The majority of us human beings who are now embodied were on the planet at the time of Atlantis, when the same insanity and lack of respect for life existed.  Most of us are here to face the same challenges today that we faced then.  We have each grown since we last faced this challenge.  Many on our planet have made the same choice though that they made then – to sit back and claim that the problem is too big, and therefore there is nothing they can do about it.


You are each much, much more than a physical body bumping around in a physical world. One person can change a world. Look to the many Christed teachers of just your known past.  Look also to the so-called evil ones, such as Genghis Khan or Hitler. Even when only acting as figureheads, for behind-the-scenes idea-makers, ones came forth and made great changes. They projected forth goals and manifested around them the realization of a vision.

YOU TOO CAN DO THIS! You must first drop those self-imposed limitations and beliefs. You are Creator manifest!

There are many out here who have long been using their own minds to modify weather patterns and create favorable situations for themselves. This is “merely” ones using their God-given right to CREATE! This ability is not to be feared, nor is it to be worshipped; it simply is part of who you ALL are – an extension of God’s creative thinking.

YOU CAN! You can make a difference! You can bring about change. You can bring to the masses an awakening vision of what is taking place on our planet. You alone can initiate the necessary energy in order to manifest change in physical space and mass consciousness. YOU CAN DO IT!

You do it by going within and connecting to Source and finding inner balance, peace, understanding, and knowing WHO you really are. And then, from this position of great certainty, you make determined and powerful decisions that summon forth and create the “miracles”.

This is as much a physics lesson as it is a spiritual lesson. There really is no difference other than, perhaps, the terminology.

Let not another distract you from your goals. Allow for ones with like-minded goals and focus to walk with you, SIDE-BY-SIDE in your journey.

But never insist, at one extreme, on being the “leader” of a group, or at the other extreme, become overly dependent upon instructions from another. It is YOUR life and YOUR journey. Even those who function well as a team respect each team member’s individuality.

If your focus is conflicting with another’s, then without judgment of ego reaction, allow each to go their own way. There are infinite pathways to reaching any goal, and all are a “right” path from the Greater Perspective.

From a position of balanced confidence, be always daring and let not another’s ego-reaction opinion of you, or ultimatums to “control” you, influence what you know to be true within your heart energy center. Be true and honest with yourself first, and never compromise your own integrity in order to remain outwardly “popular”.

YOU become the example and the wayshower by walking the uncharted or forgotten path; it does not “just happen” by your sitting in a rut of repetitive familiarity. In fact, the rut path is likely to generate the “kick in the behind” from your Higher Self to get you moving in a more productive direction!

Look beyond the physical illusion of mirrored reflections and know that what you experience is a result of what you are projecting forth in terms of energy flow.

Are you building up with your energy flows? Are you sucking dry the energy from others? Are you simply re-creating what already is? How you are allowing your energy flowing, day to day?

How do you feel? Tired? Worn out? Invigorated? Full of energy and life and determination and joy? Do you complain a lot about what is, or do you focus more on your dreams and goals?

You can always ask yourself these questions. The answers will generate a correlating emotional response that will help you to honestly evaluate yourself.

If you know you feel chronically tired, but try to convince yourself otherwise because you understand the implications are that you are “off course”, then you will surely generate an uneasy feeling within that will sort of “gnaw” at you.

You can never hide from your inner feelings! You can ignore them if you like, but then we get back to the earliest discussion, and these “small” announcements will grow into the bigger and more pronounced “problems” – such as chronic fatigue, strings of illnesses that seem to hit one after another, even cancers of some sort, or whatever is your stress-induced predisposition.

If your excuse is old age, then so be it. You are not necessarily older than the young child who runs and plays and looks forward to every day with an eagerness to explore the gift from God of that day. Your soul enjoys exploring and creating in a focused, yet playful manner. When was the last time you “played” in such manner?

There are many helpful “rule books” written, yet few will take the time to read them. The world is full of ones who want someone to give them the condensed version of the rules, and this often lends to their confusion, for the one passing on the “condensed” version is often working from a similarly condensed version as well.

Knowledge is free to any and all. One must simply “tune-in” and recognize that there is no real excuse for ignorance. God will give you the answer to any and every question you can pose. Let not your limited perceptions about self stop you from utilizing this Inner Gift.

There is NO one perfect human on earth! If (s)he was perfect (s)he wouldn’t be in physical body.

Human beings are spiritual beings who are acting some roles when embodied, actually playing a game. But, you can never perfect a game. You can pretend you’re learning more and more, but there is no end to the game.

I think this is one of the reasons we are here. Nothing is perfect.

It wasn’t designed to be perfect. Earth was not designed to be that way. It wasn’t designed as forever-land. It was designed where you come, you experience, you allow, and then you leave. It was not designed as the final colony, not going to be. I have to laugh when humans are looking at going off, what, to Mars now or whatever, you know, because they’re going to be around forever. Hell, no. It’s not about that. That’s not the reason why Earth is here. Yeah.

