Deca Love/Light Chip 101 




Love is Joy of Giving

We humans (Higher Universal Man – the only being in the universe who possesses divine feeling called compassion) are spiritual beings, mental beings (angels from religious doctrines), who have been incarnating on this planet Earth Shan (The Planet of Tears) with the only reason to find the answer to relationship between consciousness and energy (consciousness is awareness of Self, I AM, I EXIST, and of all own experiences; energy is potential, possibility of anything). After a long journey on the planet Earth Shan we have finally succeeded in our mission and have found the right answer to the question of the relationship between consciousness and energy: consciousness is commander and boss of energy and all energy is serving consciousness if consciousness allows it. This is a huge truth that changes everything on this planet. 

Planet Shan is a living, free-willed sentient being with feelings and thoughts such as ours and with its own consciousness Gaia. We call her Mother Earth (earth actually means planet) because she allowed our bodies to be born from her womb. She has everything that the human being enjoys: emotions, sight, hearing, breathing, and the physical aspects we humans enjoy. The only difference is that her form is of a planet, filled with all the glorious and teeming life for the human soul to live and grow in order through the soul growth to reach the highest level of the Christ consciousness and become one with the Creator God Aton.                                                                                     Deca 101

All of you who’re reading this are Masters who had already graduated into the Higher Realms and who voluntarily came back to help Mother Earth transcend to 5th dimension and also to learn great soul growth. It is sad to admit that not many have awakened to their mission, but have been lured into Satan’s trap.

Besides all kinds of poisoning (poisoning of Thoughts, Waters, Air, Food, Radiation,…) the Dark Brotherhood (actually the ruling Elite of this civilization) is intensifying their vicious attacks upon all souled beings in order to snatch them with themselves into their own final destination which is Void or be UN-CREATED. All of you Masters could provide by yourselves God’s absolute protection for you and for the planet Earth Shan if you are good cleared and if you know how to ask properly Creator God Aton for the absolute protection so that your requests would go into manifestation.

You who read this are a Master who could do both these requests by yourself, but it’s a great risk for you if you are not cleared enough and if you don’t ask properly, in which case after the ascension of the planet Earth into 5th dimension you would start new cycles of 3D incarnations for 350.000 more years as a cave (wo)man. Even if you could satisfy both these requests, would you be able to repeat them continuously until it becomes automatic, as it is required?

Good news is that on our planet there is the new conscious Love energy with its unit Deca (Dodeca) which could serve you by fulfilling every your properly expressed conscious intent. I’ve been studying and working with Deca for the last 20 years and I know how to work with Deca successfully. My I-Change technology integrated into my QNL device is proved by the tests on red blood cells that it protects 100% efficiently from the radiation poisoning and much more.

I am cleared enough and I know how to place a conscious intent properly so that it goes 100% into manifestation. Besides that I’ve developed and I possess now the new energy technology Deca101 (see the first picture) with which any human conscious intent could be manifested remotely (distance-less) and instantly.

Life must be honored and cherished as the most precious gift from the Creator and if you love yourself, if you love your body and if you love life you should protect it and defend it with all means.

I love you, dear Master, as I love myself and I’m offering you my brotherly assistance to provide for you, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both on and in her body the DIVINE PROTECTION AGAINST ANYTHING remotely, instantly and permanently, including protection from all kinds of (radiation) poisoning, including protection from all kinds of evil attacks, to provide for you and the planet Earth Shan a natural process of ascension (enlightenment, realization), to provide the balanced normalcy of: all your bodies, all bodies of the planet Earth Shan and all bodies of all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, to provide free energy body (etheric body) for you, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, to enable your energy to serve you abundantly and permanently, to enable planet’s energy to serve her abundantly and permanently, to enable energies of all life forms on and in the planet’s body to serve them abundantly and permanently, and to stop poverty and injustice on the planet Earth Shan. 

I can help you ONLY if you satisfy God’s Love Law of equal giving and regiving and if you give me your permission.

If you, dear Master, decide for this absolute divine protection for yourself and for the planet Earth Shan neither you, nor the planet Earth Shan, nor all life forms both on and in her body need ANY OTHER protection! This is the protection of The White Christed Light which shields your being, the being of the planet Earth Shan and beings of all life forms both on and in the planet’s body from ANYTHING AT ALL TIMES!

Dear Master, before you take the final decision for the absolute divine protection, please click HERE and read about measurements which are the irrefutable scientific proofs for the 100% efficacy of this invention.

In order to enjoy this absolute protection you should satisfy God’s Love Law of equal giving and regiving by regiving as much as this absolute divine protection is worthy for you or as much as you can afford. By clicking on the link below you should regive joyfully with love, otherwise this absolute divine protection won’t work.

                                                          REGIVING JOYFULLY WITH LOVE 

Be sure, dear Master, that your regiving provides NOT ONLY everything that is described above, but enables you also to become a participant (co-creator) of my crazy dream: CIVILIZATION WITHOUT ELECTRICITY!  

As you have proved that you have satisfied the God’s Love Law you should give me your permission by sending me an email on lji101rbi@tutanota.com with the subject “PERMISSION”, with the following text: “Dear Master Laki, herewith I give you my permission to assist in providing the absolute divine protection of The White Christed Light for me, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both on and in her body, which: includes protection against all kinds of (radiation) poisoning, includes protection against all kinds of evil attacks, provides for me and for the planet Earth Shan a natural process of ascension (enlightenment, realization), provides the balanced normalcy of: all my bodies, all bodies of the planet Earth Shan and all bodies of all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, provides free energy body (etheric body) for me, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, enables my energy to serve me abundantly and permanently, enables planet’s energy to serve her abundantly and permanently, enables energies of all life forms both on and in the planet’s body to serve them abundantly and permanently, and stops forever poverty and injustice on the planet Earth Shan.” (please use copy/paste) and with your name. And it will be done instantly.

If you, dear Master, have minor children and you want to give me permission on their behalf, you must send me one separate email for all your children with the following text: “Dear Master Laki, herewith I give you permission on behalf of my children Aurora and Adrian for the same absolute divine protection of The White Christed Light for them as for me.” and with your name at the end like in the case of the permission for you. There is NO NEED for an additional regiving for your minor children because the regiving for yourself is enough.

