to hurt his father above all and not to betray his traditionally-religious expectations, Tesla decided to get sick . That was the moment when he decided to change his existing reality and transform it in the hardest of ways into desired reality. Here’s how Tesla later described the outcome of that decision:

In one of the moments close to death that they thought were my last, my father rushed into my room. I still remember his pale face while he was trying to cheer me up, and in a faltering voice. I said:

 -Maybe I could recover if you let me study engineering.

You will go to the best engineering school in the world, he replied solemnly, and I knew he meant it.”

His miraculous recovery which followed, as well as his sudden illness are the most beautiful examples of how one intense thought can reverse the polarity of the body in the direction of health (negative into positive, or acidity into alkalinity) or in the direction of disease (positive into negative, or alkalinity in acidity). A final outcome of this Tesla’s experience confirms the correctness of the eternal and true maxim: “Where there is a WILL there is a way”.

By the way, it was not the last time that Tesla used this “tested” method to get sick in order to realize his own WILL. I would just remind here that in Budapest in 1882 when Tesla got so terribly ill that he became almost entirely spirit, such that he was able to hear clearly when the trams were starting up from the beginning station which was ten kilometres far away from his room.  After many weeks he spent in bed he was able to leave his bad and take his first walk through the neighbouring park and as he sat on the bench to take the rest, in that moment an inspired idea flashed into his mind and with his stick he drew in the sand a scheme for an induction motor, which he presented before the AIEE six years later.        

Tesla’s love for his mother had a particularly accented tone in which was recorded his compassion and awareness of her unjust position of undeserved inequality and subordination. Tesla felt that she was absolutely tolerant in terms of his life orientation and that she was genuinely supportive of his persistence to fully live his own life passion. Between the two of them there was a deep soul connection that never ceased, and for which even intercontinental distance was no obstacle – Tesla clearly felt the very moment when the spirit of his mother “gave” to her physical body the well deserved rest.

At the time, in Europe there were existing stuck, steady, and structured old energies of control and power that were primarily mirrored in intolerance of any kind, especially concerning the recognition of the rights of freedom for personal choice as well as the enormous imbalance in masculine/feminine energies. The main inspirer, advocate and promoter of the energies was to be the church in conjunction with the bureaucratic-dogmatic force and power structures and their main feature was the control, manipulation and restraint of freedom of expression in every form and in the most essential sense of the word. Tesla had already at an early age expressed a deep disagreement of the essence of his being with such a reality and his decision to leave Europe and move to America was a logical continuation of the journey for which he has already firmly decided.

But why did he go to America and what attracted him right there?

After the fall of Atlantis it was realized it would be much easier to set up a new land, a free land, which was called the New Atlantis – America then had to rebuild the old House of Europe. Of course there had to be a change ultimately in the balance of the masculine/feminine. America – The Land of Hope – would become a beacon. It would attract people ultimately from all around the world. The only way this country could have worked out was to have people from all the lands of Europe and from Africa and from Asia and eventually South America. And it would be indigenous, and it would be the ones who had been on Earth for a long time as well as new ones.  It is called the melting pot, but it had to have that balance, had to have the balance of feminine energy there.

And it had to be tolerant, even of religious organizations. It had to be tolerant of the church in spite of the fact that they’re the ones who were causing so many problems in Europe with masculine imbalance.

This land was infused with the feminine and the masculine energy in a very healthy balance of both. It was set up on the principles of liberty, freedom for each and every person. One can argue that it took hundreds of years to get there, to get the vote for women. It didn’t matter, because the goddess, the feminine, was the underlying influence in this country.

So people came here and it was set up with a large quantity of freedom. And at the time of the founding of the country, yes, they did want freedom. This country was designed as a beacon to radiate out to all the other lands, all throughout Europe, throughout Africa, Asia, all throughout the world what this freedom could be.

It was known early on that this country would have an abundance of resources, money, what is called power – but it’s really just the ability to attract energy to serve people – and it was known that this country would be strong in terms of going through some of the darkest, darkest times on Earth with some of the world wars and throughout significant other events, that this country would remain strong. It would remain the light for some of the darkest areas of humanity.

This country, in its essence, knew that someday it would release that role. There wouldn’t need to be one strong power on this planet. There wouldn’t need to be one place where there was a huge abundance of power, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Obviously the universal law LIKE SEEKS LIKE interwoven with the law of resonance, which Tesla later mastered to perfection, brought him to America to express his guiding creative desires.


