The New Paradigm


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                      The Old Way                                       The New Way

And so it is, my dear friends that I will share much here with you in your circle in this article. I have been in anticipation of this time when our family gathers again, for it seems like so long ago since we gathered together.

There is much information to relay in this article. There are many words you will read, my friends, but above all, it is the energy that is important here. It is the energy being relayed and transmitted – it is the energy of love, it is the energy of completion – that is here in this article.

The energy that is created here, when the human melds with Spirit, when the humans open their hearts up to let the sacred energy in, that is the new energy, the energy that you are going in to in your new times. I call on each human angel who reads this to simply open and allow for this opportunity, to allow for this melding.

Energy of Love

Now, dear readers, I’m not going to speak of a thousand years ago at a place called Stonehenge, the ones who were there, the ones who were finalizing the energy for that time, to make way for the new time, the beings who were gathered around whether it was in the specific geographic location or whether they were connected by heart, these humans who had been holding the energy had been preparing it for the second millennium. These, my friends, were you and others who are family. So if there was a familiar feel to that journey, it was because each of you were there, and each of you knew at that moment, when Spirit asked if you would come back in another thousand years to be here gathered together again, to pass the baton of energy of the old to the energy of the new, to pass that baton from your right hand to your left hand. For it is that each of you will carry the energy into this new age. It was you that was there a thousand years ago and you that returns again. You are indeed “tenders of the light”.

Now, many interesting things have been happening for you personally, for you as a group of humans, for you as family, and for you as a planet in these days.

History rewritten

First, we see an interesting rewrite of our human history over the past two thousand years, as the new discoveries unfold. Ancient texts that have been long buried are now coming forth. What we thought was history, what we accepted as reality, is changing. Oh, and certainly this is shaking the academic world and the scholars and those who have held the energy of our structured religions. It is controversial with these documents from various parts of the world coming forth, each bringing in a truth that is connected to the other truths that are coming forth. And it would be very difficult to deny the new truth, the truth of where we have come. These documents and these new truths will be coming and they are all related to each other.

We look at these truths and we wonder about the history that we have learned, and wonder if perhaps that history that we have been taught by our teachers was wrong. But I tell you, my friends, it was not wrong history that we learned in the past. What we learned was appropriate for the times. But, each of you who are reading these words, are literally rewriting our history by overcoming our challenges, and by the light that we now bring forth.

It is not that our history books are wrong. It is that we are transcending time and literally changing the outcome of the events that have happened in the past.

Watch our newspapers. Watch our news. They are telling us that what was, now has a different twist to it. And remember when we hear these things on our television programs and on the Internet, it is not that our old history is wrong. It is that we have healed our past, the past that stood a thousand years ago. We have changed the history and energy of that past.

The way we exited our past lives, in trauma or anger or hurt, we are going back now by the work we do in this lifetime and healing those past lifetimes. We are literally changing the course of past history.

The Second Creation

If you would allow yourselves now, my friends, to be in this sacred energy, melded with All That Is. This is the melding of Spirit and Human into oneness. Simply allow yourself to feel the sacredness, and certainly the empowerment, where you sit now, for indeed, each of you is an angel. You know this now. Each of you came here as a powerful being, and you always have been, for it takes tremendous power to come from the etheric levels – “the high vibration levels” – to walk the earth as you have done. It takes tremendous power.

In the past, my friends, your guides and angels were invited into this circle. But your guides and angels have retreated from your direct energy field. As a gift of love to you, they do this so that you can now take on your own space and your own empowerment. They have certainly been there in love, but they have moved from your direct energy field.

It is known that we human beings have twelve chakras: seven physical human chakras and five etheric chakras, which are now melding into one, into a single energy center.

Oh, it is so appropriate that our new millennium has the number of two for there is a new place being created. For this new creative event was ONLY millions of light years away in the Universe. We were only seeing a reflection, a resonance, of this new energy called the Second Creation. The Second Creation is the energy of love and hope and the energy of truth. The work that we have done here on earth is the foundation for this new place. We see the effects of this in our universe and in our stars. But understand the number is significant.