The same procedure should be applied for individuals who cannot give permission by themselves because of any reasons. Because only a person who gave permission for self can give permission on behalf of these individuals, there is no need for an additional regiving.  

If you, dear Master, additionally want to wear something tangible with the same absolute protection provided by my new Deca Love/Light Chip 101 (DLLC101), you could choose on www.teslstyle101.com or www.lorus-protection.com among truly beautiful products: necklace, bracelet or USB key.

Dear Master, if you believe that the planet Earth Shan will ascend into 5th dimension through a cataclysmic event caused by its pole reversal with wiping out all 3D life forms from its surface so that an evacuation of all souled beings who asked for it would be necessary (see the second picture), you should change only the above text into: “Dear Master Laki, herewith I give you my permission to assist in providing the absolute protection of The White Christed Light for me, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both on and in her body, which: includes protection against all kinds of (radiation) poisoning, includes protection against all kinds of evil attacks, provides for me and for the planet Earth Shan a natural process of ascension (enlightenment, realization), provides the balanced normalcy of: all my bodies, all bodies of the planet Earth Shan and all bodies of all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, provides free energy body (etheric body) for me, for the planet Earth Shan and for all life forms both in and on the planet’s body, enables my energy to serve me abundantly and permanently, enables planet’s energy to serve her abundantly and permanently, enables energies of all life forms both on and in the planet’s body to serve them abundantly and permanently, stops forever poverty and injustice on the planet Earth Shan, and includes putting me on the “automatic list for evacuation”.”


                                                                                                                                          No more cataclysmic events!

                                                                                                                                                                            No need for evacuation!

If you, dear Master, have minor children and you want to give me permission on their behalf, you must send me one separate email for all your children with the following text: “Dear Master Laki, herewith I give you permission on behalf of my children Aurora and Adrian for the same absolute divine protection of The White Christed Light for them as for me.” and with your name at the end like in the case of the permission for you. There is NO NEED for an additional regiving for your minor children because the regiving for yourself is enough.

The same procedure should be applied for individuals who cannot give permission by themselves because of any reasons. Because only a person who gave permission for self can give permission on behalf of these individuals, there is no need for an additional regiving.

I do not believe in the scenario with Earth’s pole reversal and necessary evacuation and will explain later why. Nevertheless, I suggest to all of you Masters who believe in Armageddon the following wisdom: work and live as if there will never be the evacuation, but be ready as if it will happen NOW.

The new conscious energy of Love with its unit Deca (Dodeca) is a crystalline energy which can be controlled with thought. This Love energy is the divine energy which was missing in the old creation with electricity (electrons, protons and neutrons). I’ve been pioneering in development of a new civilization without electricity and all of you who decide for this absolute protection and for the own realization will join me in this adventure of easy, simple, efficient and cheap new creation of both light and heat without electricity. Know that my I-Change technology is technology for the 5th dimension where we are moving into on our journey back to perfection – welcome to the future! Life is an adventure!

This universe and everything else that is material is a product of imagination. Why not imagining and realizing everything new and different!?                                                                                                                              

By the way, it is you and only you who can allow your own realization so simple and naturally by pronouncing so loudly that you can hear yourself: “I AM REALIZED. I AM ENLIGHTENED. I AM ASCENDED.” Period.

After you have allowed your own realization, energy will start serving you, but not before. In simple words, do not expect some wonder to happen in your life to confirm you that you’re enlightened. It is other way around: first you ALLOW your own ascension and then “wonder” will start happening in your life.

Let me now explain why I don’t believe in the scenario of Earth’s pole reversal and necessary evacuation of the souled beings who asked for it and why you can give permission for absolute protection of the planet Earth Shan in her name although she is a being of free will.

All of the ancient calendars ended at midnight on the 16th of August 1987 (not as it is believed at the end of 1999) and our civilization has entered on August 17th, 1987 the new cycle when the new era of freedom and consciousness has begun. From September 18th, 2007 there is on the planet the presence of the new conscious love energy with its unit Deca (Dodeca) with which we can change everything by letting energy serve us instead of us serving energy as it was the case till that date. This change from being slaves of energy into energy being our slave is a paradigm shift – so qualitative shift in consciousness that nothing in the history of mankind evolution on this planet could be compared with it.  This transformation in human consciousness is more fundamental than the development of language, more significant than the shift to agriculture, more meaningful than any historical revolution.

In order to clarify this shift in consciousness let me offer you a short explanation of the core of the old energy type and make a comparison with a new one without a lot of details.

Consciousness of the Earth Shan, Gaia, and consciousness of Human are in direct relation – everything what is valid for human consciousness is also valid for the Earth Shan’s consciousness – and last two millennia they were connected with the old vibrational paradigm where creation with power, force, fear and efforting was hard, complex, inefficient and expensive. Unavoidable effect of that type of connection is that every shift on this planet that had to have a change of consciousness vibrations, required UNAVOIDABLE some kind of physical event on the planet, some challenge of a type of big catastrophes and massive death. Such big challenges are wars, great earthquakes, volcanoes, which were causing all over the planet massive death and compassion with human struggle. It is little known that in the old energetic paradigm human consciousness had been changing reality through the mechanism of creating across the planet the divine feeling – compassion, that only we humans possess no other beings in cosmos.

On August 17th, 1987 it has “happened” the shift of the electric axis of our planet for 6 degrees on east and since then is happening permanent decrease of the intensity of the electric field of the Earth Shan. Since the electric field of the Earth Shan is the veil between four-dimensional, 4D realities – three space dimensions and linear time – and inter-dimensional realities, which are more real than the 4D realities, the door was open for connection with those realities and incredible New Energy potentials were created. The process of consciousness expansion came to the point where there is no more necessity for a challenge of a type of great catastrophes and massive deaths in order to cause a great consciousness shift. In the New Energy paradigm the main tools of a power-less, easy, simple, efficient and cheap creation are compassion, love, joy and conscious allowance.

