Tesla Radiation Balancer




The TESLA RADITION BALANCER is a product that provides genuine protection in form of a self-adhesive sticker certified by the Hado Life Institute of Dr. Masaru Emoto which 100% balances radiation from any device if attached to it, protecting human body and environment from its harmful effects and eliminating with time the damages already caused by the radiation. It can be successfully applied to:

Tesla Radiation Balancer
Cell Phones
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Microwave ovens
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Cordless Phones
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Wireless Monitors
Tesla Radiation Balancer
Wi-Fi routers
Tesla Radiation Balancer
TV sets
Tesla Radiation Balancer


If the TESLA RADITION BALANCER is attached to any of these devices in an interior space (like in a home or an office) their entire balanced radiation creates a safe space of balanced radiation where human cells become balanced and with time their innate ability to self-balance becomes re-awakened. The safe space of balanced radiation balances further every other unbalanced radiation entering into that safe space providing full harmonization and happiness in your living space.

The TESLA RADITION BALANCER has a circular shape with a diameter of 9.5 mm, requires NO MAINTENANCE and has an UNLIMITED GUARANTEE.

In order to avoid possible mechanical damages we recommend that you apply the TESLA RADITION BALANCER somewhere inside (like the inside of the battery cover or the back side of the SIM card) or on the bottom side of a device.

Before sticking the TESLA RADITION BALANCER please clean the chosen surface where you are going to apply it and let it dry good.

Radiation Danger

There are so many indisputable proofs that radiation from all above mentioned devices is enormously harmful in many ways. Many reputable scientific institutions like the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have been investigating different harmful effects of radiation and reporting about it so that, for example, the World Health Organization lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform, because radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer – it increases 40% the risk for eye cancer, melanoma. The Italian Supreme Court ruled that cell phone radiation caused a man’s brain tumor. The list goes on and on.

Those who do not want to face the truth can not avoid the catastrophic consequences by hiding their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

Let me be allowed to quote here what the highest divine intelligence and wisdom shared about the subject. Quote:


Now those cellular telephones you cannot live without have been adapted to transmit microwave carrier signals that mutate living cells in the body. Cell “mutation” IS cancer, friends. Do you remember when mobile phones were first introduced to the public? They had warning tags that said: “Keep the antenna as far away from your head as possible” and “Avoid touching antenna while phone is in operation.” The World-wide Grid System is up and running so you do not need antennas protruding from your cellular phones any more. However, they are much more lethal now, they can focus those deadly pulsed signals with pinpoint accuracy. That is why the Elite’s version of “wireless” is practically given away so that every man, woman and child is “CONNECTED” by hand-held device to the system.”

On the internet there is so much information about the subject available to everyone and I give here only a few links:






Regarding the deadly influence of the microwave radiation of microwave ovens there are numerous cited proofs that can be found on the internet:




The friendly suggestion and the serious warning from all investigators is to stop using microwave ovens, but I instead recommend you use the Tesla Radiation Balancer to balance that radiation so that you would be 100% protected from the harmful effects and could continue to enjoy its convenience. Without using the Tesla Radiation Balancer the microwave ovens make dead food devoid of nutrients and you eat death, but with using the Tesla Radiation Balancer your food would be made alive and by eating the food you would be charging your body with life. Cheers!

Certification of the radiation balancing technology

The radiation balancing technology has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of Dr. Masaru Emoto who is inventor of so called “Water Crystal Photography” – the only existing method for recording the water crystal structure. He made many measurements and confirmed that balanced water has a hexagonal crystal structure like a snow flake (spa waters and rain water) and proved that the water crystal structure reflects the degree of balance of the incoming radiation: ONLY balanced radiation causes the hexagonal water crystal structure.

Human cells are at least 75% water, whereas brain cells are 85% water, and blood cells are even 95% water!!! It is clear now why water was chosen for the certification purposes.

For the sake of the certification process of the radiation balancing technology the microwave radiation of Cell Phones was chosen since there is so many irrefutable evidence that it causes heavy harm, including brain tumors and the melanoma cancer, and has been called the largest biological experiment ever – it questions the very survival of human kind!

The plan for certification was as follows: 1. to take water from a source from a mountain, which contains high levels of zinc, lead and other heavy metals so for sure the water was unbalanced, 2. to take one liter of the water in a glass bottle and irradiate it for five minutes with the radiation of a Cell Phone to which the sticker was attached, 3. to take one liter of the water in a glass bottle and irradiate it for five minutes with the radiation of the same Cell Phone to which the sticker was not attached, 4. to take one liter of the water in a glass bottle without any irradiation and send all three bottles to the Hado Life Europe Establishment for analysis.

The results of their measurements are given bellow. The images below are taken out of the complete certificate for the sake of presentation here.