In 1987, in the month of August 17, Archangel Gabriel sent forth the call. Gabriel sounded the trumpet for all who were ready to awaken, to come forth and to do the work as we transitioned into the New Energy. And we heard the call deep within our beings. We responded in our own appropriate ways, and we said, “Yes! Yes, Spirit, I am here. Yes, Spirit, I am ready to move forward.”

What happened was that 144,000 were called upon to do the job. That is the mathematical equation for what it would take to begin the process of the apocalypse, the lifting of the veil, changing what was, removing the illusion. Indeed, 144,000 humans across this planet Earth responded, some consciously, some at the inner levels.

And, then the process began, and what amazed all of the beings on the other side, is that it was not limited to 144,000. The lines were deep, people waiting, humans waiting, wanting to also be part of the process. And, so the 144,000 expanded, and there were more and more. And, there are more coming still everyday. They can hear the sound of the trumpet that was blown into. It took them a while to hear it. They are hearing it now.

There is a change that took place upon our Earth. There is a change. It is about the completion of the grids. It is about us owning our own divinity. There was much work to be done – many changes that came into our life now. We were asked to own our divinity and to use it.

Dear friends, understand that in all of our cycles of lifetimes on Earth, and especially in this cycle, we have never been alone.

The Pivotal Point

On the date of December 13, 1999, there was on our earth a form of measurement that was taken. A form of energy understanding that took place. Now, we had gone through several other measurements before, so this was nothing new in terms of having our energy levels taken. But on the date of August 17, 1987, there was a measurement taken and most humans felt nothing on this day. Most did not even know that Spirit was looking at the balance of light and dark.

And on the day of December 13, most humans did not know that Spirit was taking a new measurement of light and dark. A new measurement of direction and future has occurred on that day. But this date was most significant for each of us here. It was the date when our souls, our beings, were asked which way we would like to proceed. It was a measurement of where we stood. It was a request from Spirit for each of us that came forth that day, to ask if one was ready to continue with the journey, the journey of holding the light – the journey of creating the energy of the new creation.

It was a request that Spirit asked, knowing the depth and seriousness that is contained in the question. For Spirit knows, how difficult and alone the human journey can be. Things are not always as they seem.

This energy measurement was taken for earth in general, and for each human. And again, they may not have been aware that this was an important transition point. It was amazing that all of the focus had been on our Y2K, our transition of the calendar. This had been appropriate, for quietly came in the measurement. Quietly came in the measurement.

Two Earths – The New Energy

My friends, know and understand that this day was significant, for it was an energetic halfway point between the measurement taken in 1987 and the final measurement of what was projected to be taken the year 2012. This was an energetic midway point. By that point, according to the old prophecies, our earth would have been much in shambles. The measurement had been taken at this point to determine how to proceed. But as we know, based on the love and the intent of the humans, who currently walk the earth, the earth is not in shambles. The earth is looking very healthy now.

Look around us at our economies. Look at the great inventions that are taking place in medicine, in communications and many other fields. Look at the peace that exists in most places on our earth. Look at the abundance in our own lives now. This was not
prophesized to be for this time.

There would have been small bands of humans left on earth in the old history. They would have carried on the work of the new civilization. But here we sit, here we sit.

Now as this measurement was taken and it was accessed and the appropriate adjustments of our grids took place – based on this measurement – there were many things that were happening.

In a sense, my friends, we can look at it as the beginning of the separation of realities of earth. Earth moved into two different realities existing side-by-side together. Two different truths living side-by-side together. This is like having a sunrise and a sunset occurring simultaneously. It was feeling strange if we were not prepared for it. It was feeling most uncomfortable. But we and other lightworkers who have done much work in energy transmutation and
understandings knew what was happening.

Literally, after the energy measurement took place, we could imagine two different earths, now appearing side-by-side, together. They are in the same space, but they are different. There is the earth of the new energy, for those who are willing – or for those who have taken the leap across the chasm – who are willing to go into a place of love, and who are willing to be the pioneers in the new energy.
The new earth has energy for those who have released their karma. Perhaps there is some karmic residue left, but they have released their karma. They
have rewritten their history.