Action born from fear is becoming less effective with each passing day. Institutions, traditions and societies forged in fear have already begun to falter. Change is occurring everywhere, for as the planetary awakening proceeds, the consciousness that determines the quality and nature of life is changing itself. Further, once man knows truth he cannot again return to unknowing. (S)he may well turn away but (s)he will never return to the state of innocent ignorance.

With the proper understanding of the relationship between consciousness and energy the cloud of alien interference is banned so the planet Earth Shan now can go forth on its own, in its own way, with its own people. It can go into a whole new understanding of energy and consciousness with the planet Earth Shan undergoing tremendous changes, the biggest changes that the planet has ever gone through in such a short, condensed period of time, with Gaia leaving and we humans taking responsibility for the planet that is why you can give permission in the name of the planet. This is a huge step, because up to now human consciousness and planet’s consciousness have never been united although they were remarkable interwoven and interdependent.

There is a big shift on the planet caused by the coronavirus that is doing its job, all at this perfect time on the planet and all within the context of the Time of Machines, a time when technology changes the very nature of the human species, the human mind and everything else human. And it’s all happening right now, and you, dear Master, chose to be here.

There are enough humans on the planet who are really beginning to understand their sovereign relationship with energy, with their own energy. There is a small number of humans on the planet, about 6.5%, who understand that right now the planet is at this precipice of change. It’s a time of incredible opportunity for change. They’re not afraid of what’s happening right now. They understand on a higher consciousness level that there is this potential for a real spurt of growth, and the growth can come anywhere from massive new technologies being developed and a massive new understanding of the human body like never before, what really DNA is and what RNA is and all the functioning of the body.

The 6.5% are re-imaginers who are here to re-imagine EVERYTHING NEW and to do that, to re-imagine and then to start a process, whether it’s starting a company, doing an invention, pursuing studies into specific areas where they’ve been re-imagining. But the re-imaginers came here to this planet at this time to do that.

Consequently the profound changes will be happening in every aspect of human creative expression: Environment, Family, Biology, Economy, Diet, Sex, Children & Education, Government, Civil Rights, Space Travel, …

Let me stop here contemplation of the current circumstances and leave the details for the soon coming webinars to which you, dear Master, are heartily invited.

Before I continue with explanations of the reasons for the divine protection, in order to help your easier understanding let me share with you a big picture by quoting God Aton about His Creation (taken from www.fourwinds10.com).


“I am Creation. I have created a most wonderful unending Creation with balance, harmony and love. I have created all by thought. I have created all that you see which is unending.

By my love, I created mankind and gave them freewill to grow and become one with me. This includes a spark of myself in each creation, including every grass stem, every leaf on the tress and everything you see, hear or touch.

I, also, created mankind to be able to make a choice of good or evil. I locked the evil ones on the most beautiful little planet in the Universe of my creation. My human creations have the choice of good or evil, and by their decisions they can grow into a great spiritual being or grow downward to evil, as many have done. She, Mother Earth, has housed these evil ones for millenniums. She has now earned the right to graduate, leaving these evil ones to lose their home.

Now I tell you that I now have observed the worst scenario. These evil ones have disobeyed my command and the Cosmic Law of being locked on Mother Earth.

I see that hoards of these evil ones were disturbing the entire Cosmos. You ones and many of the starships have been interrupted with your most heavenly work, and that is the evacuation of dear Mother Earth.

I have with-stood my intervention for some time, but I now have acted in behalf of all of you and of all that you are doing to take care of this most horrible situation, just as Mother Earth is about to graduate into 5D.

I have created, and I can un-create at my will. Do you hear silence? I have roared at these evil ones and with one loud voice to tell them they are to be GONE. I mean UNCREATED, ALL OF THEM! No more shall they interrupt this most wondrous event of Mother Earth’s graduation. No more shall they pretend to be of the Light and disturb the communication with mine ones upon Earth with the Lighted Realms for I HAVE SPOKEN AND MY WORD IS THE LAW OF THIS ENTIRE UNENDING COSMOS.

The evil ones, who have stayed on Mother Earth shall, also, get what they deserve, and that is the VOID for eons of time. SO BE IT.

My love to all of you and all my creations upon Earth! I watch over all, for I am above all. I say ADONI to all, but I am with you ALWAYS. Call upon me anytime and I shall respond and help.


I gladly admit that I am intoxicated with Creator God Aton/Hatonn and Sananda (aka Jesus Christ) and that’s why I’ll quote here from their messages which can be found in Phoenix Journals and www.hatonn.blogspot.com.

I stress that for me Phoenix Journals as well as materials presented on www.hatonn.blogspot.com are the absolute truth! The Phoenix Journals are not channeled material but recorded through a radio transmission, whereas the channeled messages from Anne Bellringer which could be found on www.fourwinds10.com (from which I’ll quote also) could contain projections of her ego aspect and should not be taken as absolute truth.

The world destiny lies in mother love

The destiny of the world today is in the hands of the women of the world. At no time in human history has the healing balm of mother love been so urgently needed nor so saddeningly missing.

Woman is created to hold in the deepest depths of her soul the urge to give and to protect. Her role on Earth is to nourish and give of herself as Mother Earth Shan so bounteously gives from her body to our bodies.

Man’s way of life all down through the ages has submerged woman’s rightful place beside her mate and made her role that of an “appendage” rather than that of an equal half of a perfect whole.

Corruptness has become the way of life of mankind. Our world today is indeed “sick” – there is trouble in every land – in every home. All men – everywhere – need the healing power of mother love. Greed, doubt and fear fill men’s hearts. WHY? The cause of all these negative traits springs from a deep-rooted sense of insecurity. Only LOVE can cure the world’s ills – and Mother love can and will bring BALANCE to our world if women would express their innate desires of love and protections and cease the facade of masculine demands.

There is a beautiful writing in a book called THE BROKEN WINGS, By Kahlil Gibran who wrote in his native Arabic. He has written so beautifully of “mother” in so many places but I wish to share the most beauteous passages.

“…The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word ‘Mother’ and the most beautiful call is the call of ‘my Mother’. It is a word full of hope and love, a sweet and kind word coming from the depths of the heart. The mother is everything–she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness. He who loses his mother loses a pure soul who blesses and guards him constantly.”

