The First Outbreath

Human Self: Good evening my Divine Self. Thanks for coming on time. I came a moment ago and ordered two empty cups. I’d like to drink red vine.

Divine Self: Good evening My Human Self. Thanks for the invitation to dinner. What a joy to fill the cups with the best wine. 

HS: Don’t mention it. Nice opportunity to chat about our journey. That’s a kind of monodrama. Let’s start from before beginning. I’ll give you a thought.

DS: The Idea – One Idea, The Wholeness, The Oneness, The Unity, The Stillness, Infinity, The Eternity, The Immortality, The Life,  The Balance, The Beauty, The Rhythm, The Knowledge, The Truth, The Law, The Identity, The Consciousness,  The Love, The Light – The Heaven.

In The Light is The Seed of Creation, and The Light is Father of The Seed. In The Light is Being, and in The Seed is Desire for Being. And Desire for Being in The Seed is Soul in The Seed. The Father in Heaven knows His Idea. He knows it as ONE, the undivided ONE. In the Father Light is The Seed of All-Knowing




But, Who AM I? Why AM I? Where AM I?

HS: Good questions! Big questions! But, WHY the questions? What about “All-Knowing”? What about “The Knowledge”? I imagine now a beautiful girl in total darkness, total stillness, no MIRROR there to see her own beauty – her energy balance, nobody there to show her it, to tell her about it, NO way to SHARE the beauty. Nothing, except DESIRE TO SHARE – DESIRE FOR CREATION!  NOTHING except EVERYTHING!

DS: Nice reasoning and good reasoning. The Knowledge is The Idea unexpressed. The One Idea is CREATION! Oh yes, that is my core desire, my core passion. There is a big difference between “giving it away” and “sharing” it. You see, so often you will just give that energy balance away. You can share it, but you can still own it. You can share the entirety of who you are with every other being, but you don’t have to give yourself away, you see. A subtle difference but it makes a huge difference in the personal energy balancing.

My ONE desire to create is expressed through my  two-fold desire: to unfold and refold my Seed of All-Knowing into imaged forms of my imagining, by dividing wholeness into parts, stillness into motion, unchanging into changing, unconditioned into conditioned, void into form, infinity into measure, eternity into time and immortality into mortality.

My core desire for creation is ONE with my core Soul desires – my core Soul passions: to know myself, to express myself, to come back to myself and evolve myself into a consciousness and a reality unknown to Self up until this point. That’s why the questions. By the way, you asked the questions.

HS: Me?

DS: Yes, you did. The ONE Idea contains in itself the idea of a man in action, also.

HS: Ah, soooooooo. So, you were, and now you are, and you are and you love, and you expand and you love to find joy in creation. Splendid.

DS: Indeed, I AM this dynamic energy that always was. I changed into “is” when I wanted to find out more of myself and to express myself through creation.

HS: What existed actually in the beginning? Word? What about me? Where am I then?

DS: No, not a word. It was a bad translation. Bad translation. And if you really go into what it means, the beginning is the breath. You know that. The beginning was the breath. It had to be. When I sent you forth, it had to be with the breath. It was actually the first breath that I ever had, actually. Up until I gave to you My full love, there was no breath. That’s why It Was That It Was. That’s why there wasn’t expression. And I had to express, had to open up and experience.

HS: So you took a breath and therefore, I AM.

DS: Indeed, in the beginning is the breath. In the beginning the breath created the word.

HS: So we have the breath and the word. What’s the word?

DS: Well, the word is expression. The word is expression setting forth. And you know about the breath and we talked about it enough, and you are keeping yourself breathing. Breath proves that you’re alive, proves that you want to live. The breath gets energy going. The voice – not just intensity of the physical voice, but the energy of your voice – is the expression of your spirit. And when you open your voice, your spirit can hear you. You’re finally going to hear yourself. You’ve been walking around in a fog. You don’t even hear yourself.

HS: So, I came from All That Was – which does not exist anymore because it’s changed. I came from All That Was. I went outside of All That Was and I developed my own unique identity, my soul expression. When I left the Wall of Fire, when I left heaven, All That Is, when I left to become a pure sovereign being, as I went through the Wall of Fire, I imagined and experienced all of the potentials of everything that would ever happen to me outside of Home – outside of Home, outside of the First Circle. That’s why it felt so awful. I felt I was ripped into billions of pieces, because I was suddenly experiencing everything, every potential that was to ever be. Every variation, every iteration – the potential of whether I was going to say yes or no at any given moment, the potential of whether I was going to choose to take a breath or not – I experienced all of that when I went through the Wall of Fire.

DS: Well, maybe not all of it. You experienced all of it up until right now. What happens now, and what’s going to be such a factor for you, is suddenly you realize that you couldn’t have experienced all of the potentials for all that would be, because you would get to a point – let’s just say it’s the point of I Am and New Energy merging together – where there are potentials that could have never been imagined by you or by God, ever. These are the brand new potentials that were never there before. You had to destructure yourself to make room for some of these potentials that were never imagined, even in the heart of hearts of God.

Energy Secret

HS: Whew! We could stop right there, but we have all the time of this world. Time is an illusion.

DS: Take a deep breath and feel and imagine the potentials of your I Am – every potential that was written and every potential from this moment on – for you. Not in some far off place, but right here. Right here in this amazing creation called you. In this amazing creation of the human and the divine, the thing that ETs and aliens would love to have, but it’s yours; the thing that they’re drooling at the mouth about, if they had one, to have – to be human, to be divine, to be so very real, to have a mind, to really understand the existence of the I Am.

HS: (taking a deep conscious breath) I’m imagining every potential. I’m just feeling into it.

DS: Be aware that you are consciousness – awareness of Idea. You are not energy. In a very, very unique way your consciousness draws in energy – neutral energy in order to manifest with it.


HS: The question is where did that energy come from to begin with? How was it created? How did it come to be? Was it just sitting out there?

DS: Well, the question is where this energy came from in the first place. Good question. I wasn’t energy. I was – still am – absolute consciousness.

When you left Home, your own unique identity, your own consciousness – one of the first things you did was to separate, of course, from Home, from Source. So you basically separated yourself from Spirit. The original separation, the original seal. So you separated yourself from Spirit, pulled yourself apart.

Next you created what would be a masculine/feminine aspect of yourself and a light and a dark and an inward looking and an outward looking. You created separation of yourself in many different ways.

HS: How smart of me! It was brilliant, because separation, diversity, division allowed me to see myself, to know myself, all in answer to the question that I asked “Who am I? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?” All of these questions of the consciousness caused me to separate. I now had a yin and yang. I had the mother/father, light and dark. I had all these different dualities within myself.

DS: Indeed, and much more. The moment a separation occurred, and to this day a moment of separation do occur in a cosmic sense, it creates a desire to return, a desire to integrate back, a desire to become whole again. And that created energy.

This desire to, yes, to experience yourself as masculine/feminine, light and dark, spirit/human, the desire to experience duality, to come to know yourself is grand, but there is a bigger desire and a bigger passion, and it’s called “Come back together. Be one again. Infuse or meld back to who I am,” because you can’t stay separated forever.

HS: I feel it. I feel it. But, since All That Was is ONE, this separation must be an illusion of separation and it created such an intense energy where only consciousness had existed, it created the energy to bring me back Home. That’s how brilliant I am. Would I have separated myself and not given myself the tool to get back together? Would I have separated myself and said “Maybe I’ll be lost forever”? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Never.

DS: Certainly, for sure. So that is where energy came from. I basically did not know what energy was. I had no clue – never heard of energy – didn’t need energy. It was only when you left Home, created or owned your own separate identity, your sovereignty, and then went out to experience yourself through the dynamics of duality or separation, that it created energy. It created energy, and that’s what you’ve been working with ever since.


HS: So here I am as a consciousness being, drawing energy into my reality. Actually I do not draw it in – I attract it. There is a law of attraction based on my ability to create reality and to manifest that which comes from passion and desire.

DS: And the core passion is to come back to you sooner or later. You’ll never ever, ever lose that connection. You’ll never lose that. I know sometimes you worried – or worry.

HS: “What if I get lost?”

DS: You really can’t. You could go on for what appears to be the illusion of eternally being lost, but you can never truly lose your connection with yourself, with returning.

HS: So, I need it to express my energy, and that’s why I’m here. The soul passion is what’s causing my reality.  It could be stated in a lot of different ways, but the soul’s passion and desire is to know myself, to express myself, to bring myself together again and to move myself into levels never realized before. Such a grand adventure!

DS: Yes indeed, those are the issues that are creating reality in your life, and that’s what’s causing certain things to manifest.  If you step back and take a look at your soul passion and desire or what’s really creating your reality, it’s not the things that you think. It’s not those things. What’s creating it is these deep inner movements of energy, and in your case, the issue was you had to clear everything,  you  thought you had to clear everything out of your life, push everything away to get rid of the humanness of your life. You had gotten into that trap before in other times, other lifetimes, of acquiring too much – too much power, too much money, too many relationships – and you said “Never again.” So be it. So be it.

You kept your beauty, because it’s a reminder to you that you’re God also, but you were on the verge of losing it because even that, you felt, perhaps was the last thing standing in the way of really discovering these issues, the real passions of the soul.

HS: Surely I don’t need to do it like that. I don’t need to do it like that, and I have gone to extremes in how I evolve myself.  That was my choice. I have gone to extremes thinking that the humanness is not part of the divinity-ness ,  spirit-ness, but that is not true at all.

DS: And, when you bring it back together, bring back the masculine/feminine, the light and the dark, when you return to yourself because of this tremendous flow of energy, you also bring your humanness and your spirit together. That is a duality that you’ve been allowing yourself to experience, as much as light and dark, masculine/feminine. You don’t destroy your humanness to have your spirit-ness; you bring them together. They actually want to come together. There are parts of us that may not believe that, but they actually want to come together.


HS: I am actually a brilliant creator, pushing everything out of my life and then coming up to the front and saying, “What am I doing wrong?” Absolutely nothing. I’ve created a type of void for myself. I’ve gotten rid of the noise and the clutter and everything else so that I can have this time with myself, which perhaps is the scariest part of all – having to have time with myself; having to face myself, not because of anything bad that I’ve done, but having to come full circle and part of me realizing it. That game is over. The game is done. The chase is done.

DS: Yes, but there are the old ways – very old ways of trying to create reality and it doesn’t work very well, because it’s mental, because it doesn’t have desire, passion and joy; because it doesn’t bring yourself back together; because it doesn’t allow for true expression and expansion. Those are very, very Old Energy ways of doing things.

HS: So here I am trying to manifest, trying to bring things in here. Here I am on Earth as a human trying to bring energies into my reality to cause, to create and to manifest what I choose.

But, there are the hypnotic influences, massive hypnotic influences all over the world right now, and they’re affecting us. They’re still part of the reason why we accept certain realities. The interesting thing is in a moment, in a moment I can let go of that by making a simple choice. I can make the choice to not let these outside hypnotic influences manage and dictate and control my life.

DS: But wait. Before you make that choice, before you take that deep breath, what are you giving up? Almost everything. In a manner of speaking, a lot, because it’s been nice being in program mode – somebody else’s program, not yours. It’s been comfortable where you don’t have to take a lot of responsibility for your life. It just happens. What is the expression that humans use?