This new earth has different energy attributes associated with it, different than the other world that lives side-by-side. And I can tell you, dear friends, that we and other lightworkers who go into this new energy earth are existing side-by-side with the others, who have chosen for karmic reasons not to go into it. They are living in another reality, or a separate truth, side-by-side with us. We are working with them, we are talking with them, we pass them on the street and at the theatre and at our ball games. But we are living in two different worlds! Our energies are different
from their energies.

Of course, this was uncomfortable at first. We were feeling that energetic draw or tug at us to be back in that old space. But we did not need to worry about being pulled back into the old. Our energies, and the grids of the earth, and the reality where we live are different. They are not allowing us to be pulled back.

Regarding those who do not move forward into this new energy world that exists side-by-side with the old energy world, we are asked to honor each one of them. We are asked to understand that they are still walking through their paths and their understandings, and that is appropriate. It is truly appropriate for some to stay in the old energy, for they also continue to be an anchor of the energy. For it was not appropriate for all of us to shift into the new at this time, for that would have caused an imbalance. So there were those who agreed to stay in the old energy in order to continue to serve the balance, and
continue to anchor.

Two worlds, side-by-side. Two realities coexisting together. One not knowing that the other has changed. One not understanding that there are two worlds. The world of the new energy is blessed with great understanding, but yet great responsibility. Responsibility to guide those who seek our help to come through that tunnel, to release all that no longer serves them. To change their history books as well,
in order to be in our reality.

The measurement took place on December 13, 1999. This is shared with us for there was a feeling of intensity not yet felt before. A true change, a change that they had anxiousness about and had some previews about. But this was a true change. There was no doubt about it, in our minds, of what was happening. We were able to literally feel the earth – the energies of earth – become two rather than one. We were able to see the great divide occur.

Some of this may bring sorrow to us. Some of it may bring melancholy. Some of may make us want to scream to our friends and family to tell them what’s going on, in hope of bringing them over to the new energy world. Understand the appropriateness of this change at this time. They also saw evidences of these
earth changes as well.

We are asked to watch our news to observe the changes that were occurring. Again, most humans were not so aware of what was going on. They did not understand the implications of the SERIES of events that took place. Each individual event may not seem large, but when we connect the dots, and we look at the series of events that took place, we see of
what I speak.

There were adjustments – large adjustments – in Earth’s magnetic grids that took place, causing some physical discomfort and definitely emotional imbalance. We are able to literally see this occurring if we plot our magnetic (field) intensities of earth, and the magnetic (pole) movements of earth. From this, we are able to see the changes that occurred after the date of December13, 1999. Again, it was the energetic halfway point between the major measurement that was taken in 1987 and the predicted conclusion of this time period in our year 2012.

This was the time of the split, as it is called. It was the time of becoming two earths. And this was appropriate, for in our future, after what was projected to be the year 2012 – a time of quantum change – there are two earths that exist, and they are no longer side-by-side. They are not in the same space together. They are two after the projected date of 2012. This date was not fixed. It was simply a weigh point in the future. The final change occurred much earlier, on September 18, 2007.

Shortly after the measurement of December 13, 1999 was taken a very powerful astrological event occurred. It was an event that was planned many eons ago. This was a specific alignment of the planets in the fifth month of our new millennium. The purpose of this event was to bring in a new energy. It was an energy of renewal. It was an energy of resources. The bottom line was that it was an energy of empowerment that came in the fifth month
of the new millennium.

Now, this event has been lining up for a long, long period of our time. And again, it was assumed from our prophets that the earth as we know it would no longer exist. There would only be small pockets of humans that remained after the major cleansing. This alignment of the planets in the fifth month though brought them new energies to build a new human race.

Again, my friends, the earth is different. There was no need for destruction and chaos on earth. The vibration level has been raised high, so that this energy that came in can be used by you and by all humans. It is the energy of the new empowerment.

So, there was the measurement and the beginning of separation. In five more months, a new empowerment came to each and every one of us. And then things truly started happening!