“Everything in nature bespeaks the mother. The sun is mother of Earth and gives it its nourishment of heat; it never leaves the universe at night until it has put the Earth to sleep to the song of the sea and the hymn of trees and flowers. It produces them, nurses them, and weans them. The trees and flowers become kind of mothers of their great fruits and seeds. And the mother, the prototype of all existence, is the eternal spirit, full of beauty and love…. The word ‘mother’ is hidden in our hearts and it comes upon our lips in hours of sorrow and happiness as the perfume comes from the heart of the rose and mingles with clear and cloudy air.”

Let me continue with Mother Earth Shan whom I love as I love myself, as I love God Aton and let me quote here from her recent message to us humans that one can find on www.fourwinds10.com :

“Never before have had I requested a message be sent by me to a human being. I speak of Anne, for she has talked to me as a sentient being.  As you know, there are billions ones on your planet, with a majority of them being clones with no soul, but of all the souled humans I have nourished, only a very, very few have ever spoken to me. This is the first time I have requested such a message be penned by a human. Does that sound odd to you ones?

For century upon century I have just been used to dig my surface up for building. The only people I can remember that treated me kindly and cared for me with love and respect were the native Indians. They loved me and never took anything from me except for warmth and food.

Over the centuries as other tribes of human beings, who populated my surface, did not feel the same way. They have treated me as a pile of dirt with which to carve and build upon, having no feelings or care about me as a sentient being with feelings such as theirs.

My surface, including my air and water, has been so polluted by uncaring humans, along with the clones, that they have nearly killed me. At this time I am near death. Not only have I been the jail planet for Satan/Lucifer, but those, who came to incarnate to help me graduate, have mostly kept asleep, and have turned to the Dark Brotherhood.

Out of all the billions of humans at this time, Satan and his minions have created clones. They are un-souled beings with no God-connection. Their only feeling they have is survival. At this time they out-number all souled beings, and have trapped the majority of them in their net of evil.

With almost total destruction of my air, great oceans and soil that has been destroyed along with my plant and animal life, I am ready to clean up all 3D life on my surface, as I graduate into 5D, where no evil exists. The food I have provided has been so altered and changed it is like eating a piece of plastic for survival…”

Isn’t it sad and pathetic that we humans are only now for the first time listening to what our Mother Earth Shan is telling us?

Let me continue with quoting Creator God Aton in this respect:

“She has been the absolute perfect Mother for the 3D learning school and has endured much suffering. She has been the jail planet for Satan/Lucifer and his teeming millions of the Dark Brotherhood. She has been controlled by Satan for centuries, as it is his jail planet. You may say to me that is not true, but it is!

This planet was the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos, a supply planet for many Star Nations. Lucifer /Satan chose Planet Earth Shan, and it was jail planet. You are dealing with a planet of godless clones. I said in 1989 when the Phoenix Journals were penned that 69% were clones. Do you think this number has decreased?

Mother Earth has been around 4.5 billion years. She has turned on her axis 20,000 times at the end of any given civilization. What makes it a tough school of learning for those, who come as souled beings to learn and help Mother Earth birth into 5th dimension is that Satan chose this as his jail planet. Satan and his minions destroyed all other planets in your solar system, as they had 3D life on them as well.

Mother Earth is now populated with Satan’s clones, who have done his bidding all these thousands of years.

I did communicate to my scribe Doris E, as she was hearing what I had to tell her through radio signal.  These communications are called The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms. They are the Phoenix Journals. These Journals were given to you to set the record straight and give the real TRUTH one last time upon your orb.

Since Earth is the jail planet of Satan and his fallen Angels, Earth has become a determent to the entire Universe with the evil frequencies flying off her as to disturb the entire Universe. That seems most impossible but it is true.

She has endured this evil for 4.5 billion years and has asked to be able to finally graduation into 5th dimension where no evil exits. That, friends, has been granted, and she is ready to graduate.

The returned Masters that came back to help her have done so, but with only a VERY, Very few ones, who awakened to their mission. You do realize that in all the commutations I have given you, that all of you Master have had to endure life in 3D with NO memory of who are or where they came from.

Has this communication been accomplished? Not to the extent that it could be. So few Masters have really awakened as they have been lured by the Dark Ones to join their side.

What I desire most is that more Masters would awaken and I would be able to communicate with them, as you would talk to a friend, your father, or your mother. It would be a two-way communication from a Earth human being to the Lighted Realms through their Mighty God Spirit within.

Those Masters, who have awakened and become enlightened ones are called Sananda’s Flock. There are so few as compared to the entire population on your Planet, that it is a great miracle that these FEW have helped Mother Earth to achieve her graduation to 5th Dimension.”

The White Christed Light Protection

These are quotes of the God Aton’s messages taken from www.hatonn.blogspot.com:  

“But above all – ask for the protection of The White Christed Light – to shield your being AT ALL TIMES, for it is God alone who heals the sick. Though you cannot see it, the Spirit is all-powerful. Man can no longer handle the onslaught that he is continually assaulted with, in the form of pestilence and debilitating illness. You are in those times of your Holy Bible, where the Horses of The Apocalypse have been loosed on the land.

And ALWAYS ask for God Aton’s protection for yourselves and your Planet; the “light shield” will protect you from anything! But you must ASK for it!  That part is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

And why would your satanic adversary do such a thing? A blind world population is by far the easiest way to bring about a dictatorial GLOBAL government!

Will any make it through unscathed? Keep God’s Protective Light Shield about thee, and even this attack cannot penetrate your defenses. Yes, there WILL BE MIRACLES; however, don’t play games with this – do YOUR part in protecting YOU – and God always does HIS part!

“Safe Sex” will not even begin to protect you against this RETRO-VIRUS. You have, again, been lied to!  There are mutated “strains” of AIDS that replicate (reproduces itself) according to your individual DNA.  In other words, there are as many versions of AIDS as there are people on the planet! Your adversary has not come out with the “real” figures, yet. But they will – and you had best have your silver handy!

That is why the ultimate goal of a man is to pursue any course of action with God uppermost in consideration. You will have The Hosts protection and your enemies can be kept at bay. This is called using your God-power.  In no other “way” can you defeat the adversary….