HS: Some of us might call that the Third Circle, sovereignty. Yes, yes with a twist, and the twist is New Energy. So there’s an interesting phenomena right now that happened. There is this element of New Energy that is actually here right now.

DS: Indeed, New Energy is here. It’s waiting. It’s real. It’s not just a concept. It has been a concept for eons of time. It was prophesized one way or the other, you called it the Second Coming. It’s been talked about. You’ve come in in other lifetimes thinking that it was almost here, anticipating, getting ready, talking about new era, new times.

New Energy is very different from the Old Energy. Old Energy was created out of the soul’s desire to one day return back to itself. New Energy is the result of returning back to Self. Old Energy was the result of this intense desire to return back to Self, to be whole again, to have a process of fusion take place within Self.


HS: When the process of fusion takes place – or when that process begins to take place – I no longer have the need for the masculine/feminine, for the light/dark. I no longer have a separate masculine/feminine, a separate light/dark, a separate human/spirit. I don’t bring back the God and the Goddess and then walk around with that duality. They disappear. They evaporate. The illusion absolutely goes away. We’ll stop talking about bringing back the Goddess energy – so ‘70s. We’ll stop talking about bringing light to the world – so social worker. We’ll stop talking about this going to meet our higher self, because there is not a higher self. There’s only me. Only us.

DS: Certainly you won’t need to have this dualistic discussion, philosophical debates, religions – oh, religions will cease to exist when you realize that there is no separation. There is no salvation. There is no redemption. There is only awareness.

So when these two come together and they no longer are two or four or ten, when there’s no longer the need for light and dark, masculine/feminine, good/bad, that creates New Energy. That creates New Energy.

It is different, obviously, than Old Energy. Old Energy was the result of desire to return back to you. It was the rocket fuel that you were going to use to come back to you. When that process even begins occurring at the most miniscule level, it creates New Energy.

HS: It is an absolute personal experience beyond words. Sacred experience. A loving experience. What I would call a sexual experience, and I’m not talking from our reproductive organs; I’m talking about a pure sexual experience that is truly from the heart. When masculine/feminine fall back in love with each other and allow themselves to not have to maintain their identity, their separate identity. That’s love.

So, an integral element of New Energy is in my life. It’s all around me right now, by the way. I’ve created it. So I say, “But how do I apply it? What do I do? What do I need to do next?”

DS: Well breathe, that’s a good one. Breathe. New Energy, your New Energy, is timeless and spaceless. Now, many of you have pondered and actually done quite a bit of scientific exploration as well as psychic research into time and space – time and space; fascinating discussion – but it’s wrong, because you’re looking at time and space rather linearly.

HS: So much of the human journey has been created out of this driving need for linearity. In other words, “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” What I do today is going to determine tomorrow – out the door. If I want to experience myself, I want to experience my deepest self that really never was separated, it’s in this moment.

I was waiting for what, for 2012? No, I was waiting until I finish that project, until I move to a different city, until a Master comes and talks to me, until I lose some weight, until this or that, and wait and wait and wait and wait. That will push off New Energy, because New Energy will wait also. The waiting game, or I also call it the destiny game – “I have to wait to see what’s going to happen to me. I have to wait until I get this done.” No more. No more.

DS: Prima. It’s right now. I don’t care how crazy you think you are, how many bad things that you’ve done, how many bad habits, how many failures.

Now is the moment – right now, beyond time and space, beyond any waiting, right now, right now – to absolutely have that connection with yourself, bring New Energy in, to go into the feelings and out of the mind. Don’t wait another moment. It’s right now. It’s here.

Easy, Simple, Efficient

HS: Hmmmm

DS: Imagine yourself communing with Spirit indirectly, such as listening to the heavenly rhythms of God’s heartbeat in a masterful symphony. While thus enraptured by the divine rhythms reaching your very Soul, can you possibly imagine yourself thinking evil, or thinking sinfully by planning to cheat, or lie, or steal?

HS: No – of course I cannot. The reason I cannot is because I am reflecting the love nature of the universe in my spiritual Self, and there is no sin in that love nature to reflect. That is why I should seek Spirit in meditation immediately if I indulge in angry or unkind thoughts. I must restore the balance of the universal love principle, else the toxins of unbalanced thinking will upset the balanced normalcy of my body rhythms, which all illnesses are.

DS: So, the one single thought or emotion could upset the chemistry and polarity of your body so completely that from being well you could become very ill. You need no further proof than that to convince you that your body is the wave record of your thinking.

HS: That’s clear, but how to prevent it?

DS: Don’t start studying books on biology. You don’t have to go to med school. This is about the energetics of your body, and it’s about the ability of reconnecting with that part of your body that always has and still does know how to rebalance itself. To re-grow limbs – it’s built right in and there is scientific proof of it. But more than anything, energetically it’s absolutely there. It’s been put away, been locked away, been considered one of the great mysteries. And it’s not. It’s not. It’s about giving permission and it’s about reconnecting with yourself. Your body heals itself.

HS: My body right now is waking up. It’s been in its own type of doldrum or its own type of consciously anesthetized stage where it doesn’t even know what to do. That is why it hasn’t been rejuvenating like how it really truly knows how to. It is awakening right now. It is waking up and realizing that it has its own rejuvenating energy. It knows how to be energy efficient.

DS: Your body – right now at this moment that I’m speaking to you – your body is actually calling out. It knows this New Energy biology – which is not physical, it’s a consciousness attribute – your New Energy biology, it’s almost like a parallel, almost like a counterpart now of your hard physical biology. It’s right there and your physical body knows it. It’s calling out to it. It wants to integrate with it. It wants to be together with it. It knows it can heal itself in a whole new way. So your body is calling out, “Hello. Anyone out there? Come in. I know you’re there, come in. Be with me now in this.” Here is, once again, where I hit the stumbling block. It’s there. New Energy, new consciousness, new inventions, new spirituality, new medicine – all of this is there, but how do you get it into the final stage, the final melding. How do you get it in?

HS: Now, if I’m doing it only so I’m going to be a few pounds lighter or look a little younger, I may want to reconsider. But if I’m doing it to repair or rejuvenate my biological system so I can spend more beautiful years on Earth enjoying what I forgot to enjoy previous to this – a previous thousand lifetimes to this – then my body’s going to say, “Yes! Yes!” And I’m going to take a deep breath and say, “I’m here to play. I’m here to enjoy. I’m here to have fun and to be abundant – abundant in every way, not just money, but abundant in every way.”

DS: This is the natural way. This other way – the suffering, the lack, the disease – that’s not natural. It’s not natural. It’s actually a distortion, it’s a lie, and it takes a lot more energy to live in that fashion than it does to live as a sovereign being.

I don’t want you to get all caught up right now in wondering, are you going to be able to see auras? That is child’s play. Are you going to do instant healing on others? Hell no. Let them have their suffering. That is true. There is more truth to that than you can possibly imagine. You know, it is such an egotistical thing. I’ve watched you. You try to do these instant healings on others. Shame on you. I truly mean that, because you’re doing for you. I’ve seen you. You’re doing it because you want to prove that you are some type of Jesus back on Earth.

We’re going to take a whole different approach. I’m going to challenge you on things. I’m going to throw out a lot of things. I see you are holding tightly to some concepts, but how could you possibly– you’re thinking to yourself – let go of some of the things? Well, you will, sooner or later. Kicking, and screaming, perhaps or in a total sense of allowing.

HS: This is the New Energy. It doesn’t work like the Old. Right now there’s a level of my intuitive feeling senses that are kicking in. I am feeling an energy that is different – very different to define. Part of me pushes it away. Part of me is intrigued by it. This is New Energy – just a tip of it, just a little bit of it – coming in right now. I’m going to start working with that. But, what about established methods and therapies?

DS: Oh, you get so caught up in the methods of the therapy. You say, “Well, somebody handed down this program, this healing modality,” and then you try to mentally stick with it point by point by point, and you test yourself on how well you can stick to the points. And you absolutely cut off your creativity.

So, the mind has no creative abilities whatsoever. Whatsoever. You like to think it does. You like to think your creative endeavors come from the brain, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t. You get so frustrated with your creativity, your ability to express your feelings, because you’re still coming from your head. And in this New Energy we’re going to go beyond that. I am so looking forward to doing it.

Health is a Natural State of Being

HS: A new life.

DS: A new life. Be careful what you ask for. I would amend that to say a new life in the same …

HS: Body.

DS: … physical reality, because I say it coming your way, and …

So, but my contention is, no, you don’t want clarity. No, you don’t really want anything.  Actually, you and I talk a lot and you have a list as long or longer than anybody else’s. And joyful expression … I don’t know. I don’t think so. Do you know why? Because if you really wanted these, you would have them. Right now.

You are doing mental masturbation, or what you would call, if you don’t mind me using a few slang words, bullshitting yourselves. You say you want a new life. No you don’t, otherwise you would have it, my dear. Otherwise, you would have it. You dream about it, a seductive dream. But if you really wanted it you would have it.

HS: Enlightenment?

DS:  I have a bit of sympathy for you with your enlightenment search, because you’re so vulnerable to the programming. The searching. How long have you been searching for enlightenment and how long has it been right in front of you? But you’re searching. So, no, you really don’t want it; you like to dream about it. You like to seduce yourself. You like to be seduced. You’re playing a game.

HS: So, in this cycle that I’m going through right now, it absolutely should so. So I love myself. There’s just a tremendous amount of energy, a tremendous amount of creativity coming through right now, so I’m getting inspirations on a variety of different levels, and I’m still getting the wants and needs from my human level all coming together in big mess. In a big chaos. But I know that it’s not really chaos. It’s only chaos when I’m looking at it like I’d look at a loom, a weaving loom from the underneath. It looks like chaos. But I look at it from the top side and it’s a beautiful tapestry.

DS: But these energies can cause mental imbalances. It’s one of the biggest issues on Earth right now – more mental imbalance per capita, per population, and more severity of mental imbalance than ever before on Earth. We’re going to be doing some work to really take a look at new ways to manage what you would call the psychological imbalance.

There’s so much stress on the mind right now, I’m talking about people who are neurotic or schizophrenic or psychotic or any of these other labels that have been put on them. However, I’m not talking about the ones who were born with mental limitations; it’s a different category. I’m talking the going crazy, you know, in the Now moment type of thing.

HS: So many of the mental retardation and mental limitations that happen at birth or in the early stages, in the early years, are actually more karmic oriented.

DS: But I wanted to talk about mental illness right now, because some of yourselves have self-diagnosed yourself or have been diagnosed with mental illness… not you, dear one.

And sometimes when you’re going through a big experience or a big transformation in your life, there’s a tendency to wonder if you’re just going crazy, veering into mental imbalance. It’s easy for the clinical community to label it as such, because they have no concept, no understanding of what’s taking place within you right now.

HS: On Earth right now there’s a tremendous number of people who are going through these imbalances. A lot of them are being put on medications, which is a very temporary solution, but as you know, many others know that long term these medications do more damage than no medication at all. They’re causing more depression. They’re causing more suicide, because they’re stopping a natural process.