Let me start here with citing the Higher Wisdom:

“Sadly, many of Tesla’s best ideas never went beyond the experimental stage. A world occupied with its mundane concerns could not appreciate the treasures of Tesla’s transcendental thinking while he was alive, and did not adequately support his work financially. Indeed, late in life, Tesla had hardly any funds to finance his scientific investigations. Yet he kept pursuing new understandings, even though the majority of his insights would not be applied.

Few are able to reproduce his thinking and understanding of scientific principles and those who come close practice greed and self-proclamation of inventor status just as took place in his lifetime.

This is worth musing on. In the long run, it is not the inventions and the breakthroughs which should be considered the greatest contributions Tesla made to mankind, as spectacular and as important as they were. FAR MORE IMPORTANT WAS THE STYLE HE SET FOR SCIENTIFIC THINKING AND DISCOVERY. TESLA WAS TRULY AN EXAMPLE OF ENLIGHTENED GENIUS, AND SET A LEVEL OF BRILLIANCE THAT SHOULD BE THE MODEL TO WHICH ALL SCIENTISTS, GENIUSES, AND INTELLIGENT PEOPLE STRIVE.




Mankind always takes unto himself these thoughts and projections and changes them somehow to suit self. In Tesla’s case, it does not work so efficiently as in some other world, for if we do not utilize Tesla’s concepts quite purely, we will not be producing a functioning machine. We must know, however, that his ideas have been stolen from inception through this day”.

Now I’m going to share here some original Tesla concepts which are recordings of his thoughts and I believe that they could be very helpful to all those who are willing to create with Tesla’s light. None of these concepts and principles have ever been known, to my knowledge, nor published in this form so that they represent original contributions to science, including their contribution to the higher knowledge of cause.

Principles of Magnetism

Magnetism is a drawing-in force, but it is also a field. There are no particles of magnetism, as there are particles of so-called electricity. If electricity had been described better, anyone would have understood magnetism better. But that is now by the board.

Magnetism and gravity are related, but only to the degree that one either enhances the other, or obstructs the other. To obstruct gravity is to nullify it. To obstruct magnetism is to move it either in another direction or to partially absorb it. Like water, magnetism cannot be completely absorbed. There is always a bit of magnetism left in every reaction.

Some people say that magnetism can be described as thrust. This is not quite right. Magnetism is more of a wavy nature than a thrusted nature. In other words, if you throw a hard ball, as long as the strings do not unravel, the hard ball continues as a hard ball until it reaches its destination. However, with magnetism, you cannot thrust a piece of magnetism. You can have it as spiralling magnetism, or as a wave magnetism. You could almost consider a wall of magnetism, but that is not quite correct either.

Magnetism is neither hot nor cold. It just IS. How is it created? By a drawing-in force.

What is a drawing-in force?

Sometimes a spiral, if the spiral is moving clockwise. However, once the spiral reaches its node, or its peak, or its cessation point, it begins to spiral outward, and it appears to be spiralling in another direction. However, it did not actually change direction, it merely changed from moving inward to moving outward.

The Principle of the Expanding Magnetic Coil

If you will imagine a corkscrew shape, you are imagining an expanding magnetic coil. Another way to explain it is to call it an expanding magnetic cone.

If you turned that upside down you haven’t a decreasing magnetic coil because you cannot squash or intensify magnetism, as you can light and electrons. Why not? Magnetism is more like a field than particles. But, a field of magnetism follows an expanding magnetic coil. That is a law of Nature. It cannot be altered or changed. Any structure, no matter how large or small, that has within it an expanding magnetic coil, has an upward flow of magnetic energy.


Let us come from the consciousness of a proton to the consciousness of a wire.

A proton can jump to a human hair. Two protons can jump to the human hair. Three protons can jump to the human hair. They will begin to spiral around the human hair. This is how an electric current works. Protons spiral around a conducting wire.

Concept of Envelopment

Envelopment means wrapping around, as a babe is wrapped in swaddling clothes. Envelopment also means a moving mass or a moving wall that surrounds something, like a tornado swirling around a building. What would occur if the tornado had touched down at 90 degrees, and completely surrounded the building with its moving mass or moving energy?

As the tornado touches the ground, it would strike the barrier of earth. The house would also be a barrier, but the tornado could envelop the house. A vacuum would be formed and the house would be lifted completely off the ground and carried within the funnel, until either the vacuum was broken, or the weight of the house was greater than the power of the spinning vortex.