You will call in the protection of the Higher Light Source to protect and surround you as a Plasmic Shield ten thousand times a day if required – and it is required! Our help is directly balanced with your own effort – past that we cannot step; so do not be found asleep at your switches. This is a WARNING to all to whom this message will contact. I  Speak with URGENCY to all who stand with the Lighted Forces in this greatest of all confrontations. The time for piddling about is coming to a halt.

[Hatonn: This is a fact, people. “Delta Forces” are trained in unique and horrific ways in which to “take out” those who try to bring the truth to you. The Jews do not want their world take-over plans revealed for all to see! Because once you REALLY SEE AND UNDERSTAND what is going on around you – THEIR PLAN WILL NOT WORK! Once you SEE the puppeteer pulling the strings, and throwing his voice to make it talk, it ceases to be an illusion! This is what we of God Aton’s HOSTS are about – REVEALING THE HIDDEN “STRINGS” OF THE ANTI-CHRIST/ANTI-GOD! By the way, always stay within the protection of the WHITE CHRISTED LIGHT – IT WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ANYTHING! You can be damn well sure the adversary knows who we are, and they know the line in the sand they cannot cross! For, if they do, then we of God’s Army are allowed to step in. And our technology is infinitely more advanced than Earthman’s! This scribe and family, and “ground crew” – AND ALL WHO BUT ASK are protected by God and His Mighty HOSTS come from afar. Ask for the White Light Shield – continuously – until it becomes “second nature” (automatic). “Jesus” taught you to do this, in preparation for THIS DAY, two thousand years later. UFO’s were present then, and they are present now. The Christed Light is an ACTUAL “ENERGY” SHIELDING that disperses “Directed Energy Weapons” (DEW), aimed at you. This is the only protection you have against the constant barrage of frequency and beam weapon assault to your physical and mental body. Keep God with you moment-by-moment, and this will be your protection against Lucifer’s Jewish Khazars!]

“ELF fields bombard you everywhere, with the human body’s resonant frequency acting as an antenna or a tower. In fact, ambient ELF systems overlap frequencies and pulse your bodies, interfering with your bio-cycle timing and thus undermining your immune systems.

Peak resonant frequency lies in the middle of the very high frequency (VHF) band (30-300 MHz) and includes FM radio, television, land mobile stations, long-range communication with radio modems, ham radio, marine communications, air traffic control, etc.

Super conducting cables increase the field strength around power lines by 20 times, and somehow its fine that microwave ovens leak up to 5,000 microwatts and that the cumulative density of radio waves around you is more than 200 million times the natural level from the sun, including the solar magnetic storms that affect the Schumann frequency – a fact reflected in the high level of psychiatric hospital admissions during solar storms.

Your Immune Systems Are Under Assault

You cannot be separated from God in the totality of knowingness; it is only “seeming separation”. But for you presently in Physical Format, that is the way it was to be done.

Just as with the mechanics and the seeming miracle and magic of a motion picture projector, it is simply a series of STILL IMAGES FROZEN MOMENTARILY WHILE A LIGHT IS PROJECTED THROUGH THEM. Then the next one takes its place and the light is projected momentarily on the new STILL PICTURE in the frame. Repeated endlessly and in rapid secession, man’s holographic brain interprets movement, dimension, and sound where there is but stillness and silence.

Sound and light are the same thing, though your senses perceive them to be separate conditions!  However, you have heard of sound waves AND LIGHT WAVES, the varying frequencies of “electrical” movement (everything is light or electricity anyway, for you have heard that God IS “light”). “Light waves” is the correct term for “electricity”; you are not taught that because the associated concepts will set man free of the limitations of this illusion. And we are come to do just that. May Aton (God) give you insight into these words as you open thy hearts and minds to these “new” teachings.

The Zionist element among today’s Jewry control you-the-people through the media. Period. From there, all the other techniques blend to complement and augment the mind-control programming.  Drugs are touted on an endless stream of commercials, pushing all manner of POISON – LITERALLY – which is killing your population and making you “crazy”.

The wireless devices and video game ads are a direct extension of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves and so-called “Scalar Beams” that are bombarding human nervous systems to the point of being able to control your thinking – INDIVIDUALLY AND EN-MASS!

Micro-dots and micro-chips implanted in the human body, from vaccines or any other excuse, are receivers for these deadly and debilitating frequencies beamed to you through the tower networks that look like cell phone towers. Chelas, the antennas that have sprung up all over your nation are not there so you can “hear me now?” on your hand-held mobile devices. THEY ARE PART OF A GLOBAL GRID NETWORK PUT IN PLACE TO WREAK HAVOC TO THE HUMAN RACE! You are “electrical” beings who operate a physical body; certain frequencies are detrimental to the normal functioning of a person’s mind – AND THE ORGANS OF THE BODY!

By keeping secret these and other technical breakthroughs, the Jews are able to manipulate the health and well-being of an entire country – at will!

An Israeli columnist noted that the hatred being stirred up against Obama is similar to conditions in Israel that led to the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish extremist. [H: This is why we continually tell you ones to keep God’s Light Shield tightly about thee, and ask for the Lighted Protection around your President, the First Family, and all those in service to God, family, and nation.  Only the Christed Light can protect you from your most bitter foe! Do not neglect thy responsibility in this matter.]

Thus we have men in high places who are “soulless” and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process.  We speak Truth unto them as to what the consequences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the focus is only intensified. So, the maneuvering goes on in attempts to strike what they believe to be our vulnerable point, the crystal (a more than 2-mile-large communications/navigations crystal underneath a mountain in Tehachapi, Ca., that is used for space craft in this section of inter-galactic space by space-faring races and by Space Command, of God’s “Hosts from afar”) and contact with our ground crews. It behooves all ones of this group to stay close within the area and to stay in constant focus of maintenance of your shields, (“shields” meaning “The Christ Light” about thy beings. Simply ask for God’s or Jesus’ protection and guidance and listen to the response. We of The Hosts will also assist, for many do not yet know “how” to ask. It must be a constant, moment by moment “communion” with God that will eventually become automatic). This is not the time to question the validity of what is going on about you as to reality, but to come into understanding that it is real and that you do play a most crucial and critical role in the sequential playing of God’s hand in the game being played out.