The first image is the stamp of the Hado Life Europe Establishment in Lichtenstein with the signature of its director DI Msc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, number MWST – Nr. 55666.

The second image is water crystal photography of the water that was irradiated for five minutes with the radiation from a Cell Phone to which the sticker was attached. The hexagonal water structure in the form of a beautiful snow flake confirms that the water was balanced.

The third image is water crystal photography of the water that was irradiated for five minutes with the radiation from the same Cell Phone to which the sticker was not attached. The image shows a very chaotic structure what confirms that the water was unbalanced.

The fourth image is water crystal photography of the chosen water as taken from the source – and not treated with any radiation. The image shows a totally chaotic structure confirming our expectations that the water from the selected source was unbalanced.


Since the chosen water was unbalanced and since the water became balanced after it was irradiated with the radiation of the Cell Phone to which the sticker was attached, it is obvious that the sticker caused the radiation of the Cell Phone to become balanced and then the balanced radiation caused the water to become balanced – see the second image. The radiation from the Cell Phone to which the sticker was not attached did not balance the water – see the third image. In other words, it was certified that the sticker balances 100% the radiation from any device to which it is attached.

Scientific explanation of the background

ALL man made radiation in this civilization is unbalanced! Why?

This is a harsh statement but it is true one.

In order to confirm this statement and to answer this question properly we have to understand and accept that one of the primary laws of creation is the law of ORDER as Tesla shared it. Quote:

As a bit of digression, when you search into phenomena – whether it is the phenomena of physics, music, art, human physiology or whatever – and get beyond the physical forms, energies and activities, you eventually arrive at the inner essence. Then, behind this essence is something even deeper or more fundamental, more profound – the wondrous Father as we most lovingly refer to this Creator of creators. You find that everything is the handiwork of the Creative Force of the whole universe – The Creation Itself, in a manner of reference, one of the primary Laws of which is “order”. It is a most orderly universe and when areas are unbalanced by chaos, order must be restored.

In an orderly universe everything hangs together and works together, somehow. Life appears chaotic only to the inexperienced eye or ear – the eye that does not see and the ear that does not hear. The universe is most orderly; in fact – the whole of Creation, really, is a beautiful mathematical creation. I would call it a mathematical or geometric creation. Someone more poetic might even call it a musical creation – with wonderful balance of harmonic frequencies.”

The second fact we have to understand and accept is that Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla knew the truth about atoms and particles. Namely, they knew that atoms consist of the light rings spinning around the centering point where the Creator (or God, or Spirit, or Mind) sits and centers the atoms from inside, that electrons are the expanding light rings spinning around the centering Mind point and that protons are the compressing light rings spinning around the centering Mind point. (This is the true concept of atom and particle which Undersigned has proven experimentally and results of which will be published soon). They knew also that any radiation consists of electrons – the expanding light rings spinning around the centering Mind point. Now, if the light rings are spinning around the geometric center of a circle, that radiation is balanced and causes balanced effects according to the universal Law of Action and Reaction and the principle of resonance.

(Law of Action and Reaction: Action and Reaction are EQUAL in a KIND, OPPOSTE in DIRECTION, SIMULTANEOUS in EXPRESSION and REPETITIVE in OCCURANCE. Tesla explained so genuinely the resonance principle; Quote: “One extra point I would like to mention, by applying a charge of external energy to a relatively closed system, you can selectively energize a given octave of energy. This is a simple process I used all my life, yet still only a few people have understood this subject. It is the basic principle of resonance”).

Opposite to that, if the light rings are spinning around a center that has shifted from the geometric center of a circle, that radiation is unbalanced and causes unbalanced effects according to the universal law of Action and Reaction and the resonance principle.

The question is WHY and HOW it happens that the center of the spinning light rings moves out of the geometric center of a circle?

This question can ONLY be answered correctly if we start from the truth that we human beings are CONSCIOUSNESS (eternal mental beings – there is NO death!) and that we create material things mentally through imagination or thinking process, as Tesla expressed it with the following thoughts; Quote:

“…realization about the inner nature of men and women – that they are spiritual beings and that all the phenomena of human behavior can be traced back to a spiritual core. This core is the real center of your life force, the real cause of our good ideas, our noble and loving thoughts, our involvement in life, and all the varied expressions of our humanity in daily living. When you can understand that, you are dealing with the essence of human psychology – the essence of all ideas about human behavior, sickness and wholeness as projected by that idea of behavior. To clarify a bit further, your experience of the idea of your central spiritual nature would be the realization that you are spirit living in physical body. The force of that idea is your spirit, but the experience of that idea is a realization.”