DS: Reflect back for a moment on what you’ve gone through over these last ten, maybe twenty years of your life in your integration and your fusion back into yourself, what it was like to go through these most challenging, self-critical, depressing times – real depression – all because the divine was awakening within and it challenged the mind to great degrees. The mind is the keeper of control, trying to make order out of chaos, but it can’t. It’s maxed out, it’s stressed out, and here you have humans who are awakening, have no idea what’s going on, and now are being diagnosed with these mental problems.

HS: It is reaching epic proportions on Earth right now, and something has to give, sooner or later – either the release of the explosion of the energy or the integration of the energy. Like I have done. I have gotten through most of this, what is called a mental imbalance problem. But it’s not at all. It’s an integration issue. I’ve gone through that.

DS: Indeed, so at this point when I’m asking you to absolutely trust yourself, it’s also about letting go of the control of the mind, of having to put yourself in structures and in systems and in rigid definitions. When you transcend this need for all of this control of your inner and outer worlds, when you absolutely get into a place of the I Am, which is trust of self, it affects consciousness. It will also then change the ways that humans are dealing with mental imbalance, and it will potentially affect the work you may be doing in the future.

HS: I thought that my components were spirit, mind and body. Body, mind, spirit – that’s how so many like to define themselves. Instead of seeing myself as these individual components, which basically cut each off from the other, it’s time to go beyond.

It’s time to become aware of myself as a Body of Consciousness. No longer body, mind and spirit; no longer human, divine; no longer good or bad or light or dark or… I am Body of Consciousness.

DS: Absolutely, body as in a vessel. That is a vessel – sailing vessel. A body is a sovereignty. It’s your own. You’re a body of consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. Consciousness is awareness. You are a Body of Awareness, and it’s time to start using that. It’s time to start being aware. But put more concisely, distilled down, consciousness is your presence. Your presence, not like a gift (as in “presents) – I mean, well, it is gift – but your presence. That’s a little bit different than being in the Now moment. Very similar, they’re like cousins, but it is your presence. Your consciousness is your presence and what you are allowing yourself to be aware of. Your consciousness is your presence, and your presence right now is right here, is sitting right here. Your consciousness is your awareness of sensory, of mental, and intuitive.

HS: The mind melds into the Body of Consciousness. The physical biology melds into my Body of Consciousness. My spirit, which once you kept so apart from the rest of me, my spirit melds into my Body of Consciousness. In a way, I could say I return back to whence I were, from whence I came, but not really. I don’t go back. I now evolve, expand; going back to some of the core parts of myself – consciousness – but now greatly expanded.

As a Body of Consciousness I don’t have to see myself as anything other than myself, my soul, my sovereignty, my Body of Consciousness. Body doesn’t have to be physical. Body can be very unphysical, very multidimensional. Body of Consciousness.

So let’s not use these words anymore – these ways of defining yourself as body, mind and spirit. It was good back when. I gained a little awareness that I am very multidimensional, but I am now a Body of Consciousness.

DS: A long time ago in the evolution of humanity and including your evolution, it was about survival. It was about seeing if you can come down to Earth and maintain yourself in biology, surviving. When you mostly mastered that, then it became about the next form of evolution, which was religion. Religion, because now you have to give yourself a reason for wanting to survive. So you gave yourself religion. You gave yourself a lot of gods. And then it got so confusing you boiled it down to just one god. Eh, you talk about one God, but you still really believe in a lot of them.

And then after you got over your religious phase, this lifetime or other lifetimes, when you got a little tired of the churches, you went into your spiritual phase – new age, spiritual pursuit, metaphysics. That allowed you to go beyond the having a god some far off other place, but it was still a separate god. You kind of knew it was you and you had a spirit and there were other things happening, you just called it spiritual. Let’s redefine that. Let’s redefine God. As long as we’re not doing anything else, let’s redefine God!

HS: Awareness. Awareness.

So let’s go even beyond using words like “religion,” which obviously you’re not, “spiritual” or “new age” or perhaps even “New Energy.” It’s about awareness. I am a being of awareness.

DS: So I want to discuss here in our remaining moments, which could be hours, I want to discuss who’s pulling the strings and I want to answer my own question – the question that has perplexed many of you for so often – does a human have free will?

Cross! Boom!

HS: We have free choice.

DS: Do you? Your source is on a journey. Your self is on a journey. The Body of Consciousness has different – I’m going to call them – waveforms or different dances that they do. Your spirit has a waveform. It’s a beautiful waveform. Don’t take this literally, this is symbolic.

Your spirit is on this journey, and it has a few of its own desires. The desires can be summed up very easily. Your spirit, your Self wants to know thyself, in answer to the age old question you asked a long time ago, “Who am I?” It’s finding out. It wants to know thyself, and it does it through what I call the three “ex”s – triple ex-rated – which are experience, expansion and expression.

This is what your spirit, divine, whatever you want to call it, wants to do. It’s out there dancing along, floating along. It just wants to know itself, and it wants to experience. It can’t know itself without experience, so it goes through experience. And it wants to continue expanding. That’s the joy of spirit, expanding. Going backwards doesn’t work. Staying in neutral or park will eventually bring explosion. Bring boom! Something has to move the energy. So it wants expansion and it wants to express that joy. To just know that joy within thyself and then not to express it is, well, unfulfilling. So it wants to express – through singing, through music, through books, through a job, through a bad relationship, through a health issue. They are all forms of expression and this is what your spirit waveform does.

HS: I have another waveform – well, let’s call it human. That human part, which really takes up the vast majority of my awareness right now, it has a whole different set of dances and desires. It has a lot of agendas, because it generally doesn’t see spirit and it believes it’s acting on its own. So it becomes very defensive, very isolated, and it wants things like survival. This is old Lemurian programming, survival. Go to Earth and you stay there – I get into biology, because then I can have some experience – but I stay there. So I survive. Old programming.

DS: I hope that we’re going to be able to take away that survival-focused programming, because it really is a pain in every way. You don’t need to survive; you need to live. So it wants survival. It wants, to a degree, comfort and pleasure.

The pleasure portion comes out of old Atlantean programming. There is a pleasure center that was programmed into everyone. Why? Because you could make people work really hard and do amazing deeds when they get a little reward at the end of the day – when they get a little sex, a little alcohol, a little acknowledgment, whatever, a little power. So this is the comfort and the pleasure portion.

HS: Comfort and the pleasure are also parts of programming that I’d like to see me get rid of, to release. I don’t need to get a little biscuit at the end of the day. I’m not a lab rat anymore where I have to get the treat. Sugar was a wonderful discovery a long time ago. Sugar, to a degree, has an energy of hypnotic overlay in it. Now I’m not saying sugar is bad, but sugar triggers something within us energetically, not biologically, to make us think we feel good. Kids are given sugar, why? To shut them up. It’s not good for them. It gets them into a frenzied energetic state. Sugar is a hypnotic drug.

DS: So the human needs to survive, include pleasure, comfort, and then it gets into other energies like control and power. It loves those. It gets into the building of its identity. This is the negative interpretation of ego. So let’s say identity. Old programming. 

So this human wave constantly tries to reinforce itself. Spirit – the spirit portion – is trying to understand itself; the human is trying to fortify itself.

HS: So, I constantly have to reinforce my identity, and it doesn’t actually allow the true expansion or exploration of identity. It wants to restrict and overly limit the identity.

DS: So, you have these waveforms and a beautiful natural thing normally happens. Spirit is dancing, human waveform is dancing, and there are times when they naturally flow apart. When they do it can actually be a beautiful thing because this human can go into the depths of its own discovery. The spirit can go into more expansion. Normally, a beautiful thing. And then this separation acts almost like an attractant or a magnet, and it brings us back together closer.

And then there’s the opening again, where the human goes deeper into its experience, the spirit goes further into its celebration, and so you have this constant back and forth.

So they are having this beautiful dance together.

HS: Now, ultimately, what happens, and I may already know the answer to this. So there’s the spirit, and then there’s the human, and at some point we touch. At some point we cross over. We cross. And then the dance changes where there is this constant weaving into each other, no longer separated. And this crossing point is the critical factor. This is awareness ground point zero. In other words, we’ve let go of the old dance, the old past. That all becomes history, memory, a part of experience. Now the dance is together.

DS: Exactly, the beginning of the awakening process is back when you felt a momentum that was no longer going to bring you somewhat together and send you back apart, but I felt, “Oh, dear god, we’re coming together.” It was a result of a lot of things – trauma, depression, lack of passion – all of these things created a momentum from your side, which created a downward spiral for your consciousness that gave you the boost to come through this point. And I, which had been a waveform way off somewhere else, said, “I’m going down. I’m going to take the plunge. I’m no longer just going to be up here on the airy fairy etheric levels, I’m going to Earth. I’m going to be with you.” And at this beautiful ground zero point of the I Am, we came together. 

HS: That Yeshua had a bunch of fisherman. Who would choose a fish as their symbol??! 

DS: Absolutely not! What did Yeshua mean by this? It’s the overlay. It’s the dance that goes on and on and on. It’s not about fishing! It’s about integrating. It’s about coming back together at this crossing point. Ah-h-h! And Yeshua knew that. Yeshua explained the very same thing. He didn’t have a nice piece of paper, he wrote in the dirt. He explained the very same thing to his disciples and to some of the others who could hear, and Mary Magdalene stood at his side and explained even more of the details of what was going on in this most amazing process. And he used the symbol, which somebody turned into a fish, he used this symbol of coming together. Coming together – the dance – that finally brings it back together. That’s where we’re at. This is what’s happening, and from here going forward it is no longer different waveforms. It is a Body of Consciousness – one waveform. 

HS: Now, in reality these waveforms are actually like an expanding spiral. And if you look within that spiral the dances are going on, but this whole time the Body of Consciousness is opening, sometimes in a very mixed up, chaotic and traumatic fashion, sometimes with the illusion that it’s all going to collapse. And at times that illusion is very real. It does collapse. Not really, but the consciousness closes the door and it creates the illusion that the expansion has collapsed. I think you know what I’m talking about.

DS: Indeed, in reality even this spiral isn’t quite accurate, because the dance is, if you really looked at it, it creates kind of a big circle, a big ball, and the ball is expanding. The ball is the awareness, and it continues to expand outward, continues to open up until you come to the point of the I Am.

HS: So, actually, we humans do not have free will. It is interesting, because we always thought we had free will.

DS: You have divine will. There’s divine will – the will of your spiritual wave, spiritual dance, actually will override the human will, snap it. Instantly. And it accounts for a lot of the things that have happened in your life. Your spirit isn’t inflicting those negative experiences, but there are things that are far more important to your spirit, your divine, than silly human antics and desperate attempts to control, to have pleasure, to fix an identity and to survive.

It doesn’t matter! Spirit’s going to survive, there’s no death. Yeshua proved that on the cross. There’s no death. He didn’t die to atone for your sins. He didn’t die for you and your sins. Good grief. That’s egotistical, thinking that Yeshua’s going to die for you. Yeshua came to a point – and it was a collective consciousness, so it’s a little different – but Yeshua came to a point of saying, “I’m going fishing. I’m going to intersect. I don’t care if I live or die. I’m tired of being in my own prison as a human. I’m tired of not being with me. I’m tired of these two always being apart. I want back with me.” Boom! They crossed. Ooh, did I say cross? Did I say cross?!

