Self Powered Electric Car


Love is expressed by action, means balanced fulfillment of its own law of equal giving and regiving. That is the principle upon which this purposeful universe is founded. Every action and its reaction in Nature must be in balance with each other in order to carry out the purposeful intent of the Creator. That which purposefully fulfils the law is GOOD. It will endure and be eternally repeated with more of that which man calls GOOD. Every action of Man, likewise, which is founded upon love is a fulfillment of the law, and is GOOD – and will be eternally repeated.

Grief, suffering, loneliness and kindred emotions are as purposeful in the Divine Drama of Life as joyfulness, happiness and like emotions are purposeful. And being purposeful, they are good. So, there is GOOD in everything!


The greatest achievement of life is to learn how to take all things alike, what means to be strong in the knowledge that all things are good, and every effect is divided into its opposite effect, and EACH of the pair is EQUAL to the other, each equally GOOD.

All things on earths and heavens of this divided universe of God’s recorded thoughts are GOOD because God’s thoughts are GOOD. We may be perfectly willing to believe this statement as abstract truth but BELIEF in it without KNOWING will not make us strong. We must KNOW, for knowledge alone will make us strong.

Knowledge of Universal Law will give us courage to transform the greatest defeat which ever threatened us into our greatest achievement. That is a philosophy by means of which Tesla met the challenge of the boundary layer effect in aerodynamics. He perceived that boundary layer drag could be used to do something useful and he genially turned it into marvelous pumps and turbines, the principles of which are still not sufficiently understood and appropriately applied.

There is so called Spiritual Resonance that is an energy which, when synchronized with, will amplify and create another unique energy that vibrates in synchronization with the original energy, but which has its own uniqueness. The good in Tesla came in resonance with the good in the boundary layer drag challenge and created the unique energies of Tesla’s pumps and turbines.

The same way, the good in me resonates with the good in air resistance by moving vehicles and created the unique concept of self-powered electric car that needs no external power sources.

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