Right now, there is the conflict that’s going on between Ukraine and Russia which is drawing in the rest of the world, but there’s much more to it than that. Our planet is at the verge of making choices that could go either way: either making a choice to continue on with the power games or to be done with them and decide for Love which is powerless and that’s why the strongest power in the Cosmos.

With this book I want to promote the Love way and I invite all of you who will read the book to join me in this blessed and sacred mission of bringing Love, Peace, Truth and Knowledge to this planet.

The Love way is that simple: shine your Light and don’t take sides. Shine your Light without agenda and don’t try to inflict any solution, because Light is intelligent and knows how to balance any unbalanced circumstances for the best and highest good. Shining your Light is the most powerful prayer ever which is that simple and costs nothing. My massion (mission + passion) is to bring the truth so that you can decide for yourself: either accept the truth and live it, or turn away from the truth.

With “Light” is not meant the light which we can experienced with our senses, but it is meant the still, motionless, balanced, intelligent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, infinite and eternal magnetic Light which God Is and which can only be known with Mind, but cannot be experienced with our senses. The word “Light” is synonymous for the totality of the infinite, eternal, unchangeable and immeasurable QUALITIES of the universal Mind which are Idea, Love, Inner Vision, Rhythm, Intuition, Instinct, Inspiration, Balance, Concept, Beauty, Energy and Knowingness, and which are simulated with the finite, mortal, changeable and measurable QUNATITIES of the electric light waves which science calls elements of matter. 

In the book is given the history of a constant state of war for over 900 YEARS between “Jewish” Khazars and “White” Russians, taken from different sources. At the end of each chapter is quoted the source from which it is taken. 

It is also given a message from Jesus regarding this conflict as well as a petition for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, which should be repeated on daily basis.

Of course, different approaches to resolution of this conflict are presented as well, so that you can take your own choice.

I wish you a happy choice.




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