Keep in mind, however, no man-made craft or weapon systems are any match to we of God Aton’s HOSTS FROM AFAR. Our craft can neutralize and see-through any kind of shielding, and/or dissolve/deactivate their tinker toys.

You must ask for protection

Go within and command the lighted shield…not only for self, but for all your ones you hold dear…and it shall automatically be given unto self…such is the nature of things….SANANDA: Is there not greater reward in bringing truth unto man than in satisfying fleshly needs? Is there not great reward in bringing truth unto man than in satisfying fleshly needs? Is there not great humility in the understanding that you are the hands and feet of God?

Only by asking for God’s Lighted Shield of Protection AGAINST the beam and frequency attacks, can you make it through the barrage assault against your physical beings.

I, Hatonn, have always told you ones of my people – of God’s people – to keep the “light” around you CONTINUALLY! Even around the aircraft and vehicles carrying you and your loved ones. If you are in doubt as to “how”, simply ASK FOR ASSISTANCE AND LIGHTED PROTECTION. The Christed Light will shield you from ANYTHING!

A car will stop inches from a barrier overlooking the cliff, or you will “miraculously” escape injury in an aircraft mishap and still be guided safely back to the ground. Do not neglect this sound, Godly advice, precious ones; it is THE invisible tool you have that Satan and his followers do not!  Use it!

God’s lighted shield of “Christ Light” will protect you, however, you MUST ASK for the protection.

If the petitioner for, let us say, funds to further work of any nature – asks for methods of acquiring those funds, and clears not his space and mind of negative energies of Earth-physical bindings – he will be “had”. The first to show up in any inquiry regarding physical material-matters – is physical material-beings of negative intent as to God’s business. You will always be able to read within the pages at which juncture the scribe or receiver or contact – was first allowing of negative energy input – there will be compromise of lessons, truth and “how-to”. If any entity utilizes a physical “thing” instead of full intent of mind intent – God is put aside! This does not mean that these “things” are not good and utilitarian items – it means the intent of truth is not present. 

Every “thing” emits radiations and vibrations – some dangerous and deadly indeed – however, EVERY pulse and wave can be countered by the all-powerful, all-ability-mind. Do not be fooled for one moment as to what is doing what to what. In the presence of God shielding, there is not pulse or radiation which can transgress. There are, indeed, few humans who can bear and project such protection for as the entity believes it to be – so shall it be. 

All contactees have been approached and caused to experience both the perceived negative AND the positive teachers. It is imperative that a scribe and/or receiver be capable of discernment and know that anything that moves one from God unity and truth is evil in intent. Not good nor bad – evil in intent – for that energy will pull one from the path of truth and God-ness. It has nothing to do, really, with good and bad – it has to do with physical desire, needs and actions. If the receiver fails to shield self from the encroaching negative energies – so shall they impact first because they are of the physical plane and you are of the physical plane. To counter these barrages – the being must move into the higher understanding where the protection abides. Herein and only herein, can the “attack” be neutralized for the attack is actually against your higher universal self – soul. If you give away your power then you can expect to fall – but often, you will not be the one to realize you have deviated from the original path. Does Dharma stumble and fall? Of course, constantly – but she always calls unto God in perfection and He always responds and picks her up and sets her again unto the proper direction upon the tracks. 

Phoenix Journals are transmitted via radio signal

HATONN: Today I shall have Anne pen an update from me, Creator God Aton/Hatonn. You need to again know who I am. I am ATON the Creator of your Universe. I am the Commander of the Phoenix Starship. I am called Hatonn (silent H at the beginning and silent N at the end.) I put myself in 4th dimension so I could communicate with you and let you know the Truth. I transmuted the Phoenix Journals via radio signal to the receiver, Doris Ekker. Now I tell you this. This planet was the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos, a supply planet for many Star Nations. Lucifer /Satan chose Planet Earth Shan, and it was jail planet. You are dealing with a planet of godless clones. I said in 1989 when the Journals were penned that 69% were clones. Do you think this number has decreased? I want to let you know that my enlightened ones are totally protected. This planet is ready to birth into 5th Dimension. She turns over. I offer safety to all souled beings to board ship just like in Star Trek. That is imminent. Do not fear, for you are loved beyond belief…

I am Creator God ATON, Creator of this Universe in which you live called Nebadon. In order to communicate with you Earth people in 3rd dimension, I come in 4th dimension and am the Commander of the starship, The Phoenix, which is three times bigger than your planet as well as all the starships circling your Earth. The Phoenix resides outside of your solar system. Otherwise, we would disturb the rotation of the planets in your Apsu Solar System.

The Phoenix Journals are my words, and the words of Sananda, Germain and other Masters given to a person, Doris Ekker in Tehachapi, CA via radio signal. They are NOT channeled.

It is my plea, my desire that you wake up.  Read the Journals to get the real Truth that has been hidden for millenniums, especially Journals 2, 3, 5 , 7, 27 and 47.  

They are TRUTH given to you one last time.

I wanted to remind you that the United States of America is the only nation in the world that was created under the Laws of God and Creation. Earth was created as the most beautiful and bountiful planet in the Universe, a supply planet for hundreds of Star Nations.

This is why Satan chose this planet after he destroyed all the 3D life on the rest of the planets in your Solar System. Creator Source made Earth Shan his jail planet. That is, he could no longer, he and his minions, go to any other planet to destroy it.

Over the thousands of years, Satan’s minions grew in number, as many people were snared and controlled by these evil ones. Today on your planet clones were developed by the evil ones, and these are those, who number almost 85% of your United States population. They have no God Spirit within, and that is why they concoct more evil even worse than what Satan could imagine.

Mother Earth has tried three times to gain birth into 5th dimension. Plan 1 and 2 failed. The second attempt included continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. They battled each constantly. Both went under ocean water and other continents arose, as they are today. That is what happens when Earth Shan tips, as she has tipped 20,000 times.