HS: Yeeeees! Special thanks for this. So, they merged. Heaven, Earth, coming together. The waveform of divine and the waveform of human finally intersecting.

DS: So, did Yeshua die on the cross? No. He came alive on the cross. Physical body didn’t mean anything. He knew it at the point of the ‘cross.’ By the way, this symbol was picked up hundreds and hundreds of years later as a form of hypnosis, dwelling on the suffering – “He died for your sins.” I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Nobody can die for your sins. But this was originally meant as this point of intersection – the cross, the coming together – and it was used later to signify suffering and pain and guilt and control.

So, dear friend, Yeshua woke up on the cross, and in that moment released the physical body, which by the way, 2,000 years ago you had to do it that way. You don’t have to do it that way now. He released the physical body and he really came to life. He went on merrily with Mary Magdalene. They had children together, even though he didn’t have a physical body. Beautiful children. Yes, you can have sex even when you don’t have a body. Very true. You have better sex sometimes. Not always. Not always. Not always.

HS: And, we will continue the chat – I AM GOD, ALSO. We are Divine Humans. It is all contained within us. For the great master of love, Yeshua, this was his simple message. But it was distorted over and over again by the churches, so we have to keep bringing it back through new voices and new ways.

DS: Yeshua would meet another human on the road. He would tell them, “The Father is within you. God is within you. You are God. Do you want healing? I cannot heal you. I can do no miracle for you. But, I can show you how to heal yourself. I can show you how to come back into balance.” There were many who followed his words. There were many who ridiculed Yeshua. There were many who followed his words and learned what it was like to have Spirit come up from within to heal their physical bodies, and many other miracles. And, yes, indeed Jesus never performed a miracle on someone else. He showed them how to perform it for themselves.

HS: Oooh, good idea for continuing. How might I best be an instrument of compassion for a loved one with a mental illness, what we call mental illness? And, how can we heal mental illness without drugs?

DS: You already have been an instrument of compassion. You know this also. You have had your days of frustration. But, oh, it has brought you much joy and new understanding in your life. It is as simple as knowing that humans choose this in their life. It is not a mistake of nature. It is not a punishment of God. They choose this for a variety of reasons.

Mental illness is not something that can be cured. It is a condition that is brought over from our side of the veil in agreement when somebody is born. They choose this – what you would consider a disability, which it is not at all – for a variety of reasons.

And, yes… how can we say this enough? These drugs that you have developed for the mind are holding back the evolution of consciousness. We know at times it helps to even things out. It tends to make it more comfortable. But, we are not in favor of these things. There are homeopathic remedies that your fine homeopathic doctors can prescribe to help get those drugs that limit the mind. So, we suggest that you go to see homeopathics.

HS: And what is with our petitions for healing?

DS: When you request healing, God always releases a sacred fire sphere of healing light. It is deposited deep within your subconscious. As this light begins to flow and cycle through the planes of being, it pushes out to the surface unwanted conditions. It is an electrode that is a focus of God’s wholeness. Therefore, all unlike itself must be uprooted, must be exposed.

Therefore, many times when you come into contact with the Great White Brotherhood and begin with the experiment as the alchemist of the sacred fire, you find for a season more problems than you had prior to beginning. Then you wonder why you are on this path in the first place?

Beloved one – and here I may seem harsh – if ye only want outer wholeness, then go to other sources. There are faith healers, psychic healers, medicine men, witch doctors, voodoo specialists and medical scientists. In every society they hold a position of prominence. It is not our intent to in any way disparage souls of Light who pursue to the best of their ability the healing of the bodies of mankind. In fact, we have inspired upon many the very healing arts which are practiced.

However, I must tell you, it is often better to suffer pain than to take aspirin or painkillers that give you a false sense of security that all is well. Pain is a signal like the red light on the dashboard of life that warns you that you are not whole and that you had better learn the alchemy of wholeness. Suffering in itself is neither good nor evil, but it is the use that is made of suffering to bring the soul nearer to that which God is telling thee. Also, know that in the searching in all ways, all places and finding no real solutions, indicates a lack of wholeness within thy inner self. When fear of healing is removed from the body, the inner self will be in total healing. Until that time, beloved ones, the healing will not be healing, but band-aid therapy for a physical ailment. Many tools may assist in the “cure”, but the word “cure” means total healing; thee does not need cure and cure again – to “cure” means exactly what it says -“wellness in wholeness”.

Ye must understand, then, the answer to the call. Understand the depositing of light within you. It is God’s intent, as God lives and as I am his servant, to bring you into the reunion with the One. And therefore, when you are on the path of initiation, do not be so concerned as to your success or failure as a metaphysician measured by the index of the outer signs.

HS: It would be great if Jesus’s way of healing could be patterned, like many other energies.

DS: Any species of being that I’m ever aware of, whether it’s human or not, whether it’s on this Earth or other places, has a tendency to develop patterns and systems, anywhere. Really. Even if it’s pure creative energies out in some other dimension there is this natural tendency to create patterns. Patterns are a great way of understanding yourself and understanding the world around you.

However, Earth has become extremely patterned. Everything in patterns – the way you incarnate, the way you eat, the way you pray – everything about the human life has become more and more structured, systemized, less freedom and independence. Now that you have things like printed documents – and printing is not that old in the scheme of things – things could be printed, and therefore organized into books and organized into shelves and now organized into energetic patterns. Internet – more new patterns. These are all ways of patterning.

HS: There’re a lot of humans that think that patterns make life simpler. I don’t think so. They make life more confusing, more things to have to remember, less freedom. Freedom is the birthright of my soul, and patterns restrict that and make life much more challenging, a lot more difficult.

DS: So what you’re going through right now, you have given yourself the gift of de-patterning. De-patterning. You probably had little – maybe big – clues in your life about it, but the structures you were in before are going away.

It’s very disconcerting at first, because those patterns kind of helped you stay in line. Those patterns helped you make sense out of day-to-day life – they really didn’t – but the patterns are going away. The patterns of marriage, relationships, money, food, diet, health – all of the patterns are starting to break apart. The way you have known music in the past, the way you have known psychology in the past, anything that has been part of your work or part of your play, the way you write – the patterns are changing.

HS: It’s frustrating, because as much as I’m asked for change, as much as I’ve demanded change, the minute it comes, I’m like, “Oh my god, what’s happening! God!” Oh, how many calls a night You get. A lot.

DS: Many, really many. So now you have some fairly apparent patterns on the surface. And, by the way, as you de-pattern yourself, you’re going to find a lot more freedom. You get past the discomfort. You find a lot more freedom. It affects other people around you more than it affects you, because they’re used to your patterns. They set up their patterns in relationship to your patterns, and pretty soon everybody has their patterns and the conventional wisdom is that then everything flows better. The real wisdom is that everything comes to a halt. It doesn’t work very well.

You’re de-patterning naturally. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to go out and buy a de-patterning crystal, although I’m sure somebody would sell you one. “Great idea” a few of you are thinking, I know. There’s one of you in Holland right now that’s already writing this down. Stop that. Don’t do it.

HS: Being wealthy is a natural state of being. Period. Amen!

Abundance is a natural state. Lack of abundance is perverted. It really is.

Natural health is natural. Health is natural. Anything out of biological balance is unnatural. Considering that I’m a natural being, it’s time to get back to these natural things. But patterns – old patterns – are stopping me. I have to leap the pattern. Let go of the pattern.

DS: Intuition is a natural state of being. Mental is not natural. Mental is false. Again, nothing against the mind, we’re just trying to get beyond the old programming, beyond the old patterns.

For right now, for any of you that has any sort of physical ailment at all, whether it’s cancer, diabetes, aches and pains, arthritis, any of those other things, I have to tell you from my perspective these are false. They are absolutely false. Yes, they’re diagnosed by a doctor who does X-rays and all of these other things – they’re all false. They don’t belong there. They’re not yours. Don’t carry them around anymore. They’re old patterns, old ways of really bringing in and then kind of burying energy or avoiding it, and then obviously it pops up somewhere. It pops up in your kidneys or your livers or – your liver, you only have one – your hearing, your sinuses, whatever it is, and then you wonder what you’re doing wrong. You’re not doing anything wrong. False signals. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s that easy. It is that easy … that easy.



Take Care of Yourself

HS: There are patterns in relationships, and these are some of the gnarliest, stickiest. Ancestral karma – karma going long, long ways – and the fact that we still haven’t learned that we’re our own best lover, and we’re our own best partner. But we want to keep trying to find a partner who is going to unbalance us – not always, but a lot. We’re looking for something in a partner that we think that we can’t have within ourselves, so we end up in these bad relationships. We become patterned into them. We don’t know any better.

DS: The whole belief in destiny, that’s a tough one to let go of because the moment that you do, you have to take responsibility. It’s actually, I would say, easier for a human to believe in and to give up to a higher authority, whether you call the higher authority your soul. You know, like your soul has this plan and it’s making you go through it in a painful, miserable unconscious way? Really? Or you think destiny comes down from God. Really? God has no destiny. Spirit, All That Was, doesn’t really care, doesn’t need to care, has no plan for you.

HS: The mind is highly programmed. The mind is highly susceptible to programming, first of all. It is highly programmed over many, many lifetimes – many, many lifetimes – of programming, indoctrination, a constant set of information and regulations and rules going into the mind.

The mind has been tied into mass consciousness. Mass consciousness, for the most part, does nothing but to govern and to rule and to manage and manipulate mind activities of humans. Mass consciousness.

DS: Now, you think of mass consciousness as perhaps something grander. The way mass consciousness works right now, it has its tentacles into every human on Earth interconnected with every other human, it is now actually being infiltrated by ETs and angels, and so the control, the manipulation is at a very intense level.

People are, well, they’re hypnotized, absolutely hypnotized, and every one of you knows it and feels it. There’s part of you that for years has been rebelling against it. Ever since you came here to Earth in this lifetime there’s been a significant part of you that’s been rebelling against this. It has gone on for many, many lifetimes.

HS: But, how to get out of the Mind?

DS: It’s absolute acceptance. That’s all. Absolute acceptance. Don’t think about it.

Absolute acceptance. That is the I Am. That is the breath of life.

HS: Absolute acceptance – of what?

DS: Everything. Everything. Don’t start laying out a structure and a pattern and, you know, putting this into a 12-step program. It’s for you right now, absolute acceptance. Wow. Wow, absolute acceptance. That’s an easy one, isn’t it? Or it’s a tough one. Which potential do you want to choose?

HS: Easy.

DS: You tell me that now, but tomorrow when we wake up, what will it be?

HS: So, my body knows how to take care of itself. My mind actually knows how to rebalance. I really don’t have any problems, unless I want them. There’s really nothing wrong with me, unless I just happen to like playing that game.

DS: Yes, so let’s take this moment – this moment of pure trust in yourself, this moment of basically no purpose, no pressure – to rebalance. I guess you would call it the Old Energy healing, but it’s just a matter of coming back to the natural state of being, having enough trust in yourself that you know that you can rebalance yourself. You can reorient yourself at any time, and you don’t actually have to do a thing. It does it on its own. It’s waiting to do it. It really is, absolutely. Your body – your Body of Consciousness – is waiting.