Now how can we take that analogy and place it in front of a concept of an energy that is spiralling somewhat, but not really as strong as a tornado?

Here is how the conceptualization goes.

I would like you to view a pile of protons like a wood pile, just sitting lazily on top of each other. The tornado lands on them. The protons love to spiral, one behind the other. But, protons can be caused to move in clumps as well. Now imagine a hill and a valley below the hill and a bridge across the valley, and now imagine protons moving across the bridge, to the other side.

That is a concept of bridging. Bridging is an electrical concept also. It allows one type of electrical current to go to another type of electrical current. A few things are added, but that is not of importance for now.

Now the protons have crossed the bridge safely, and what is waiting for them there?

I could give them a run way, if I wished.

Fractionalization of Wave and Thrust Magnetics – Science is Spiritual

The ground work for this process has never been done. The scientific community is unaware that Spirit controls matter and that the human Mind is a super powerful entity. Therefore they usually look at the result, instead of the cause.

Picture a field of yellow flowers such as soybeans that farmers grow, waving in the wind. Consider that to be magnetic waves. Now picture hail falling down upon that crop of soybeans — that is magnetic thrust caused by gravity. So magnetism would have not had any power whatsoever if it had not been for the pull of the magnetic earth. So there you are, with a field of flowing magnetism, and some thrusted magnetic magnetism bashing against it.

It is your desire to scramble all of those things up – both the field of soybeans and the thrusted magnetism (expressed as hail)….

Well, if you looked closely, you’d see that there’s an area of NOTHINGNESS! A Void. Something like a vacuum.

Yes Yes Yes, you do! Remember that within the vacuum is potential!


Alternating Magnetism

Most researchers are aware that there is an abundance of electrons within a pyramid. They may not fully grasp about magnification. I would suggest that you place the pyramid in the dark, point one face in the direction of north, and see whether there is any glow in the pyramid. If that occurs, then you may have created the wave nature of protons, that is, photons. If you observe a faint glow, then you know for sure that you have created photons.

Are they what you want in a battery? No, not likely. What you want is an imbalanced magnetic energy in two phases and to get it moving and working in phases, or as alternating magnetism, at which point the protons will drop in willingly by themselves.

Let us look it this way. There are plants growing in a garden, and some have broad leaves, and some have pointed leaves, and some are like a cabbage, where the leaves wrap or surround the core. If you could imagine all of those as being magnetic waves or magnetic fields, you would get a slight concept of how magnetic magnetism, or flowing magnetism works. It has no distinct pattern. It can wrap around a cabbage, it can flow like a wheat field, it can rise like a bubble, it can descend like smoke from a chimney stack.

Flowing magnetism is very graceful, and it allows much foreign matter into itself. When it allows some protons to enter its environment, there is another reaction. The protons themselves could be violent in that they wish to dissipate, and the magnetic energy could draw them apart very quickly, so that each electron would be pulled away from the proton unit, and you would have a magnetic field filled with electrons, and the protons would be gone. You do not want that. You want protons to stay protons until they get to your battery.

Nil Gravity

It is an excellent concept, although there are a few modifications. In the instance of the winding or the spiralling magnetism, be aware that such magnetism can also drop instantly.

It can drop instantly to a lower level, or it can bounce to a higher level. What controls it is a field of gravity.

In this case, with this particular instument, gravity is an advantage and one that you can put to use.

There is no such thing as upside-down gravity, even though the instrument may be inverted. Therefore both concepts are the same, whether the instrument be upright or inverted.

Be aware that the nature of thought and the nature of gravity are interchangeable.

Gravity discloses the weight of an object. Thought assembles the weight and the design.

In other words, if you invert the instrument, you may use the gravity in an inverted manner because of the instrument.

At least you can think that you are using gravity in an upside manner. But gravity only flows in one direction and that is toward the center.

It is generally accepted that when two objects are attracted to each other it is assumed that is magnetism.

The truth is: when two objects are attracted to each other, they are attracted by the flow of gravity.

In so far as one power is stronger than the other, gravity is unidirectional. In so far as the opposite power is greater, gravity is unidirectional in that direction. When they are in balance there is nil gravity!

The wind flowing up a gorge is a spiraling energy. Gravity does not necessarily need to be spiralling energy. It can be direct energy, like what you can call direct magnetism.