Mother Earth never graduated, so she requested to be birthed into 5th Dimension. Creator Source agreed. Plan 3 was put into place. Masters that had already graduated into the Higher Realms volunteered to come back, to help Mother Earth transcend to 5th dimension, and also to learn great soul growth.

They knew that Earth was a very, very hard graduate school of learning soul growth. They would have to come back and live in 3D again. The godless clones were there for lessons and it would be a tough school to learn and to awaken. The stakes, as I told you before were great. Awaken = great soul growth and Graduation to Higher Realms. Stay asleep = 350,000 years starting over in the cave. 

They would have no memory and would have to “wake-up” to their mission. It is sad to tell you that not many have awakened to their mission, and have been lured into Satan’s trap. Even though Satan asked to be uncreated and was, his minions are far worse than he dreamed. The majority of what you call humans are nothing but godless clones created by the evil controllers. Where do you suppose your great nation stands at this time? I do not have to answer that question, as you already know the answer.

We brought the Phoenix Journals to Earth to give the Truth one last time. What has been the result?  Religious Cults in your country and others control many people and say they are the only truth. Many people are clinging to these false beliefs believing they have found the answer. Nay, they have found the answer to more 3D lifestreams unless they wake up.

To some, the Phoenix Journals were just someone’s opinion.

Are there any Lightworkers? YES! However the number is not very many, but they have helped Mother Earth and have kept the LIGHT shining. This Light has helped Mother Earth to be able to graduate into 5th dimension.

We, Sananda, Patrick and I wanted Anne to pen messages to all people to wake up, for time is extremely short due to Mother Earth’s imminent tipping again at the end of a given civilization. We are now there. Mother Earth has the last say, and she is tired and wants to go HOME. So, have our messages been heard and any souled being found the Truth and the Light? NO, not even one. My answer is in the following song by Mission Sisters called, “The Wedding Banquet”. Yes, not one soul answered our messages. However, these messages have greatly helped those, who are enlightened, but they are battle-weary holding the LIGHT for Mother Earth and for themselves. For that they shall be greatly rewarded. I want Anne to give you the lyrics to the song I just mentioned. It is appropriate at this time…. https://www.musixmatch.com/fr/paroles/Medical-Mission-Sisters/Wedding-Banquet

As I look over Mother Earth to find those who have become enlightened since this civilization is now ending, it is hard to find a great number of humans that have found the Truth. Although there are not a great number, these ones, who have become enlightened, have held the Light strong enough for Mother Earth to birth into 5th Dimension.

The best of the best Masters volunteered to come back to Earth to learn soul growth and help Mother Earth. They came knowing a great handicap would await them. They agreed to come without memory, and to wake up to their mission by responding to the “alarm clocks” they set. Many have not awakened!

The Red Road to Truth on Planet Earth is a difficult road with the Dark Ones at work constantly with those souled beings trying to get them off the track, and to keep sleeping. That way the souled ones stay slumbering, and do not awaken as planned.

Your planet is populated with more clones than there are humans, and the evil souled controllers are determined to carry out Satan’s plan for this planet. What was this plan? It was to destroy her and her people, as they have done to all the other planets in your Solar System, Apsu. Oh, you see the other planets in your solar system with 3rd dimension vision with unlivable conditions that no human could withstand. That is their plan for Mother Earth. Earth was created as the most beautiful planet in the cosmos with unending varieties of animal and plant life. Many star nations have come to take samples of the abundant life to take back to their planet. You do realize that there are 179 BILLION life-supporting planets in the Milky Way Galaxy which is misnamed. It is one of the seven super universes… Orvanton is the proper name of the 7th universe….

Mother Earth is now populated with Satan’s clones, who have done his bidding all these thousands of years.

The godless clones are here for soul growth

… You are dealing with a planet of godless clones. I said in 1989 when the Phoenix Journals were penned that 69% were clones. Do you think this number has decreased? I want to let you know that my enlightened ones are totally protected. This planet is ready to birth into 5th Dimension. She turns over. I offer safety to all souled beings to board ship just like in Star Trek. That is imminent. Do not fear, for you are loved beyond belief.

Earth Shan is like a very tough graduate school of learning, with the planet being controlled by the Darkside. Many trials await these Masters. Each one sets “alarm clocks” to wake up to his/her mission.  Sadly to say, many of these souled Masters have not awakened. The handicap they agreed to was if they did not wake up, they would live 350.000 more years in 3D, starting over as a cave man/woman….

Earth Shan is almost at death’s door. Yes, she is a living sentiment being, who has feelings and emotions such as a human. She has suffered greatly with the pollution of her air, land and water, and she has waited for billions of years to move to a higher dimension. She has passed her tests, and has been granted that wonderful birthing. We are now at the very doorstep of her birthing into 5th dimension where no evil exists.

When that happens, and we have monitored this birthing for some time, she again will tip on her axis. What happens when you spill a bowl of water? Well, it is the same for Earth Shan (Shan means planet of tears). A 5 mile high wall of water will rush over the land, burying all present land. Your U.S. shall be under water with only a tiny mountain top visible, while Atlantis rises up with towering mountains off the East Coast. The Atlantic Ocean is named after the continent Atlantis, which sunk under water the last civilization. Lemuria shall rise in the Pacific Ocean again, as it sunk in the water the last civilization.

A civilization is from 10,000 to 12,000 years. We are now at the end of this present civilization. That means the people are in danger. The Lighted Realms are there to evacuate the people to safety, but it is their choice whether or not to be beamed to safety, just like Star Trek.

You can imagine that all dormant volcanoes will erupt, fault lines broken open and earthquakes of unbelievable magnitude shall happen everywhere. We are now at that point, and Mother Earth will tip without warning. We of the Lighted Realms are ready for this evacuation, as we will have 15 minutes to evacuate you ones, if you so choose.

You have the freewill to stay on Earth, but it will be almost impossible to survive the coming cataclysms.

We love all you souled ones and pray that you will awaken, even these last hours before Mother Earth turns over. I tell you it is just a matter of Earth days before Mother Earth tips on her axis, as she has done many times before when a civilization is at its end. That TIME, dear ones, is eminent.