You, as the human identity, have been racing around, particularly the last few years, going like gangbusters working, thinking, acting, going through so much experience, going through so much – what do they call it? – revitalization, restructuring.

Let’s take these next few minutes, to be in a state of complete trust that your body already has healed itself. Your mind is balanced, but in a new place. You’re not going back to the old place. It’s healing in a new place. It’s balancing in a new place. And then just let it. For the next few minutes while the music plays I’ll cue you on that in a moment – just allow it to happen. Just allow. You don’t have to chant anything. You don’t have to think about anything. You just get to relax.

This is like a massage for your soul that you’re giving yourself. Let it happen. If you start thinking about it or doubting it, just take a deep breath. Let it go.

So take a deep breath, and give yourself these next few minutes to let all the rebalancing catch up with you.


Whew! Was that too easy?

HS: Indeed, indeed.

DS: It doesn’t have to be difficult. Anytime you want to rebalance yourself, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be that easy. It can be fun. You don’t need to play dreary music, unless you want. You don’t have to go through a lot of suffering to get where you’re choosing to be. You don’t have to think about it. You can just take a few minutes, in whatever environment you absolutely enjoy, and let it happen.

That is New Energy rebalancing, what used to be called healing. You don’t have to know complex systems. Simplicity. You don’t have to study with the gurus. I have yet to meet a guru who is enlightened. And I’ve never met a guru who enlightened anyone else, ever. How many do you know? How many enlightened beings, that are in total physical body, do you know? How many have ever gone to classes or schools or everything else that have walked out enlightened? Because any system that doesn’t keep it simple actually pushes it off somewhere else.

You, my dear friend, you – if you choose – are going to be teaching the simplicity of spirit, the simplicity of self. It’s been thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of years where humans have been trying to make it very difficult. Why? Because, quite frankly they make it complex because nobody’s ever really caught on. They really haven’t. They haven’t. Nobody’s ever really figured it out. So what they do is devise some complex system, put you through the maze, take your money at the same time, and then you walk out of it thinking, “Well, I’m just not good enough. I didn’t get it,” because it was complex. It is simple. You want to rebalance your Body of Consciousness, your body, mind, spirit? You do it simply. Actually, the less you try, the easier and more effective it is. The more you just sit and listen to whatever music or whatever you want to do – take a bath, take a walk or do nothing at all – that’s when it happens.

This is, again, the definition of complete trust – the understanding that you as divine parts of God already put every tool in your path long before you got to that place on the path. You have already put all of the potentials in place, and now it’s just a matter of being aware of that. It’s a matter of clarity. It’s a matter of simplicity.

It really didn’t take a long time to make that choice, but do not forget one important thing.

HS: What’s that?

DS: Take care of yourself. The greatest healer, the greatest teacher, the greatest Standard is one who is taking care of themselves first.

You are doctor and I ask you dear doctor, right now and right here, how many of all the humans you see, any humans you see in your environment in the medical industry, how many do you think really want to heal?

HS: I think they mostly want attention.

DS: Thank you! You said it all. Would you say it again?

HS: I think they mostly want attention.

DS: They want attention. Why? Because they’re not getting it from themselves. They really want love that they’re not getting from their self. So what do they do? They go into a form of collapse or breakdown, they get attention, they go see people like you …

HS: Trusting someone else.

DS: Trusting someone else. What percentage would you say really want to heal?

HS: I don’t think they really know what healing is.

DS: True.

HS: They want to be …

DS: There’s confusion about true healing versus just reducing the suffering to a little bit more tolerable level.

HS: Just enough …

DS: Just enough.

HS: … to make it through the next day.

DS: Yes. So, again – I’m trying to force an answer out of you – how many really want rebalancing? How many want to be fully in their body-mind-spirit in a healthy way? I’ve got a number. I’ll compare. Hang on. I’ll write mine.

HS: I’d say zero.

DS: Zero!

HS: Yeah …

DS: Oh, you’re more of a pessimist than I am.

HS: … they actually show up expecting someone else to take care of them.

DS: Yes. And we’re pretty close though. I say three percent. Three percent of the people in your environment – about three percent really do want a major overhaul, major change. And you say zero, mmm. Yeah, thank you, dear.

So yeah, about three percent actually really want some healing. Imagine what it would be like if people started walking into the doctor’s office and saying, “Hey doctor, I want healing. Is that what you’re going to help me with? I want to change.” It doesn’t happen very often.

HS: Let’s talk about core issues. What’s really the underlying issue?

DS: So, my dear friend, core issues are: ancestral karma, personal karma, mass consciousness, and environmental energies. Core issues also affect the mental health, as well. Your body knows how to rejuvenate itself without having to pollute it with a lot of outside things, without having to take a lot of medications, do a lot of disciplines, make your body suffer even more.

Your body knows how to heal, so let’s do that for just a moment here. Let’s have … yeah it’s an experience, but we’re just going to do it.

Take a deep breath, and realize that you aren’t your ancestors. You aren’t even your personal karma. You can let that go any time you want.

First, before we take the drink – and this is to your unconditional health – before you actually drink, it’s to your unconditional health, freedom from ancestral karma, personal karma, environmental issues or mass consciousness. It’s to your sovereign health. It’s to your body that knows how to rejuvenate itself, to continue to balance.

Now, first you smell … obviously French. Hm. But first you smell, open up that sense. Ah! Yes! And just a little bit on the tongue, the taste … to your sovereign health.

The Knowledge

HS: Hmmmm

DS: Hmmm. Yes. And then a drink, to your absolute health, letting your body rejuvenate itself. Ah! Hm.

It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality. It’s not about having to drink the whole bottle just to get healthy; it’s about being able to take a ceremonial sip.

HS: Cheers!

DS: Cheers! This whole physical issue I see kind of heating up with you. Why? Because as you get closer to real consciousness, the issues that were stored in the body start coming out – aches and pains, the ancestral diseases that want to be released – so sometimes they pop up, unfortunately. Sometimes you get a little cancer scare or a diabetes scare, saying to you.


HS: “This is not your issue. Are you ready to let it go? Or are you going to hang onto it, are you going to play it out, are you going to let it distract you?”

DS: But in this moment, you can take a deep breath and let all those go. They’re not yours. You’re a sovereign being absolutely capable of rejuvenating your own body easily, simply; just a sip of wine, a sip of water, chocolate chip cookie. Doesn’t’ matter.

HS: Health.

DS: Health. Health. Absolutely. Health. And, you know, it’s interesting. With so many of the dynamics going on, you want health – obviously, you want to feel good. By the way, pain, which is really what you don’t want, pain is absolutely from the mind. It’s not in the body.

HS: Literally.

DS: Body doesn’t know anything about pain. It’s only the mind. And that’s not just my fact; that’s also a scientific fact. If I would stomp on your foot here, even though he’s wearing very heavy shoes, the pain isn’t in his foot. It’s in his mind.

Humans don’t want pain. They say they want health, but it’s so elusive right now. It really is. I mean, humans seem to be getting more and more sicknesses, diseases. Part of it’s because of mass consciousness. You throw it out there about cancer. You throw it out there about all these diseases.

HS: “If you breathe the air in Cincinnati, you’re going to get cancer.”

DS: That’s what they say, and then so people adapt to that. Suddenly, you have a lot of unhealthy people.

HS: That is why Jesus said: “Father, forgive them, they DON’T KNOW”! What is it that people don’t know? The CAUSE! They don’t even know that the cause can be known ONLY, and they don’t know that they are “ALL-KNOWING” – the very cause of EVERYTHING. They experience effects of the cause believing that they gain knowledge through the process of experiencing, but the senses, being dual, deceive them mightily.

This is the knowledge which will mark a new day in all social, industrial, scientific and medical practices. The fact that our physical bodies are but moving extensions of our spiritual Selves has but begun to enter into human Consciousness. It will affect us personally to our great advantage in the measure of our ability to comprehend it.

Just as the visible tree is made to appear out of its invisible Soul-seed by increasingly violent motion and continues to grow into a bigger and bigger tree so long as the violence of motion can be multiplied into more violent motion and then disappears as multiplied motion is reversed by dividing it, so has invisible man been made visible by fast motion.

The particular point I wish to emphasize is that the whole intellectual world must revise its concepts regarding human bodies and the practices concerning them, medically and otherwise. We have regarded them as our Selves instead of as instruments for manifesting our Selves. We have been mightily misled into treating effect with effect instead of with CAUSE.

I will, herein, take up consideration of the making of bodies which appear and disappear to LIVE and DIE from the point of view of simplicity. Let us recall, as heretofore stated, that all that God does is make bodies to manifest His all-knowing.

Also as I have stated that is all WE do.

I emphasize the fact that all bodies are but states of motion – living-dying states of motion – generating-degenerating states of motion which arise from rest and have to keep moving very fast to simulate the idea of life. As long as they move fast enough in inward direction of matter, they have living bodies, but as they reverse to the outward direction of space, they lose their bodies. To increase their speed, they must have energy enough to grow by working. To stop working is to decay. It is US who gives them that energy – and it is US who takes it away. Take note even as with the elderly of body – the minute we stop our “work”/”play” we become “old”, “senile” and await “death”. It is just as with allowing the body to stop serving us through indiscretion – it degenerates and withers into uselessness. It will serve us as long as we command it to do so and give it that which it needs to adequately sustain self.

As man grows older he deliberately begins to deplete the body in expectation of death and it begins to wear itself out just as a piece of machinery or a motor without oil, water and fuel. We cannot run a car on dishwater – neither can we run a body without fuel. It can be anything which furnishes the proper ingredients – even unto the very pill form, but it needs specific things or it perishes for want of them. How long would our car run without oil? Then why do we expect our physical machine to run without minerals and vitamins, etc., in proper ratio? Does this need be elaborate or greatly “different”? No, just rounded and inclusive – it is preferable to NOT make a “big” thing of it for then the ritual replaces the deficiency. Let me give an example – if the joints become painful and stiff – they will NEVER heal unless they have some additional substance which is missing. This does not mean great changes in the diet nor much added effort, just give the body a reservoir from which it can draw its needs. I actually prefer that, my fellow humans not go on strict and restrictive diets for the diet becomes the plague and the body is in our command–COMMAND IT! SUPPLY IT WITH THE THINGS IT NEEDS AND COMMAND IT TO UTILIZE THEM. WHO PREFERS TO BE AN INVALID AND ILL – SO BE IT FOR THAT IS A CHOICE OF THE MIND AND THE BODY IS ONLY OBEYING COMMAND. THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS OURS. Man notably uses disability to gain a fulfilment of mental needs. Further, there are very few vitamins and minerals which can injure by too much quantity – for the body is trained to service those items. There are some which, like with a given food, will poison in excessive quantity – surely we can know the difference!

It is as with tryptophan, however – the problem was not with the tryptophan – it was in the preparation of the supplement. We should stop our foolishness. Especially in America people have begun to love their rituals more than wellness.