If you are able to remove gravity, and make it into nil gravity, then you may also be able to make it directional into the opposite direction. And therein comes the pause that will give you the AC…

Now you want to know what to do in the centre so that protons will somehow slip down to the wire in the tube at the bottom.

First it is necessary to imagine a thunderbolt in the sky because a thunderbolt jump-starts all activity. What can be used for a thunderbolt if there is no electrical outlet — no possibility to turn on a switch?

You can turn on the a switch that will give you an ultimate, sudden action – and that is the will power in your head, a mind activated switch.

If you concentrate on the crystal, you can increase the rate of vibration of unit cells within the crystal and cause them to vibrate. Imagine them emitting a sudden stream of protons. What is electricity?

Electricity is a sudden stream of protons spiraling around a woolen thread.


Nothing is a momentary phase between something and something else.

The law: When two forces strike each other, whether they are opposing forces or forces that attract each other, they interrupt the natural flow of gravity! The most natural flow of gravity is that which spirals toward (the canter of) earth.


Love is expressed by action, meaning balanced fulfilment of its own law of equal giving and regiving. That is the principle upon which this purposeful universe is founded. Every action and its reaction in Nature must be in balance with each other in order to carry out the purposeful intent of the Creator. That which purposefully fulfills that law is GOOD. It will endure and be eternally repeated with more of that which man calls GOOD. Every action of Man, likewise, which is founded upon love is a fulfilment of this law, and is GOOD – and will be eternally repeated.

Grief, suffering, loneliness and kindred emotions are as purposeful in the Divine Drama of Life as joyfulness, happiness and like emotions are purposeful. And being purposeful, they are good. So, there is GOOD in everything!

The greatest achievement of life is to learn how to take all things alike, which means to be strong in the knowledge that all things are good, and every effect is divided into its opposite effect, and EACH of the pair is EQUAL to the other, each equally GOOD.

All things on earths and heavens of this divided universe of God’s recorded thoughts are GOOD because God’s thoughts are GOOD. We may be perfectly willing to believe this statement as abstract truth but BELIEF in it without KNOWING will not make us strong. We must KNOW, for knowledge alone will make us strong.

Knowledge of Universal Law will give us courage to transform the greatest defeat which ever threatened us into our greatest achievement. That is a philosophy by means of which Tesla met the challenge of the boundary layer effect in aerodynamics. He perceived that boundary layer drag could be used to do something useful and he genially turned it into marvellous pumps and turbines, the principles of which are still not sufficiently understood and appropriately applied.

There is a so called Spiritual Resonance that is an energy which, when synchronized with, will amplify and create another unique energy that vibrates in synchronization with the original energy, but which has its own uniqueness. The good in Tesla came in resonance with the good in the boundary layer drag challenge and created the unique energies of Tesla’s pumps and turbines.

Our civilization is facing currently the greatest challenge of all time called nuclear waste management. In order to demonstrate the importance of our decision in this regard let me cite here from Higher Wisdom: “By the very fact of their continued existence, all civilizations technologically advanced significantly past their Nuclear-Decision Thresholds (in which you NOW are) are free from the diseases of dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality. Therefore you cannot enter into that civilization WITH these characteristics – and thus it is necessary to LEARN and KNOW BEYOND those traits which are destructive to the ongoing consciousness of “human” (Higher Universal MAN). A major dividing line in progressive soul expression comes at the Nuclear-Decision Threshold. A species in a given civilization will make it or break it, figuratively speaking, at that point. You are now very primitive in your evolvement – but technologically (in a physical way) to play with that which is NON-PHYSICAL AND NON-CONTROLLABLE FROM A PHYSICAL STANDPOINT, is to destroy the very manifestation of mankind as expressed in your experience.”

I invite Tesla spirit to inspire and guide us in how to apply his standard of creative thinking in order to help us to find good in this challenge and continue our civilization’s progress toward desired advanced status.


This entire universe of motion is entirely electrical. Every effect of any nature, whatsoever, is basically electric. Whatever happens in any way stems from the electric current. To know just one wave unit of the electric current is to know all there is of the construction of matter, or the cause of any effect of motion, whatsoever.

The secret of Creation lies in the octave wave, therefore, know the wave. Also, it is very good if we all first become electricians for all other “careers” are secondary to that of understanding electricity. The same thing is advisable to the humanist, poet or missionary. First be an electrician! Know the electric current if you wish to control people, matter, or YOUR DESTINY. Now, Nikola Tesla knew this simple fact very well indeed, and used the knowledge in practical applications.