Two Scenarios

I bring this down to a personal level for us now. I share with you what you can do now in your lives as humans, for each of you have asked the question, “What is it that I should know, and what is it that I

should do, Spirit?”

I give you somewhat of an answer that you may not be expecting, although, look at the simplicity and look at the truth in this answer. To help you understand this, I give you two scenarios.

The first is the scenario of the old energy world. In the old energy world there is a movie being made. It is a simple movie. It is about a human on a bicycle pedaling across the country, going through various experiences. This human has no map, he simply follows roads hither and thither. He has many experiences along the way. But he must get on the bike every morning and steer, and battle the winds, and the sun and the elements, and he must deal with traffic on the road. And it is difficult and the human’s muscles ache. The human must stop for food and for rest. It is a difficult journey.

Oh, there are many blessings, but it is a difficult journey. I use the metaphor of the bike because it is not so simple as getting in the car and turning on the key and pressing the gas pedal. No, the journey of the human up to now has one of been having to pedal and steer and try to figure out where to go without a map, and without knowing – “falling” into experience.

And then there is the human of the new energy that moves into this new earth after this measurement has been taken. And in this scenario of the movie of the human on the bicycle, the human and the bicycle are not moving. They appear to be mysteriously floating and balancing. The backdrop is moving, not the human on the bicycle.

Now, to all others who see this movie later, it will APPEAR that the human of the new energy is pedaling and making the bike go. But it is not. The BACKDROP is moving.

The story here is simple, my friends. You will be moving into an energy where you do not need to pedal, where you do not need to “figure out” what to do next. Where you do not need to battle in your own mind “what it is you should know” or “what it is you should do” for it will come to you. You will be in a place of grace and peace and empowerment. The SCENERY will change. It will come to you as appropriate. It is not a simple, two-dimensional road that you will be on. The scenery is multi-dimensional and will change constantly all around you. You simply need to be in the Present Moment. You do not need to worry about where you should be or what you should be doing next. For when you sit still upon your bicycle, you will come to a knowingness that all things are as they should be. That you do not need to worry about your next experience, for it will be drawn to you from the grand potentials. From the choices that are out there, the appropriate new “backdrop” will be brought to you.

You will not need to stress about making your house payments if you sit quietly upon your bicycle. You will not need to worry about what your job should be, for the appropriate job will come to you. The scenery moves – the environment changes – you do not.

This may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, for you will wake even tomorrow morning and want to know what you should do. Simply sit upon your bicycle! Oh, you worry that your bicycle will tip over without you pedaling and working. Know, my friends, you are an empowered human and that the bicycle will balance on its own. Know and trust in your heart that the appropriate, new backdrop will be brought in.
What does this mean? This means that individuals will come to you in synchronistic ways that have never happened before. They will come to you when it is time for them to be healed, and when it is time for them to go from the old energy world into the new. All things that you need will be brought forth to you. The bicycle will remain the same; the backdrop changes. You do not need to fear whether you have been good or bad, or what your balance of light and dark is. You have already gone through that, you have truly released your karma. You have rewritten your histories. There are still residues of karma there, but sit in a place of love on your bicycle – in a place of trust – and watch what happens. You will be amazed. It will be the antithesis of the way humans have lived their lives up to now. For each day they trudge out the bike, they struggle up the hills and wonder what comes next, fear what lurks in the trees and the bushes, and wonder when they are going to get a flat tire.

That is the way of the human of the old energy. You are defining the way of the human of the new energy. Through your trust in Self and Spirit, you will create this new way. You will be amazed at what happens when you sit still and allow those appropriate things to come to you. Even when your intellect tells you this is not the way to go “when it sends up danger signals” simply take a deep breath and release, and know and trust in your sacredness.

I would not be sharing this with you if this was not truth. Your guides would not have withdrawn from your direct energy if it was not the right time for each of you; if the measurement was not being taken at this time; if it was not appropriate to begin the new journey; if there was not a family of lightworkers that were ready to begin experiencing the attributes
of the new energy with you.