Never mind how you are doing in the game right now on a scale of one to ten, my suggestion is to get out of the game right now! I mean, you can get up to eight, but you’ll never get to ten. No. The bar of ten keeps rising for you. So, get out of the game now. Say, “I don’t need the game. I’m going to enjoy my life as a true Master on this planet.” And that’s not a game.

Recently I met a shaman who proudly walked around with his Moses’s stick, the original one, as he believed. Who knows how many of these “original” Moses’s sticks have been sold worldwide to the naïve people who do not trust themselves but rather trust some magic sticks, like beautiful handmade wooden sticks of so many arts.

Energy is serving you: PRACTICAL MAGIC 101

You can have a nice wooden stick, but that stick would be a total distraction. It’s just a piece of wood. It’s pretty, it’s nice, but that little piece of wood is a distraction so that you’re looking over there and you’re not really, well, you’re not letting things come in. You’re looking over there. Every one of you should probably have one, but recognize it’s a total distraction. It’s time to really allow energy to work for you, and in order to do so I feel it’s important for you, the human, to have a trigger. You may know that the new era is about changing your attitude to energy so that energy is serving you instead of you being the servant of energy. You think about it, but now I think you can start doing it, by first coming up with a trigger.

A trigger is either like a body gesture, like clicking with fingers, something unique though, not something just everybody does. Something that you can really keep as your secret and people will think you’re weird if you go around doing that (like pulling own ears) – something that is unique to you, meaningful to you. You have to do it consciously. You have to really stop for a moment and do the thing. And, again, all the time you can have your magic wand over here, but it’s just a piece of beautiful wood.

An energy trigger is when you say, “Energy, I command you to serve me. I command you to serve me.” That’s it, or “Energy serve me,” if you don’t like the word “command.” That’s what it’s all about.

Energy is always here and it’s always serving you. That is true. It’s not like it hasn’t been here, but what happens is typically, in a tight situation, the human’s energy center, their energy sphincter tightens up.

You’re in a tough situation and what happens? You squeeze in. You restrict the flow of energy at a time when you should be open to energy. Suddenly, you’re – what’s a good example – you’re walking along the floor. You’re out of your body, as you are most of the time, you slip and fall. And as you’re taking that tumble, you know, it’s like slow motion – some of you have been there, like slow motion – and you’re like, “Ohhhh, shiiitt!” And what happens is your energy sphincter tightens up. It’s like a faucet. Suddenly, you turn the faucet nearly off. You restrict the flow of energy at the very time you should be opening it up. That’s the way of the Master.

Master, no matter what situation Master is confronted with, Master stops for a moment, does own trigger, whatever that happens to be – it could be a word; it could be a body gesture – even if it’s right at the moment of imminent danger or high stress or a situation you feel might be insurmountable, that’s when you stop and you do the trigger and you open to the energy, rather than close to the energy.

This is very, very important also to understand: There is no agenda in it. When you do the trigger, it’s not about saying, “Here’s what I want for the outcome.” The outcome of whatever happens is going to be perfect and it always is. Maybe not in what the old human thought it should be, but it is going to be perfect. But when you’re restricting the flow almost down to just a drip, drip, drip of energy, you’re not going to get the full benefit of the magic, of the experience, and of the unfolding that comes with it.

Think back into your life, situations that have come along that might have been physical, might have been financial or emotional. In those situations, you generally bring in your energy, close it down, or you close yourself to that energy. You turn down the faucet. You restrict the natural flow of energy, and that’s what’s really the problem. It’s not the situation that you’re in. Magical things happen. You could be right within a second of a car accident, hitting somebody, and what you’ve been doing is closing down, like “Oh, crap!” That’s the time to open up, and that’s when the magic happens, because then it can serve you.

Basically, what you’ve been doing is saying to the energy, “I don’t want anymore! No energy.” Or your mind has been saying, “Here’s the outcome I want” and the energy ain’t going that way. In this case, decide to open up and allow the energy to serve you in that moment.

It doesn’t have to be only at times of impending disaster or conflict or anything else. As a matter of fact, this is something you should consciously do 10, 20 times a day until you get so familiar with it. It’s like Allowing. You’re opening up.

The only thing that’s been between you and the real magic has been the limitation or the restriction of energy. That’s it. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong or that you’re not worthy or you’re not magical. This is just a stick, but it’s a great distraction. It’s not because of that. It’s because in difficult cases you restrict the energy and you bring it right to your heads, rather than being in your energy. You stop yourself.

You should bring yourself right to the I Am. That’s it. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s just “Me, I Am,” instead of just thinking about it, instead of closing down.

So, a trigger could be a physical gesture that you make, but again, something unique, like it could be clicking of the fingers. It could be, well, – be creative. Come up with something that’s not just common with everybody. Or a word. Not a word that’s currently in use. Make up a word. I do it all the time. I love it. I make up all sorts of words, you know, why not? Because if the word is currently in usage, there’s an energy associated with it and it takes away from the full expression. Come up with a word, and “shazam” isn’t the word, because everybody uses shazam. Come up with a word that – and you don’t have to – just, again, feel into it. It’ll come to you, whether it’s a word or like a trigger mechanism with hitting your knee or something like that. Something that reminds you it’s time to open, not to close. That is Magic 101.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever use it on another person. It’s you and your energy. Never have an agenda or what you think should be the outcome. We’ll only do that at graduate, graduate level.