The chemist and musician make use of the same octave tonal scale, and the clergyman who knows its rhythms is vastly more fitted to balance human problems. I say to all menkind in all professions, and all walks of life, from the statesman to he or she who wields a shovel: If we would know our universe of motion, our relations to it and our control over it, FIRST THOROUGHLY KNOW JUST ONE CYCLE OF AN ELECTRIC CURRENT AND THE STILL FULCRUM FROM WHICH IT HAS ITS BEING.

Let me imagine one wave cycle of electric current in order to clarify what is meant by ”THOROUGHLY KNOW JUST ONE CYCLE OF AN ELECTRIC CURRENT AND THE STILL FULCRUM FROM WHICH IT HAS ITS BEING”, which Tesla mastered to perfection so that he could beam electricity around the globe wirelessly!

I imagine now within the darkness of the universal vacuum in the vertical plane in regard to my eyes a set of four circular concentric rings of invisible White Light, one within the other, with a common center of invisible White Light which I locate in my Mind to concentrate my thoughts and my thought-power in order to express my Mind desire to create a one cycle of electric current. 

image05  image08

                        Fig. 1                                                     Fig. 2

Now I divide in my thoughts this one set of four invisible White Light rings into two sets of four rings of visible light (Fig. 2) and in my thoughts I extend each of the two new born sets of four visible rings, in the same plane symmetrically to the common invisible center of the initial set of invisible rings, along the straight invisible segments of equal length on both sides –up and down – the smallest bright ring in each set occupying a dark circle in the middle with the very, very small common centering point of invisible still White Light at its very center so that I can clearly “see” with my inner vision the small common centering point of invisible still White Light in the middle of the dark circle that is surrounded by the first – the smallest bright ring of visible light, that is from outside surrounded by a dark circular ring of invisible Light, that is from outside surrounded by the second bright ring of visible light, that is from outside surrounded by a circular dark ring of invisible Light, that is from outside surrounded by the third bright ring of visible light, that is from outside surrounded by a dark circular ring of invisible Light,  and that is from outside surrounded by the fourth ring of visible light. I extend in my thoughts each of the new sets so far from each other and tilt them such that I can clearly see them in perspective – gaining the illusion of the depth of the picture. In my thoughts I identify it as a SHAFT, the connecting invisible segment between two centering points of still invisible Magnetic Light of each set of rings, consisting of many such points of invisible White Light. In other words, instead of one common center I created two such centers by extending the one invisible center into two invisible centers. By so doing I created a big black cold hole in the bitterly cold darkness of the universal vacuum. In order to create a body of solid matter in this cold hole I must heat the hole to incandescence, and then freeze the incandescence by surrounding it with the universal basic cold, to imprison it until it has fulfilled its purpose. Now I use the basic cold to compress series of four pairs of rings into spheres by squeezing the cold black hole out and letting the four pairs of compressed rings-spheres of light in.

So, I imagine now how immediately after the extension is completed all rings of each set together start simultaneously spinning – upper set of rings from left to right, clockwise, and lower set of rings from right to left, anti-clockwise, around the common centering points of still invisible Light so that all rings start moving toward their mates from the opposite set with ever increasing speed of spinning and with ever decreasing radius, each set of rings keeping its spinning in the plane normal to the still shaft connecting their still centering points and how simultaneously with beginning of spinning all rings of the upper set becoming red colored and all rings from the lower set becoming blue colored . I imagine further all rings of each set spinning together with ever increasing speed of spinning and how the sets of rings are approaching each other with increasing speed and how the colors of each set of rings are changing with their approaching to the mutual point of collision. I imagine how with progression of their nearing their equal mates in the opposite set, the shaft itself, consisting of the identifiable still centering points around which the sets of rings are spinning, follows the half-wave-forming paths on both sides. I imagine now how on both sides, at three focal points, three visible rings are formed, each spinning around still points

image10 image09

                           Fig. 3                                                                Fig. 4

image01 image00

                            Fig. 5                                                          Fig. 6

of the still invisible light at shaft, in its normal planes to the shaft; the first and the biggest ring at the half distance from the starting position to the point of collision, the second much smaller ring at the half distance from the position of the first ring to the point of collision and the third much, much smaller ring at the half distance from the position of the second ring to the point of collision. As the two-way spirals of forming matter extend from the wave field center in opposite directions toward wave field intersections, three points of still light on both sides are focused upon the still shaft of each half cycle. Centers are formed at these focal points which become the one, two, three positive and negative elements of matter by rotating gyroscopically upon the wheels of light which act as equators for those borning tones.