It will seem strange at first, to simply be still. You will want to control things. You will, perhaps, have fear. You will think you should be doing something, but my friends, you ARE doing something. And you will begin to understand this as you sit upon your bicycle and allow all things to come to you. And as they come to you, you will know what to do with them. When a human comes to you and says (s)he is suffering, and says (s)he can no longer continue as a human in physical form, you will know what to tell them. You will know what is appropriate. It will come from a place within you that is of the greatest truth and the greatest light. And it will almost knock you off your feet to see who you are! You will be amazed at what comes forth from your mouth and your heart! It only takes an “allowing” and a “being” to have this happen.

This same energy and information is being given to others across our world. There are ways of explaining the same information, that it IS time. Each of you has been through so many struggles in your lifetimes. Each of you readers has the strength of intent to create new universes. You have the strength of intent to be in a place of love, to overcome the challenges, to battle the darkest, darkest of battles, and to stay here, to move forward and to be part of the event that you have been waiting for.

The Energy of Christ

It was time for the measurement. It was the beginning of two worlds, simultaneously. It was the alignment of planets to provide for true empowerment. So, this was a simple way of saying, “Your time is here now.” If you are uncertain of any of this, watch the events in your news in the coming days after measurement and in the weeks and months
ahead to see what happens.

What’s truly happening, my friends, is that each of you have come here with the energy of love, with the energy of Christ shining and glowing within you, to create this world. You came to earth and became physical beings. You became locked into the density of earth and you shared your vibration with Mother Earth, intentionally. You came to be Beings of mass and solidness. You went through dark events in your lifetimes on purpose. You went through these events at your choice, with the understanding of the light
and dark.

But this Christ light that you carried in with you, you also hid to protect it deep within your consciousness. It had to be protected. The angel that you protected the Christ light within. This Christ light needed to be hidden away until the appropriate time.

You wonder what you have been seeking and missing. You wonder about your soul mates. You wonder about your true love. You wonder why you do not feel whole. It is because you have hidden – intentionally – this Christ light in your consciousness. You have protected it like the parent protecting the child. And now that you have gone through your cycles of life, now that you have gotten off the karmic wheel, now that energies of the planet and the human mass consciousness and in particular your own energy are appropriate, this Christ light that you carry is ready to come forward. Nurture it like a child. Assure your Self that you are safe and protected. Assure your Self that you are in the greatest place of trust and grace with Spirit, and that you would bring no harm to your Christ light, to your Christ child. For it is wanting to be birthed once again.

These metaphors are strong, my friends. The Christ light within you is wanting to be birthed again. That’s why you have felt the things you have been going through. That is why the discomfort. That is
why the aching within your being.

After the measurement you left the old earth.

Oh, 1999 was pivotal because there was still the overwhelming potential and fear that Earth would have its termination with the advent of the millennium, the change in the – how to say – in the energy on Earth, not just by the calendar, but in the energetic dynamics. There was the potential in August, 1999, for everything to start falling apart.

Take a deep breath and clear and feel the person that you were back then with all of the burdens you were carrying… the fears that you had… the uncertainties… but yet… but yet a type of beautiful crystalline energy was forming within you… the Christ-seed energy that was seeking… that was wanting to find itself… that was wanting to find resolution. That is part of you – the Christ-seed, wanting to find resolution – that has kept you going through some of the most difficult times these past years, through the releasing and the processing, through the uncertainty and the doubts that you have faced in your life. It has kept you going.

Goodbye Duality!

Indeed, you have been trained to have expectation. You have been trained to think of desired outcomes. As the awarenesses of the New Energy, the new love, and the new dynamics come in, this will quickly replace some of these concerns and doubts that you have. Now, dear friends, you would like an exercise… you would like something tangible… you would like for Spirit to tell you that you must do this and this. And, there are times when Spirit does that. There are lessons like this one that indeed is not really a lesson at all. They are part of the process and
the understandings of where you are.