As we grow in mental command – we will find the body responds to our command no matter what it has, for it will even learn to glean substance from the air, but it is WE who has to come into the knowledge. Some 98% of all body needs could be nicely gleaned from the very air we breathe, but we have forgotten too much.

DS: Yes indeed. It might help you to comprehend what is now coming by my asking you if you have ever considered why it is that all of those millions of stars out in space do not crash into each other and wreck each other, accidentally or otherwise?

The answer to that question is that all wave-fields which bind and enclose each body-pair in the universe – human and otherwise – are insulated from each other by invisible planes of zero curvature, such as the six flat planes which enclose a cube beyond which light cannot pass without reversing its direction which is the reaction to the action.

Reversal of direction from inward to outward, and from red to blue, and from generation to radiation, is the insulator which keeps all wave-fields in the universe in balance with each other and insures their centering suns from colliding with other suns, and adjusts the changing orbits of all centering bodies to balance always with each other’s continually changing orbits.

Teachers of Healing

HS: Let me now consider my own dual-body in this same light. My own body is composed of countless billions of little wave-fields which bind each corpuscle of dense matter and its surrounding spatial counterpart. What is there to prevent these spheres and spheroids of my body from colliding with each other? The answer is the same for my microscopic wave-fields as it is for the mightiest stars in the heavens.

I, as an individual unit of Creation – like every star in the firmament, am an individual unit of Creation – centering my own collective field which includes the millions of little ones within it and those I take on as my desire increases in intensity. I, as an individual unit of Creation, am a POINT OF DESIRE in the zero universe of Mind. Around that centering point, which is my Soul, I create a record of my desire, which is my dual-body, in a wave-field measured out for me in the stillness of the unchanging zero universe. Thus I become that which I think. The measure of my wave-field is the measure of the intensity of my desire. The pattern of the body I create in it is a record of my desires. My body is the record of the sum total of the desire I have expressed in the millions of years of my unfolding. I never lost that patterned record of my desire which is my body. I always have my body. My senses lose awareness of it during my “death” period just as they do when I sleep, but my conscious Soul never loses awareness of it. Desire in my Consciousness recalls it – reassembles it, part by part, in the pattern of age-long desire – just as desire of Soul which centers the seed of an oak reassembles the oak tree in its own pattern, leaf by leaf, its wood, its bark, its strength and its majesty of form.

DS: Humanity, the world, is calling out for those who are teachers and stewards of technology. Technology is one of the greatest tools you have now in humanity. Technology is a tool. It is not a God, you see. The mentals – those people who are just in the mind – the mentals have turned technology into a God, into a weapon, and they are going to turn it into a war if needed. Technology is a tool that can enhance the human experience on Earth; that can make life more efficient and easier; that can open up communication channels instantly; that can connect humans to each other instantly so that governments or businesses can’t deceive or fool. Technology has the ability to be a tool of authenticity because with technology it is very difficult for people to hide things.

Technology right now has blossomed in incredible ways but it is also very prone to abuses right now. There need to be those who will become the teachers and the stewards of technology. Not talking about 0’s and 1’s, not talking about the intellectual or the mental portion of technology, but talking about technology as a tool, technology as a spiritual principle, technology as a life enhancement. And when these certain stewards step forward they are going to draw to them a type of energy, that is based in technology, that will create some very interesting and profound new discoveries in this whole world of technology. So the teachers, the stewards of these energies, are needed on Earth right now.

The Earth needs teachers and stewards of the healing arts. Of the healing arts. Medicine, and your modern type of medicine, does a wonderful job – up to a point. Even what you call your alternative healing modalities do a wonderful job – up to a point. But then why aren’t more people healed? Why are so many people sick? Why hasn’t there been developed a cure for cancer and AIDS? Why is it that medicine, whether traditional or alternative, falls short? It is because they don’t understand some of the core issues; because they are so regulated; because there’s such a fear of things like lawsuits; because there’s so many viruses within the medical profession itself, and we’re not talking about a cold and flu virus, we’re talking about an energy virus, that’s also within this system.

So we’re calling forth for the stewards and the teachers of the new healing arts, and it may not have a mass application at first. We know there are many who would love to develop an overall cure for AIDS. We’re going to do it one by one by one. There is not a pill right now – it cannot come into consciousness – that will cure AIDS or cancer. But what we can do is go to some of the root energy causes within the spirit and within the body. We can take a look at the imbalances, we can take a look at what is happening even at a level deeper than the DNA, and we can start curing – one at a time. That’s what it will take.

But when the stewards and the teachers of the healing arts, start curing one at a time, through some very deep and intensive type of work, that changes consciousness, that changes potentials in the future and will ultimately potentially lead to the development of the cure for cancer or AIDS. But it has to start one at a time. It has to start somewhere.

The human body shouldn’t get sick. The human body should get to a point where it just dies and preferably by the choice of the spirit within it. But right now the human body is in a very fragile state. It shouldn’t be getting as sick or as tired as it is, but it is running on Old Energy and it has many old imbalances. So we’re going to call forth those who are the teachers and the stewards of the new healing arts. Yes, it will get many upset. Many in the medical industry and many, many more in the alternative industry because we’re going to blow the doors off of what they have thought is true.

We also are putting out the call, humanity needs stewards and the teachers of divinity. The churches are old, they’re falling apart. They no longer have the energy and the love that they did a long, long time ago. As you know, the energies have been distorted, twisted and abused, and if there is a karma, churches carry it.


Stuck Energy


HS: Obviously it had to do with a big energetic virus – the biggest one ever. I‘m not going here to contemplate it, but since we are speaking of viruses, I have a question regarding viruses and bacteria. Are they entities in their own right, or are they simply an aspect of duality? As I step out of duality, do they evaporate? Is it then appropriate for those I love to still be affected by them?


DS: Indeed… how to say – we could write a book about viruses and bacteria and all of these things. They are a natural part of your human existence. They are – how to say – they are very beneficial, for they help to keep energies flowing, believe it or not. They also serve a wonderful purpose in helping you know when there are imbalances in the body. They are like an alarm clock, or an alarm going off, telling you that there is something imbalanced.

One of the problems that we see with modern medicine is you try to handle these things, the viruses and bacteria and fungus and all of these other things with force. You are trying to annihilate them and trying to get rid of them. They just come back in another form. They just come back in a strain that is more resistant, or they come back in a whole new strain that has never been seen before. So, you cannot fight with force. When a force is applied, another force of equal energy – and sometimes even stronger – comes in a different way. So, with these things it is about understanding that – how to say – energies can be easily rebalanced.

We are going to talk about the whole nature of how the energies can easily come back into balance, how they are naturally balanced. And, they have to be unnatural to go out of balance.

These – what you call – viruses and bacteria and fungus and all of these other things are generally more applicable in your human reality. It is difficult to explain, but we have these types of things in our realms, but they are not of physical origin. They are of their energy origin. And, there are viruses here, as you would call them, that are energy strains that have gone out of balance. But, we have also learned some wonderful ways to bring them back into balance without force. But, there is much to be learned about these including learning to understand that you can’t kill them or get rid of them using many of the methods of your modern science.

HS: I have had a tumor in my right hand for about 12 years. Can you identify the cause and a cure?

DS: Stuck energy, it is stuck energy. Any disease in your body is energy that has been trapped and stuck. And, one thing you could say about energy is that it wants to move. It wants to roll. It doesn’t have an agenda. It doesn’t actually have any particular goal on its own.

But, there is an innate sense that it wants to continue moving. Once raw pure energy from “the field” is activated, it wants to continue moving. It can never go back to “the field.” It can never go back to “the field.” So, it finds in itself that it wants to continue moving.

This tumor in your hand is stuck energy. We don’t want you to go into this whole thing of past lives… things you’ve done wrong… and all the other things. We don’t even need to look at the core reason of why it is there. It is there. There was a reason for it. You have pent up energies, and they manifested in your hand. There are some simple hints in this, perhaps, regarding healing work that backfired. We’re going to not get into those details, either the emotional or the heady details. But, we’re going to talk about how to let it move. You are an Energy Mover.

And, once again, it has to do with stuck energy. And, you can take some of your modern medicine, such as chemo and some of these other things, and you can try to eliminate some of the disease centers or the stuck energy. But, generally it will show up in another area of the body at another time because it is just stuck energy that has been displaced and will now move to a different location.

That is why cancer is such a tricky thing to deal with, unless you have gone to the core of releasing, unlocking energy that is stuck. In a sense, when you… we’re talking about cancer here… when you take energies that are coming into you through… into your earthly reality… and you lock them up… and you have them stuck… as I mentioned, the energy has a propensity to try to continue moving or evolving. It is very much what is happening when you get into a cancerous condition. It will try to perpetuate itself, but it does it in a way that eventually will destroy the body.

There is a simpler way to deal with it, and it is going into actually unlocking the stuck energies. There are some who are coming to the understanding that you’re not going to fight cancer… you’re not going to will it out of your being. You’re going to allow the return of the natural flow of energies.

You’re finding that this same thing is occurring in your land, as well. What is happening in your body also happens in the land. There are stuck energies. And, sooner or later, they need to erupt. They need to move on. You saw this recently in this whole thing with the waves, and the earthquakes, and all the rest of this. There is a direct correlation. Once we work with you to help you to understand how energy and the imagination work together in the body, then we are going to move into some broader territories of the Earth. We are going to go into those to help relieve some of the tensions and the stuck energy in the Earth as well. But, once again, don’t try this quite yet.


Energy Centering


HS: I felt very attracted to the work you mentioned regarding the New Energy. Is this part of the New Energy work that I have been waiting for?


DS: There are tremendous capabilities associated with what you used to call “hypnosis.” And, we’re going to call it “energy centering” here. In a sense, I can tell you right now that you are energy centered right now. You are under a type of hypnotic trance, but one that you’ve agreed to. You’re not doing this simply by my will or desire. But, I am having a delightful time with it.

We’re going to take a look at some of these energies. And, we’re going to look at how these can be used for some healing. There are some interesting and rather difficult issues here because there are some wonderful ways to work with energy, but the recipient, the one that you’re treating, has to be willing at the core level.

As you know, there can be surface healing that is done. Many of you facilitators have done it. You do surface healing, but the problem reoccurs. Then, you feel bad, and the patient feels bad. So, we have to get into some of the deep, deep levels and a very pure understanding of how energy works.

HS: If my thinking is unbalanced by emotional disturbances, or my actions reflect my unbalanced thought-decisions, the tensions which result from such unbalance will cause every Mind-center, which controls the balance of those thought-rings, to act as though they were off-center and the spinning of the electric current around that eccentric center will be like a fly-wheel with its shaft eccentrically placed. This understanding helps me to know why my body develops toxins which cause my various ills. But, I can never become off-center with my Mind-Source, for the sun’s gravity still controls me by centering a larger circle, which includes my entire wanderings around two centers instead of one. This is the same principle as in an off-center flywheel which will turn with uneasy and uncomfortable oscillations if slow enough, but would shake itself to pieces if turned very fast. This example is a good symbol of our present civilization, which is ever turning faster in its eccentric orbit, and ever approaching its dissolution.

This clarifies where my mind is in relation to every one of the billions of cells which constitute my body. All of them have a central “switchboard” in my brain which sends messages of command to them.