In simple words, any radiation consists of expanding light rings in which centers sits the spirit of the creator of that radiation. In the case of human creations human spirit is sitting in the center of every piece of its creation. The centering spirit “reads up” creator’s thoughts (actually CREATOR IS SITTING in the centers of every piece of her/his creation) and reacts accordingly causing the spinning of the light rings to be around the geometric center of a circle if creator’s INTENT is in harmony with the God’s Love law of equal giving and regiving (GOOD intent). Opposite to it, if creator’s INTENT is in disharmony with God’s Love law of equal giving and regiving (BAD intent: if we demand INTEREST – to take more than we give) the centering spirit causes the spinning of the light rings to act as if they were spinning around a center which is shifted from the geometric center – in other words it causes the unbalanced radiation. The question HOW the spirit can do it is obsolete since the spirit is OMNIPOTENT! (This is one of the secrets of Creation).

The conclusion is that radiation from any electric device in this civilization is either balanced if the intent of its creator is a GOOD one or unbalanced if the intent of its creator is a BAD one. It is known, furthermore, that the electric current is producing a magneto-electric field (radiation) which is propagating around the conducting wire so that anywhere where the electric current exists it causes a radiation – in other words radiation is an effect of the cause which is the electric current.

The American businessman JP Morgan had financed the initial phase of the Wardenclyffe tower, thinking it was going to be a huge power plant as Nikola Tesla (the inventor of AC current) said to him. However, Tesla left out the final stage of his plan and when Morgan found out Tesla was planning on the “wireless distribution of power through the world” he backed out of his contract with Tesla and thus the tower was never completed. Actually Tesla was going to give free energy to the world and JP Morgan canceled their contract so that Tesla had to sell the towers for scrap to pay off his loans and had a mental breakdown over it. It prevented manifestation of the Tesla’s dream of free energy at that time.

Here is the response of JP Morgan to Tesla’s idea:

“Mr. Tesla I am not in the business of providing the world with free power. If I cannot put a meter on it, or sell it by the pound, the gallon, or the barrel I am not interested in funding it.”

“If we went with Mr. Tesla’s plan we would be reduced to only selling antennas!”

“What Mr. Tesla doesn’t know is that I also own or control most of the copper mines in this country. The only people buying copper are putting up wires. Why on Earth would I allow his wireless invention to shut down whole industries that I control and that make me money!” 

No wonder that since that time all the man made radiation in this civilization is ‘blessed” from within with the anti God intent of JP Morgan and of all those who have been accepting and practicing the same.

However Tesla said to JP Morgan: “You may have the Present, but I will have the Future!”

The “Future” is NOW!

In the heritage of Nikola Tesla, it is our highest task to offer the world a solution that is in full coherence with the works of Tesla.

It is clear now that the challenge of radiation balancing lies in replacing the bad intent with the good intent or in replacing the JP Morgan’s taking intent with the Tesla’s giving intent.

Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell were greatly connected and Tesla told Russell that his work was too early for Man’s proper acceptance and handling thereof. He suggested that Russell put away great portions of his work until mankind could ready itself. THAT WAS DONE AND IS COMING FORTH IN THIS NEW ERA!

The TESLA RADITION BALANCER is one first step in Tesla’s blessing for this new era of humanity!


The dream of free energy

Manifestation of Tesla’s dream of free energy (it is the dream of all of us souled beings) was prevented by JP Morgan’s greedy evil intent of taking, but the dream is still there in the higher dimensions waiting for the order to be reestablished to enable its manifestation. To reestablish the order means to replace the JP Morgan’s evil taking intent with Tesla’s good giving intent. It can be done ONLY by our action since we are the expression of the idea of a man in action. The best strategy for our success is to use the concept of “standard” what means to start building all over the world small balanced areas – space with the Tesla spirit and good intent. According to the resonance principle those areas will start transmuting more and more of the bad intent areas around it into the good intent areas until the total space of the good intent becomes much, much larger than the bad intent space in which moment the dream of free energy will start manifesting. Not before! By doing so we will start promoting Tesla as the standard for HONESTY, KNOWLEDGE and RATIONALITY and start healing the heavy diseases of the human consciousness which are DISHONESTY (lying and cheating), MYSTICISM (lack of knowledge) and IRRATIONALITY (slavery to technology).

The TESLA RADITION BALANCER is God’s blessed ideal tool for us to start living the dream of the free energy. God did his part in this co-creation, it is our turn now. Let all of us who are feeling the Tesla spirit inhabit our own spirit, create the balanced space in our living and working environments and become the standards in this grand and blessed action. Let us live the dream of the free energy.

Tesla is living spirit as well as every one of us is – so Tesla is not dead as wrongly believed in our civilization. He is living spirit and sits in our hearts waiting patiently for us to become open and ready to start living the dream of the free energy.