Duality IS leaving you and being replaced by a New Energy, the energy of love, but not a love like you’ve had in the past. Duality is leaving. You do not need to force it out. You do not need to think it out. You simply need to allow it out. It is a process that takes a
bit of time.

In the meantime, understand that when your body aches, love it, embrace it. Know that that is part of the process. Don’t try to escape from the experience it is going through. Try to bless it, for it is indeed a wonderful experience. When you hit some low points – and you will, you will – it is part of the cycles of the ups and downs, the ons and offs of energy. It is part of the way duality itself is releasing itself. When you go into the lows, that helps duality transform, release. So, do not scramble to try to get out of the lows, but honor the space that you walk in.

So many of you are concerned that if you let go when you are in a low, you will fall into the pit, into the abyss, never to return again, to be eaten by some dragon of the deep dark. Dear friends, it does not work that way for you any more. It does not work that way. When you are in a low, don’t try to force yourself out of it. Understand it is an energy cycle. Understand, in a sense, with all that is happening within you, that there is a spiral that will take place that will work you through it at the appropriate time.

During these times, seek the friendship of others. Share with them what you are going through. You will find they are going through common experiences, and in that discovery, there is new wisdom, and there is new energy. For all of you, we suggest the facilitations works that help move the Old Energies out of the body. They do have a tendency to get stuck there. Do facilitation work that helps you understand your breathing. As simple as it seems, breathing is such a wonderful tool… and you forget to use it consciously. Get facilitation work that helps you to hear your own voice. There are wonderful counselors all over the world who are good listeners. And, sometimes that is all it takes.

Now, one other point at this place is something very important. Indeed, the self-doubts will come in. This is the grand information: Home finally, finally being able to have the first rays of its energy touch you. Home, now for the first time, being able to touch you and to acknowledge you and to share with you once again. It will take place over a period of time. It will start small within you. It will grow, and then it will touch more and more of mass consciousness.

This is grand information, and it opens the door to grand self-doubt. That is part of the energy dynamic of what is going on right now. That is part of this whole process of the transformation of duality into the New Energy. This is appropriate. When the self-doubt comes in, dear friends, this is one of the cycles, what you would call perhaps a low cycle or a down cycle. Do not try to put the blanket over it, or to extinguish it, or to deny it. Walk through it. Walk through that self-doubt. It is one of the snakes on the road. It is there for a reason. It is still helping to produce energies that will propel you, that will propel your own divinity to new levels of understanding.

It Comes To You

The New Paradigm is working already.

We’re used to working for things, struggling for things, efforting for things. It’s been that way not just in this lifetime but many, and from my perspective, it is harsh. It is colorless. It is a very strange way of doing things – suffering our way into whatever it is.

Now, with the opening of the twenty-one caverns that hold the energy, the real shift for us is actually here. And we’re going to resist it. We’re going to think about it too much. We’re going to do everything other than just let it happen, until the point we tire of more suffering and struggling. But the concept is very simple.

Henceforth, it comes to us. Real simple. Henceforth, it comes to us. I give you the example. You get on a bicycle. The typical way of doing things – you get on the bicycle and you start pedaling. And you start sweating a little bit, you start breathing heavier, and you ride through the landscape. You ride down the streets, up the hills, through the village, or wherever else, along the river. You’re pedaling, you’re exerting and the landscape is going by you. That is duality, that is old, and it doesn’t need to exist that way anymore.

Now, in the New Paradigm, you get on the bike and you just sit there. You do not pedal. You do not move. Even the bicycle really doesn’t have to do anything, and the landscape moves. You are stationary. The landscape moves.

Now, the nice thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything other than receive!

This concept – very, very real concept – it comes to you. You get on that old bike or new bike. You get on that bike and you just sit back. It all comes to you. It’s not linear. It’s not like going down the road anymore where the landscape just starts moving while you’re just sitting here. It’s not linear. The exact perfect thing comes to you. Perfect, not based on what God thinks is perfect, because God really doesn’t care, or some other being or anything else. Perfect for you by you. It comes to you.

Don’t blink. Don’t doubt, is what I’m saying. Don’t blink. Let it happen. Let it come to you.