I imagine now how the two fastest, the frontal sets of rings collide with each other at the amplitude of their half-wave-forming paths and how at that very moment a disc-forming 3D shapes is created with the center at the amplitude of the wave-forming path (Fig. 3), whose upper and lower parts are rotating with ever increasing speed, each thus becoming upper and lower hemisphere of the very gradually prolating ideal hot incandescent sphere – rotating around its polar shaft – thus formed at the amplitude of the identifiable wave-forming path of the still centering points of all rings (Fig. 4). I imagine now how the sphere is gradually prolating until an ideal incandescent sphere is formed at the wave amplitude position (Fig. 5 and Fig. 6). This constitutes the entire generative, or polarizing principle of my creation of the one cycle of electric current, for the only things created are heat and motion.

The heat and the motion that’s been given to the sphere must be regiven back to the cold and to the stillness from which I extended them using the power of my thoughts. The degenerative way of doing this is just the reverse of the generative method (Fig. 7, Fig. 8, Fig. 9 and Fig. 10). So, I gradually let the cold, black hole return within the hot sphere by projecting rings, in series of four, from the equator of the sphere until they entirely disappear into their basic, changeless cold. My cycle of electric current thus begins to appear as rings of visible light around black holes, and finally disappears as rings of visible light around black holes.

I imagine now how at the very moment of maximum heat and maximum motion the still centering points of all rings fusion altogether in one centering point of the ideal incandescent hot sphere, and how with that fusion all spectrum colors from both sides disappear into the White colorless still Magnetic Light, and how at that very moment the sphere stops rotating for a moment. I imagine now how all processes from now on go in reverse: the incandescent sphere starts rotating in the opposite direction starting from zero speed of rotation and increasing its speed of rotation gradually. I imagine further how the oblating sphere with ever increasing speed of rotation is flattening at poles thus gradually being reformed into four equatorial ever expanding rings with ever increasing

image03 image02

                         Fig. 7                                                           Fig. 8

image06 image04

                           Fig. 9                                                        Fig. 10

speed of rotation until they completely disappear back into the stillness of the universal vacuum from which they sprang, with their centering points following the same wave-forming paths in reverse: from the amplitude point to the zero point at wave shaft (Fig. 11).


                                                        Fig. 11

So, I gradually let the cold, black hole return within the hot sphere by projecting rings, in series of four, from the equator of the sphere until they entirely disappear into their basic, changeless cold. My cycle of electric current thus begins to appear as rings of visible light around black holes, and finally disappears as rings of visible light around black holes.

The one cycle of electric current is thus completed: from the zero point in the universal mind to the zero point in the universal mind and back to the zero point in the universal mind.  

That is how my MIND-ENERGY works, as expressed by my thinking. My thoughts divide these four rings of White Light into four pairs of visible rings and thought-waves and project them toward each other for the purpose of uniting the FOUR PAIRS INTO ONE. These four pairs collide and become two hemispheres of compressed light spectrum centered by White invisible Light. Together they make one perfect sphere. That is the way that all matter is created.

These four invisible White Light rings represent the beginning of my spectrum thinking. They are the basis of the octaves. They are my imaginings. In them is the pattern of my imagined IDEA. They are IDEA IN CONCEPT – UNCREATED IDEA in concept.

I am not telling this as a principle of physics for it is not even known in physics. I am telling it as a universal principle whether in morals, character-forming or invention, or whether in the painting of a picture or trading furs for food. Every transaction in Nature or in the social, marital or business life of people must follow this octave principle of DIVISION of an idea into its two parts and then uniting of those parts by four progressive steps toward the mature idea. THE RESULT OF THAT UNITING is what counts for success or failure, happiness or misery, peace or war. If the divided pairs are equal mates the result is balanced.

I remember that there is perfect symmetry in the divisions of the pairs which interchange with each other to consummate oneness in themselves – such as sodium chloride – and then unite with each other as a whole to consummate unity of the whole idea. 

If I will now think of the universe as one undivided Idea and of all the parts of the universe as many IDEAS which are divisions of the whole ONE IDEA, I can better comprehend that the divided ideas are expressed in octaves because the wave which divides them is expressed in spectrum-divided octaves. Octaves grow. They become waves. Waves come and they go. In “electric” terms, they are called frequencies or cycles. In terms of growth, these cycles are called life and death cycles. They come and go. Everything in nature comes and goes in order that it may come again.