Now, my question is – is the general decline in human intelligence and the increase of all sorts of birth defects… retardation… ADD… all of the kinds of things we are seeing in our civilization now… are they the results of experiments that we were working with in Atlantis, kind of like what you were talking about? And, is that why so many of us went into human services, helping professions? And, is our karma/responsibility towards a lot of this suffering that it seems like we created… is it… can we walk out of it now? Is it finished, etc?


DS: Indeed… wonderful questions. The major reason right now for the distortions and the disease in the biology, as well as the – how to say – the changing of the human mind are not so much directly related to Atlantis, although there are some fringe elements there. But, right now it is more a combination of individual karmas of humans. And, when there is non-acceptance or the anger about who they are, and they bring this into biology, it shows up in their biology as disease and imbalance.

There are also some overall group consciousness reasons for some of the things that are going on. There are groups of humans who are working literally at changing DNA structures. And, this has a tendency at times to cause some distortions in the biology. There are those who are living out group or family karma. And, this again will bring in distortions.

These are, for instance, related to this disease known as AIDS… it is a manifestation of humanity’s sexual guilt consciousness that those who are 13-stranders – what you would call gays and lesbians – are bringing this onto themselves on behalf of humanity to help better understand the sexual guilt. But, as we have said before, it is not necessary for them to do this any more. There are other ways of handling energy changes and problems.

The mental imbalances that you speak of are so often right now caused by this change of energy going from mental, or a mind-type of intelligence, to a Divine Intelligence. The mind is almost rebelling and almost shutting down in many cases, for it wants to be relieved of the burdens that have been placed on it. And, this is causing – how to say – deterioration of the Old mind skills. But, for those humans who are ready, the Divine Intelligence will quickly pick up where the mind leaves off and will expand far beyond that.

So, biology is an interesting thing. It is a very delicate fabric. It is a very, very delicate type of organism. It has been susceptible to disease and all sorts of other types of fluctuations. But we are coming to the point where the biology doesn’t have to suffer. And, the biology doesn’t have to take the brunt of what is going on inside the soul of the person.

We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally maintain an appearance of looking approximately as it is in the most appropriate age. It can maintain that look, even though the biological body could be at well over a many hundred years old. And, this is something that all of you can do.

Nothing To Be Healed

HS: You spoke about the Third Circle opening up. What are actually all these circles? Please give me some insight.

DS: The First Circle, of course, was Home, the energy of the Kingdom, All That Was. The Second Circle was everything outside of Home, the existence, the reality that you have been in ever since you went through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void and began creating.


Now, you are on the very edge of completion of that cycle. The New Earth that we spoke of a week ago is indicative of that. The New Earth could not be built; it could not even be conceived, if it was not the appropriate time. There are so many questions about the New Earth: where it is… how it is progressing… who can go there. But, none of this would be possible, unless you were at the point right now of completing the Second Circle.


“What is the Second Circle?” you ask. It is everything outside of Home. It is your playground. It is where you are learning to be Creators. It is Creator-ship training. That is what you have been doing. You have been learning how to be Creators. You have been doing it in various ways, multi-dimensional. Then, you come to Earth, and you do it here in this very limited, very harsh reality, your last step and your last stop before going on, before going on into the Third Circle.

Words will not even do this justice in trying to describe the Third Circle. Let us just say it is the place for full Creators… full Creators without limitation, without restriction… full Creators, what you have always thought of as the capabilities, the abilities of Spirit itself… full Creators, when you’re not limited to any dimensions, any type of specific reality. We are going to ask you to feel it from the heart, not from the mind.

But, you are at this point now in the evolution of humanity in the fulfilment of the Order of the Arc where it is time now to go beyond, even while you are still here on the Earth… still here in these human bodies… still going through this beautiful, sometimes frustrating awakening process. You are doing so many things to open the doors for others, to help others free their energies.


HS: Something particular about these times – big frame, my role..


DS: Phenomenal times that you live in! We know we tell you this over and over, but we are so honored to work with you. We line up here, all of us who are working with you – so honored to work with you… envious in a way that we can’t be there on Earth with you right now… laughing right alongside of you… enjoying all of the experiences… understanding when you get aggravated and angry… understanding when you sometimes say, “Damn it, if you’re so honored, you get down here and walk in my shoes. Honor this, Spirit. Oh, I think it’s the other way  – honor this!” I have seen that sign, and it doesn’t compute, as they say. I’m not sure what that means. I’ll have to ask “somebody”.

You come to this time of your own completion. I know sometimes it appears that it is elusive, that it is a long way off. But, it is not at all. It is here right now – that moment of completion. We’re dancing in the room right now with you. You’re tasting it already. It’s integrating with you already.

There are still vestiges from the Old that are still so present. And, that is appropriate. Allow them to be with you. You’re not trying to throw them out. The vestiges of the Old that are fearful, the vestiges of yourself that fear the change… love them, honor them. Let them know that they are released anytime they want to be released. Let them know that they can be free of any structure that limits them.

What an incredible time you live in and an incredible time for you! We told you that things were going to change, things were going to get different. And, they have been. And, we told you that we were going to make a shift. It was going to be a time where there was no longer a need for processing. There is no longer even a need for healing because the illusion is that there is something to be healed… you see. It is all an illusion. We use those words because you use those words. But, we know – and underneath even you know – there is nothing to be healed. And, you say,


HS: But I look in the mirror, and I see a body that needs healing. I know that there is a mind that needs healing. SO what do you mean by – “nothing to be healed?”


DS: There is nothing to be healed. There is only energy that seeks release, blessing, and resolution so it can serve in a new way. It is so very simple.


It is time now for action for you for movement of energy. Remember, we said that you go from being the Energy Holder – oh, a wonderful job, but a difficult job. You go from being the Energy Holder to the Energy Mover. You and your consciousness take a new direction and now instead of just sitting in the chair it is time to begin truly moving energy. We’re doing that right now with you. Why is that? Why is it that it is so easy for us to do it right now? It is because you have allowed yourself to get out of your head.

So, you’re making the shift. You are getting into a new type of balance, a new dynamic right now – of the heart… what you call the heart energy… the divine energy… combined with the human energy of the mind… of analysis… also of the body… of this reality. It is all melding together. You are coming to the point now where you are letting go, when you are becoming who you truly are. It is difficult to go through, a difficult process. It would seem so easy, but it is difficult letting go of that story to become who you are.

And, with all of this, you are coming to a point where now the fun begins. Now, you are already creating the vehicles that will allow you to do the things that bring you joy, that allow your passion to come out. You’re creating new venues. Some of you are creating books, others songs. Soon it will be healing centers. Then, it will be places of truly higher learning. Then, it will be places of a healing that have never truly been practiced before en masse as a group on Earth… a healing center that takes the attributes of the Temples of Tien… but puts them into your Now moment without the fear… without some of the imbalanced energies that were present in the Temples of Tien… but the very essence of the energies that we had come upon there… true healing that requires no force… no hand-waving… no need to change.

Imagine healing, physical healing where you’re not trying to inflict change. Imagine that! This is where you are at.

The New Energy Medicine

HS: My Dear, you see, ten years ago I got into an accident that took my life into a different direction. Since then my hip has hurt on and off, but lately it’s been hurting quite often and intensely. Can you comment on this?


DS: Indeed… a physical accident like the one you were involved in will have its – how to say – cause it to have problems later on in the actual physical body. And, here is a wonderful place to bring into your life, into your reality, this whole concept of the “shadow biology.” You are expressing the hurt or wounded physical self. But, behind that, laying in the shadows or in latency, is the fully repaired and corrected physical self. Let that aspect come forward now to replace the aspect that was wounded.

The body knows how to heal itself. It has all of the potentials. And, you bring that in. Now, you can’t force it in, or demand it in, or study your way into bringing it in. You bring it in through changing your belief systems about the way the body repairs itself… changing your belief system about aging… going back literally to the energy of this accident that you were involved in… looking at that to see what dynamics and what belief systems brought that on in the first place… then simply breathing in a more appropriate biology… a hip that is replaced.

Also, take a look at your belief systems about science and medicine, about how the body heals itself. The way that medical science understands healing right now is but one of many different ways of healing. So, use this case that you have here to play a bit, to find freedom from this thing that has been holding you back.


HS: Do you feel that the wholistic – more of the cleansings and hydrotherapies and enzyme use is helping my body through it, or not necessarily?


DS: That actually- the supplements that you take are actually throwing your body out of whack. I would suggest, not just for you, but you, if you are on a heavy supplement type of program – taking regular supplements – you’re going to want to get off of these. It’s sending the wrong signals to your body. If you are doing these on a daily basis, cut back to only once every few days. Eventually cut back to once a week, and then eventually let these go. Your body knows how to take care of itself quite well. But when you’re throwing supplements and enzymes and all these other things into it, your body throws up its hands, so to speak, and says “I’ll just go along with what they’re trying to do to me.” But, it has its own intelligence and abilities and we know many, many who are taking all of these supplements. Everything from vitamins and minerals, things for weight or loss of weight, and all of these other things. You are absolutely confusing your biology. Get back to the basics. Talk to your food. Talk to your body.


HS: Now I have a question about craniosacral therapy. It’s one of the things I have chosen to practice recently and most of the time I step into it with confidence that I will be led, but every now and then I think I need to improve my technique. Could you speak to that and also to what the physics is of what’s actually happening in this energetic therapy?


DS: Indeed. First we’re going to say that so many of you have learned wonderful and very helpful techniques and modalities and programs, whether they are body work or whether they are types of energy sessions or other types of work that you are doing here. These are wonderful techniques but there also comes a point where you let the technique go. You leave it behind. Right now part of the problem – and we are communicating with some that already work with you – part of the problem is that you are still attached to your techniques. They are like a crutch for you. They give you confidence but one of the reasons for any blockages is because you’re still stuck on the techniques. You think that you have to work your hands or your energy in a very specific way. If you let go of that, you’re going to be able to move to some much higher levels and do – how to say – a more efficient type of energy work here, if you let go of those techniques.

Now it is a bit frightening for some of you because those techniques are your confidence and they are your foundation. To say that you’re going to go work with a client and let go of what you’ve learned to do is a bit frightening and also, obviously, you love working with your clients. You don’t want to do anything harmful to them. But it is time to take that deep breath and let all of those old techniques go and start tapping in directly to your own wisdom, your own what you would call healing or energy moving abilities, and also tapping directly into your clients, for what they need. Some of your clients don’t need the type of work that you’re doing. They think they do and you think they do, but they need something entirely different. So once you let go of the techniques, you’re going to find yourself and your client guiding you to exactly what needs to be done. That work will then be supported by the angelic beings on the other realms, you see. Because when you are working with a client and you are moving your hands and you are doing certain types of work, there is something happening on a physical level with their physical body, but remember there are many, many other layers and levels that have to be simultaneously balanced. That is where these other angelic beings come in. For when your hands are moving and the energies of your client are shifting, there are angelic beings helping to facilitate and shift your client’s energies on other levels as well.