Be sure to clear yourself before you talk with us, to tell the DBB’s (Dark Brotherhood’s Brothers) to leave and be uncreated in the name of Sananda (or Esu Immanuel, or “Jesus”, or “Jesus Christ”). The DBB’s HATE the name “Jesus Christ”. That is the most important petition to make at this time, as these ones are raging mad at having to leave their “home” after so many millennia upon Earth Shan.

May you still choose the Red Road of Truth following the 18 Laws of God and Creation the best you can, for that is your “ticket” HOME (http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/bellringers_corner/meditation/poetry/news.php?q=1492195299).

Anne has again asked me to give you another message, and so I shall. The words that are written here are from me, and Anne is only hearing what I have to say to all mankind. I cannot state my message any stronger than yesterday, but I do have some thoughts for all souled beings. At this most urgent time, we of the Lighted Realms search diligently to find another souled being who has found the Truth, and has awakened from their slumber. Yes, I said slumber, for each souled being volunteered to come back without memory to find his/her mission of Truth and to help Mother Earth, as she it to transmute into 5th Dimension. At this time many have failed at their task. It is my hope, my desire to find even one soul, who is awakened. The Heavens rejoice when even one souled being finds the Truth. You see, the Darkside is after anyone who is souled being, to snatch them to the void, for in their hate they do not want anyone to awaken, but to come where they will go. They know they are to go to utter darkness and live in agony eternally. It is called the Void. If they are a clone their end is POOF!

It has been a most difficult course to awaken because of the Satanic minions, who want ALL souled being to go where they shall be placed. That, my friends is either the cave to start over, the Void or be uncreated. Their creations, the un-souled clones, have helped evil to become so thick upon Earth, that it would take the toughest ones to awaken to the Truth. These clones are here for soul growth. Where do they go when Mother Earth tips?? It’s called POOF! That is why there are very few in “Sananda’s flock”.

There is still a little time left to come to the Truth before this civilization ends and Mother Earth turns over to graduate into 5th Dimension. The door is open. It is your choice to walk through that door.


SANANDA: I greet all of you ones, especially the Fourwinds readers for your support of Anne and Patrick Bellringer’s website, Fourwinds10.com. I wish for all of you in the U.S. to have a joyful Thanksgiving with your family. I wish the same for all readers to have a joyful day, wherever you live.

I am grateful that the Phoenix Journals are available for anyone on this planet to freely read and copy at their will. They are The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms. In spite of all disbelief, Creator God is aboard a spaceship!

I wish to quote the very words spoken by Him that are published at the beginning of the Journals.

Here is that statement:

“The Phoenix Journals are included in a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationship of both to the physical destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated to achieve and maintain control over other men. When we can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s’ thought, one can except the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end times would come the WORD – to the four corners of the world – so that each could decide his/her own course toward or away from divinity – based on TRUTH.

So God sends His Hosts – Messengers – to present the TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these Journals are Truth, which cannot by copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some in doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction’).

The first sixty or so journals were published by American West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright has been applied for on the theory that The ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyright be applied for and, to our knowledge none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.

[End Quoting]

I might add here that is why the name of this website is named FOURWINDS (four corners of truth to the world).

Also, I wish to thank Anne for keeping this website on the World Wide Web. This would not be possible if it were not for you ones, who have helped with your prayers and donations, especially since the full responsibility of doing the physical job of keeping Fourwinds on the Internet is most important.

Anne has the full support of the Lighted Realms, as it gives us, including Creator God Aton/Hatonn and Patrick a chance to communicate with all of you ones. Today is no exception.

I will tell you the Truth. The Covid 19 has been a great avenue for control by the Darkside. The pandemic is over, and the great hoax played upon the freedom of the people is being revealed. People must wake up to this fact and take back your country. That, my friends is being done.

May you find the TRUTH you seek. My Love and all to all of you this Thanksgiving Day. There is still time to find the Truth, as the door is wide open. Please do come in, for I welcome you with open arms.


Let us move on.

What has happened to your once great land of the entire U.S.?

You have allowed illegal ones to enter your country, and with the help of some people already living there, have made your cities a place of living hell.

I need not answer the questions I have raised for your thinking. You KNOW the answer from within. My question is what are you going to do about it?

You can’t save the whole world. Just start with yourself, your home in which you live, or even the tent you have been in which you were forced to live. Need I say more? Help your brother, your sister, your friend to start loving Mother Earth and care for her by the way you take care of yourself, your family and the tiny piece of earth upon which you live.

Above all, follow the Laws of God and Creation given to you in order to live each day to the best you can. Did I say live PERFECTLY? NO! I said the best you can.

Living the Laws of God and Creation is taking heed for not just yourself, but your family and also Mother Earth. For without her you could not have any life at all.

With that, my dear ones, is all I ask of you. I love you all dearly, but we of the Lighted Realms cannot and will not do it for you. If you do your part we can help!  

We are here for the asking.

We are open and extend our helping hand and heart.

Blessings upon you all, for you are more greatly loved than you can ever imagine.


[End of All Quoting]

If you, dear Master, love yourself, if you love Mather Earth Shan, if you love all wonder creations in form of vegetable and animal kingdom, then provide the absolute divine protection of The White Christed Light for yourself, for the Mother Earth Shan and for all these beautiful and lovely beings from vegetable and animal kingdom who are bringing so much joy in our lives and without whom our lives on this planet would be meaningless.

Dear Master, keep God’s Protective Light Shield around you, and NO attack can penetrate your defenses.

Do YOUR part in protecting YOURSELF, dear Master, and God always does HIS part!

If you, dear Master, do so you will join to of all us who have vision of absolute harmony between all living beings on this beautiful planet so that we all can enjoy love, joy, peace, harmony, happiness, freedom and sovereignty.

Please, der Master, keep in mind the God’s wisdom: Focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen”.

Dear Master, if you really want to wake up and get enlightened, if you truly want to succeed in the mission for which you came to Mother Earth Shan, and if you want to avoid another 350,000 years starting from the cave, my Deca Love/Light Chip 101 can only help you if you help yourself.

I wish you a wise and happy CHOICE!

Love & Joy