Right now, it’s this simple: You open, rather than close. You allow, rather than restrict. At all times remember energy is your friend. It’s there to serve you and it’s your energy. You’ve spent eons of time playing the opposite game, but the natural fact is energy is yours and it is your friend. It’s never wanted to harm you or never wanted to hurt you, never wanted to appear to be separate. But that’s a game you played, and it went along. Now open up to energy.

Come up with a word. Come up with a body motion, a trigger that is yours, but never, ever use it on another person.

It’s not that I’m going to come after you, but that same energy, whether you use it in love and compassion or whether you use it in hatred and anger against somebody, that’s where you start getting into trouble. That’s where you’ve gotten into trouble in the past. That’s why you’ve closed down and held back. That’s why I say stop trying to save the planet, because that’s out of compassion and the planet is going to mess with you.

Use it as your energy without even trying to have a desired outcome, and then watch the magic happen. The moment you desire an outcome, the moment that you’re setting an agenda, you are limiting energy by its very nature. And then you’re going to go mental. When you simply allow it to be and allow whatever comes with your energy – it’s not God’s energy, it’s not the planet’s energy, it’s not anybody’s energy. The moment you allow your energy to be, you’re going to discover what true magic really is. You’re going to discover then how you can be in the midst of the chaos of the world and it simply doesn’t affect you.

Some of you may ask “Should we share it with others?” I wouldn’t. Why? What are you trying to out-trigger each other? “My word, my body action is better than yours.” Not that it’s a big secret, but it’s yours. Stop playing the game. Stop having to post every thought on social media – and some of you will be doing it – and say, “Oh, here’s what I just came up with” or “I knew this five years ago.” And it’s like no you didn’t. No, you didn’t.

So, your own trigger. It’s yours. It’s personal. A body motion, a word, something, and start getting used to it. Whether you’re in the middle of a tough situation, whether you’re just driving down the street, that word, that action, that trigger will have a conscious effect. You’ll start remembering, “That’s right. I open to energy, I don’t close to it.”

You’re in a bad situation, you went to the grocery store and suddenly you’re at the checkout line and you realize, “Oh, stupid me, I forgot my wallet today.” That’s the time – (snap!) – trigger. Now, if you expect your wallet to appear, you’re doing it wrong. But follow the magic that happens from that moment. If you are expecting, “Oh, I have to do my ‘shazam’ thing because I forgot my wallet and then it’s suddenly going to be there,” you’ve just failed, because you’re not allowing the energy to serve you. You have a desired outcome that’s often limited by the human agenda and that blocks out the magic. Watch what happens if you just do your trigger and – knowing that you’re in an embarrassing situation, there are 20 people in line looking at you with great disgust and you’re fumbling around trying to find your wallet – let that be the entry point for real magic to happen. It is amazing!

Suddenly, you get sick. Suddenly, you come down with a bad flu. Come back to your trigger, and not to try to make yourself healthy. Not to try to say, “I need to get over this flu, because I have an important meeting tomorrow.” Not at all. Open to the energies, rather than restrict the energies, and watch the magic that happens.

It’s so simple, so beautiful. It’s so Magic 101. It’s amazing, and the wooden stick is just a prop. That is just a distraction. So, if a bunch of you go out and get the stick– I’m going to post online* where you can get the stick for $599 – it’s just a distraction. Humans need to see that sometimes. They can’t possibly imagine that you by yourself can really be the magician. But give you a little piece of wood to hold in your hand and suddenly you’re God. *This is the website where you can purchase

So, whether you do it now, whether you do it later, your trigger. And you’re going to start to realize too how much you’ve been closing down, you’ve been restricting at times when you should have been opening up.

You just get a notice from the government that they’re going to audit your taxes – shhuppt! – you close down. You don’t want to be seen, you don’t want to deal with it. The last thing in the world is that you want more energy, even though you’re saying, “God, I need money. I need something. Help me.” No, you close down. Watch what happens now. Use your trigger, the trigger that says, “I open to my energy.” Not the government’s energy, not to ‘the authorities are going to come and haul you off’ or anything like that, but to your own. This is where the real magic begins.

And again, never, ever use it on another person, ever. You got in too much trouble for that in the past, caused too many heartaches along the way. It is for you only, without agenda. Does that make sense? You’re not using it to save the world, because what’s going to happen, here you are opening to more energy and suddenly you’re out of compassion for the rest of the world. Oh, boy, you’re going to feel the effects of it. It is for you only. Okay, I think we’re pretty clear on that.

Come up with a trigger, a word, a unique word – a word that’s unique to you, a unique word – body movement, whatever it is that reminds you, “I open to my energy,” and then let the magic begin. No agenda. No figuring it out. Just open up. That’s it. Open the valve rather than close it.

Okay. I know there’ll be questions on this, but for right now just figure your own trigger and start using it. Start feeling into it 10, 20 times a day, just to get used to it, to realize, “Oh, this is my mechanism for opening the energies.”