So let go of all of the techniques for all of you. I don’t want to get into the physics right now about what is actually happening because then you’re going to tend to go mental on it when right now it is a time to be totally intuitive and totally trusting in what you do. As you know, you have very strong energy balancing or what you would call healing capabilities, and it is time to go to the next step and make them your own.

HS: I have made a choice to totally re-balance my body and since I’ve made that choice, it seems that, well what my brain calls hot flashes have increased to the point where I feel like I’m having my own global warming, you could say! So my question is, we know that this is more than it seems. How much of this is really what our old medical would term menopause and how much of this is my body, the energy changing and should I be continuing trying to suppress this heat in my body through herbs and vitamins or should I just embrace it? Or give me some other advice, whatever it is.


DS: Indeed. When you made a choice for your body to re-balance itself, expect some change to take place! Some of you wonder why you have diarrhea. That’s a fairly simple answer. Or why you go through hot flashes or why you feel great changes in your body – because you’ve made a choice. You’ve made a choice for change, now things have to readjust. Your body’s going to flush itself out or transform it one way or the other.

Heat generally has to do with transmutation. You are transmuting many of the old energies. You in particular have so many – how to say – love affairs with your past life that you’re still holding onto in your physical body. You don’t have any past lives. You are you right now. So just let go of that concept and your body doesn’t have to work so hard to try to cope with them. Your attempts to, what you say, suppress… just the word itself causes us to shudder! You shouldn’t be suppressing anything. You should be working with – you should be flowing with – the natural and new rhythms of your body.

Get off of the supplements. Many of you are packing… filling your bodies up with supplements. You buy everything and anything that comes out. Your body can balance itself if you give it a chance and you give it the authority to do it. It is your body, you have the right to give it authority. The minute you start tinkering with it, pushing all sorts of supplements, you’re telling your body it is not wise enough to handle itself. You’re telling it that it shouldn’t be doing its natural balancing work. And of course it obeys. It obeys. Of course, it laughs at you while you’re stuffing it with all of these other things that are – how to say – relatively inappropriate, especially for a New Energy body.

We’re going to ask you to withdraw from these supplements. Give your body permission to heal itself then watch what happens. It might be hot flashes for a period of time. It might be a sore throat. It might be other discharges I do not want to mention here! But – emphasis on the but!! Your body is going through a process. It’s responding to what you called a choice. Now go along with it. Don’t steal it, don’t take away this beautiful process that it’s going through. It doesn’t even matter if you want to label it menopause or meta-pause or any other thing. It is just about it adjusting itself.


HS: Could you talk about the new medicine, and right now I am quite confused because my doctor says that I have to be operated on for some tumors in my womb, and alternative medicine people tell me that I shouldn’t have this operation. So what do you recommend for me right now? We don’t know this medicine you’re telling us about. What can I do?


DS: Indeed, we’re going to be having more discussions about energy medicine and it’s going to incorporate alternative and even traditional, but we’re going to take it to a different level.

There is nothing wrong with either alternative or traditional and we’re going to use the example of traditional medicine right now, or surgery: basically, if you choose to have surgery, you are making a choice that you want to live and you are doing it through surgery. But you can affect also the speed of healing and the effectiveness of the surgery that takes place. You don’t have to just put yourself in the hands of doctors or the medical professional. You can actively participate in the entire energetic process of the surgery.


This right now would probably be the most expedient way to get rid of these tumors. Ultimately, there is going to be even more efficient technology that comes about. But if you choose to have the operation, participate in it. Make a choice that you want your body cleared of all of these things. Make a choice that you want to live and stay here on the Earth. Make a choice that you’re going to have your body, from all time forward, keep a balance, keep a loving balance on itself so that cancer virus is never even attracted into your physical body anymore.

There is nothing wrong with traditional medicine or alternative. But right now what’s so important for you is to make your choice and integrate your desire to continue living in this physical body. It’s going to have a profound impact on the results of the surgery, if you choose to have that.

HS: I want to ask if you are familiar with a system called the “harmonic wave,” which has a tendency to use vibrations to clear specific illnesses within the body. And, I’m wondering if you see a future for that, or if… or exactly what you see about it. I don’t know a lot about it.

DS: Indeed… the thing that you refer to here, the “harmonic wave” – how to say – uses Old Energy vibrations. It is somewhat effective, but the principles need to be brought into the New Energy. There are some who are literally trying to re-create these waves and/or other waves that use mechanical devices. Now, does that even make sense that you’re going to use mechanical vibrational devices for any sort of rebalancing, or magnetic devices, or any of these other things?

First of all they’re based in Old Energy vibration. Secondly, these machines cannot be tuned precisely enough at this time to truly produce the type of waves that are needed. And, more than anything, even the ones that are somewhat effective are pale in comparison to the type of work that can be done human-to-human using the New Energy… even in these techniques of Dr. Pearl’s, where the “reconnective techniques” bring in the grandest of all energies into the facilitation process.

So, sometimes we know that you get fascinated with techniques… and machines… and vitamins… and all of these other things. Some of them have wonderful capabilities. But, understand they pale in comparison to what all of you can do yourself.

We are challenging you, we are challenging all over the world to move to the next level, to bring in the true potent energies, the divine energies. And, when you allow these divine energies to meet with the human, this is where the real transformation can take place.


HS: Could you comment on Dr. Eric Pearl’s work, “The Reconnection”, and “reconnective healing,” and the twelve strands of DNA?

DS: Indeed, we work closely with this one that you call Dr. Eric Pearl. Such an interesting background he has… such interesting work he has chosen for himself. He has, in essence, come in for a very specific reason – to simplify a divine process. In previous lifetimes, and also when he was back on our side here, he saw that there was a need to let go of all of these very tedious ways of facilitating, of allowing a healing process within a healing space.

So, he came up with something very simple. The challenge for him has been that it is so simple most people don’t believe it’s real. They want to have an elaborate ceremony. They want to have to study volumes.

Healing is so simple. If there is one party who chooses it, and another party who helps facilitate the energy, it can happen. It is no longer a miracle. It is New Energy medicine happening instantaneously between two people.

Now, he also understands that those who practice this technique of “reconnection” need to understand they are just facilitators of the process. They have to recognize they are not healers. There are no healers. There are facilitators, and there are those who choose to be healed.

HS: Many scientists all over the world are very active with new methods for facilitation of the healing process.

DS: These scientists, these researchers, are looking at new ways to help facilitate the rejuvenation of the body. Not necessarily even what you would call medicines, but a type of interesting therapy for the body, but they’re running into problems. It’s not predictable. They can’t understand why it works sometimes and why it doesn’t work other times, and the scientific and legal community are tied into predictable, definable results. If you do something once, it has to be replicated again and again and again and again.

But New Energy medicine – I’m not talking about hocus pocus with the hands, we’re talking about New Energy medicine – which is different. Why is it different? It’s New Energy and it also has to do with the desire or what you would call the intent of the patient, of the one who’s sick. It has to do with their ability to participate with the whole program.

Some of these things are being tested right now, particularly with cancer patients, but the results are so unpredictable, because they haven’t figured out yet the one basic simple element that has to be there with any rejuvenation process: the desire and the responsibility of the patient. When the patient doesn’t take responsibility for their own self and their own body, it is very hard for this type of new medicine to work at all. So they’re going to come up with this – duh! – realization that it is important to have the energy of the patient. And some of you are actually going to be working in this area. Not necessarily the medical part, but the simple work of helping a client to understand that they can affect change and activate rejuvenation within themselves. That has to do with helping humans to help other humans to rejuvenate through some of these very methods – how to be at their bedside with them, how to help them to take responsibility.

New Energy Standards

HS: There is a method in conception, in its infancy, called Revitalization through Photosynthesis. Could you comment on it in light of New Energy medicine capabilities?

DS: Indeed, it’s about creating desired seed patterns and placing them into the universal vacuum tube of invisibility and projecting them into desired reality. It is based on deep understanding of the growth process and it is applicable on every living body, not only on the human body. There is potential in this method for using of a patient’s desire and intention for permanent rebalancing from a distance, contactless. But, I’m not going to comment more here about it since you know all about it and you could master it if you decided so.

HS: I’m fascinated with Standard Technology! What about it?

DS: You can use a standard example, a Standard Technology, to recreate the patterns in the way that you choose to create them. You don’t have to get into your brain about this. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to have all of these complex methods and systems.

As you become the true Standard – your body balanced, your mind and your spirit all balanced living a passionate and happy and fulfilling life as a Teacher of the New Energy – you become the Standard for others. When you are with them your radiance now communicates with every part of them and says “It is possible. It can be done. Here is the shining example. Here is the example of health. Here is the example of balance and creativity.”

This Standard Technology is profound and simple. Some of you are going to argue with it or have a difficult time because you want a complex system. You’re in the wrong place. You’re in the wrong time. We’re going to keep it simple. But it isn’t healing at all. It is just re-balancing, at the most profound. It doesn’t involve any complexity. It is simplicity.

This Standard Technology concept is so beautiful, so simple. So simple as taking a fragment of consciousness and letting it radiate in this reality.

A fragment of a healthy cell and letting it radiate in your body.

Feel… and we’re saying the word “feel” very specifically here, it’s not about forcing… feel one healthy cell in your body. Any cell – pick it. Just feel it. Observe it. Don’t try to change it. Don’t run from it. Just feel a healthy cell. Feel its resonance.

Perhaps it was just created in the last day or two. Feel its vitality. We’re talking here… we’re not talking trying to visualize… we’re talking feel, and we say the word very specifically. This is not a mental activity, we’re asking you to feel that healthy cell in your body. It is filled with life force energy. That healthy cell is here to serve you. It is. It’s one of billions of cells, here to serve your biological needs.

Feel its essence. It’s here, it has an assignment, it knows what to do. It knows how it interrelates and communicates within itself. Feel how it communicates, this cell. You don’t have to have a science background here, by the way. Feel how the cell communicates with itself.

This one cell that has this wonderful living energy and healthy energy can, if you allow it to, communicate with every other cell in your body. And it can send out a radiant Standard Technology energy that says, “I am healthy. I am vital. I am here serving the Master” – who is you – “and you can do the same.” So every unhealthy cell in your body can hear this if you let it.

These things are happening regardless of you, but you’re not letting them manifest. You put up a barrier or a wall that keeps it from happening. But you’re going to take that down now, if you choose, and let that one standard cell now communicate with every other cell about health and harmony, flowing life force energy. Every other cell, every strand of DNA, every part of your biological beingness can hear this. Let it. Let it happen. Let that one standard cell communicate to every other cell and sing its song of health, of life.

This is for you and this is healing. Forget everything else, unless of course you want to make it complex. This is healing. You see, we call it reflective or even mirror healing because the other cells in your body can pick up this example of the healthy cell, the cell that you are intimately feeling, and they can start picking up the resonance of health also.

You have cancer? It can clear the cancer out of your body in a very short period of time and it can do it naturally, without the invasiveness of some of the human techniques right now that are designed to kill, not to exemplify. A standard cell, in this case, can heal the entire body.

HS: This is a wonderful point to conclude with for this time. So, in creation I find that everything is, and it always was.

DS: I found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there.

HS: The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It’s allowing me to be the radiant Creator.

DS+HS: … always is… and always wasCheers!