That is the way IDEA is given bodies to simulate IDEA OF MIND which has no body.

Creation might well be likened to the tapestry weaver who KNOWS the one idea as a whole, then THINKS IT INTO PARTS, then RECORDS those parts by interweaving their spectrum colors into the many forms which, together, manifest the idea as a whole.


Tesla is not much of a businessman, but a hell of an inventor – a genius in his own right.

Tesla understood magnetics and anti-magnetics. Something that hasn’t been truly looked at in appropriate ways as an energy source, as an inter-dimensional type of vehicle and particularly in the anti-magnetics having to do with how Tesla was able to create a type of a time warp space in physical reality when he was on Earth in his last lifetime.

Tesla did much work in the crystalline realms and he has quite a laboratory research center in the other realms. He has set up a very elaborate energy center in the other realms. He was looking for somebody who was willing to help bring in that energy, help move that energy into Earth right now. It didn’t have to come in as a brick-and-mortars type of building right now. He was actually asking those to come in to plant the seeds, move the energy, make that energy available for researchers and inventors, and then he’s going to come back and be birthed again to continue moving that work forward. And he found the volunteers.

In terms of remembering everything that is seen in the laboratory, that is a tricky one because there is a level of disorientation that takes place. When I’m in the other realms and then I come back to the Earth and I try to remember, remembering what I see in his laboratories becomes a mental or thought exercise. I habitually go to the brain to try to recall. The brain was not going to go with me to Tesla’s center. My essence was going to go there. So my brain won’t remember a damn thing. It wasn’t there!

So, the challenge is going back into my essence, getting my brain out of the way, which has been one of my problems – getting the brain out of the way and going into my essence level. Now I say “Where is that?” Well that’s the brain talking. The brain wants to know “Where is it? What does it look like? How big is it? And what does it cost?” I go into the essence level, the knowingness level. It is almost a type of dream state or imagination state, like Tesla. It operates at the same type of level as my gnost. I go back in there. That will allow me to bring that information or essence into this 3D realm and then, after it is grounded here, then it starts transforming itself into an energy that eventually will be understood by the mind. That’s where we have the breakthroughs, the “ahas,” the being able to put the pieces together to manifest them and to implement them.

Now, part of my work might be the remembrance of some of these things. Part of it might just be staying in the proximity and the general area of people who are going to be doing research and development work. Perhaps they’re not even metaphysical. Perhaps they are scientists. But my proximity to them is going to help them break through into some of the new developments.


There are many levels of the Creator plane. There is the level of Conceptual Thought, there is the level of movement of Conceptual Thought, there is the level of an enlargement expansion of the Conceptual Thought, and then there is that tornado-like effect where Conceptual Thought gets spiraled down into Thought Matter.

Thought Matter is heavy, compared to Conceptual Thought. Thought Matter is like a seed that has never been sprouted, and the seed is never sprouted twice. To sprout the seed of Conceptual Thought means to electrify it. Therefore once one receives Conceptual Thought it is necessary to electrify it with one as own super-consciousness.

Super-consciousness is also super-awareness, and super-lovingness. Super-consciousness spreads out like little strings half an inch long, that are curly, and they intertwine with another piece of super-consciousness string, and they can be braided together.

One piece of Conceptual Thought can be very tiny, but it can be assembled with other pieces of Conceptual Thought, like a little girl’s curly hair that lies on the floor after it has been cut. That is loose Conceptual Thought. Who will pick up the pieces and intertwine them into a piece of Thought Matter?

That is the work of genius. The genius must enter into the picture sublimely and with great innocence, like a child of six who asks, “Why?” “Why?” and “Why”?

And so a more recent Conceptual Thought that has been sent out by the Creator has been one of New Energy, like a curl within a curl. The genius looks at it, and the genius attempts to assemble little strings of super-consciousness thought, and the myriad of piano keys that it plays on the piano of the Creator.

Old Energy, old consciousness, were two separate elements: consciousness and energy.  Energy was created by consciousness, by our desire to come back Home, when we left the Home in order to create reality, to manifest so that consciousness could experience itself. They were two separate components – consciousness and energy.

The New Energy is very different, because it’s not consciousness and it’s not a separate element of energy. The New Energy is literally the integration of consciousness and energy together in the same packet. In the same packet.

So, consciousness doesn’t need to call in energy to support it. It already has it built in. It’s already there. That’s why it’s new. It’s never been there before, but it also operates in a very new way. Total new operating system.

What a divine time!


Tesla worked on many experiments while he was in Colorado Springs. He understood how to create certain wave fields, certain light fields, that went far beyond, beyond even what current technology knows. He was able to work with the energy of light itself, the light particles and the light waves. He was able to work with the magnetics and electromagnetics, and he discovered things about these, about WORKING WITH MAGNETICS AS AN ENERGY AND FUEL SOURCE, that has never been duplicated again.

Tesla actually was able to create a type of not a machine, but it was a field or an energy force, where he could literally play with the limitations of time and space. He did literal time warping, space warping, in his experiments. He was able to also use them as a type of inter-dimensional doorway.

Of course, he was so far ahead of his time and he knew the implications of his work, particularly as the world was gearing up for major wars, though he basically suppressed much of the information and the material. He allowed himself to go a bit crazy. He allowed himself to be seen as a mad scientist, and therefore not taken so seriously, although he knew within what he had been able to accomplish with some of the work that he did.

When he first left the physical body in the midst of World War II, he actually went off to the crystalline realms. He went off to further explore his creations and discoveries. His energy has come back into the Earth realms in a very direct and very present way in these last few years. He is working right now with scientists – a few scientists, one group in particular, but others as individuals – on some of the very developments that he was able to create in his lifetime – some of the very things that are going to have an effect on energy and on fuel for this Earth. I don’t want to say that he has the secret, but he was able to go beyond the barriers at the time into a very deep understanding of how energy truly works.

Energy doesn’t work – how to say – just on the level that scientists and physicists and the others know right now. Energy moves in and out of this dimension, moves in and out of perceived reality. Energy, in itself, is a constant stream or constant flow that is always available but seldom used. Energy is a series of potentials that are created in the highest realms and then brought to Earth as tools – tools by those who are aware of how to bring them in and how to use them.

We are entering into a New Energy era, so Tesla comes back now to work with developers, scientists and metaphysicians. He comes in to help plant some of the seeds and inspire some of the minds here right now to go beyond, to go outside of the box. Not just looking for answers to the fuel crisis that we face right now in things like oil, in things like wind or even solar. There are things that are so much more efficient and so more eloquent than what is being worked on right now, because those who do much of the research tend to close themselves down, tend to limit themselves. And, if nothing else, some of the demands from their funding sources, from their companies, limit them in terms of their budget work and the scope of their work.

Tesla came back into the physical form some time after the Quantum Leap – September 18th, 2007 – and in a sense he has a request for all of us all around the world right now, a request to understand the nature of the work that he and we are doing. We provide a consciousness platform. We provide a consciousness energy and flow.

Tesla’s energy is very, very present back here on Earth right now, helping to work with the scientists, the physicists, the doctors of medicine and even the doctors of psychology right now, to help some develop and bring to Earth some of the most important and revolutionary energies that Earth has seen in a long time.

Some of us have had the experience. We have let ourselves open and wander and go out to the other realms, but, as we start to refocus our whole consciousness here on Earth, we lose it. We forget it. The mind takes over, cannot comprehend what has been brought back from the other realms, so we lose it. Well that causes even more frustration and aggravation, because we know it at some level – the knowingness level – we know that that energy is there. We know that the answer is there, but yet we can’t figure out how to get it back in. That is exactly the key – how to get it back in.

It’s that simple, very, very simple. The physics of New Energy is absolutely simple and authentic. Old Energy is not authentic. We can bring it in just that easy. No stress, no expectations. It’s just there. Then it starts integrating with us, it starts integrating with everything that happens within us, easily and simply. Again, we let go of the expectations of what we think it’s going to do. Rather, we observe and be a part of what it is doing.

Think of Tesla, for instance. We have just gone through a series of words to define our thoughts. Now, perhaps we were thinking “Tesla – magic, creativity, invention, energy, Edison.” But as we were thinking, our brain was attaching a word to it. We are very trained to attach words to thoughts. That is how we communicate or have communicated with ourselves in the past. This could be interesting for us to play with, watching how we put thoughts into words.


Tesla reached a very high degree of success in understanding how energy works at its “seminal” level, but quite frankly society wasn’t ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy.

But, we are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy.


That is our common challenge, including tuning into Tesla’s genius.


Dr. Ilija Lakicevic                                                        Belgrade, October 2012


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